Friday, 14 September 2012

Roller's Philosophical Friday: Loss

Dear Muleteers, this week has been sad but glad for our FH. It has marked the passing of time since she lost someone irreplaceable but has also brought with it good memories of times gone by.  Us Muleteers know when she disappears in to her thoughts and needs a little cheering up; we are always happy to lend a snuffle, give her a pony mane to sink her nose in to and inhale (honestly this is her favourite thing!) or if you're the Mini you will sit in her lap....
The person that she lost taught her to always think big, that every story has two sides, that the natural world is a thinking person's playground and that much can be achieved through quiet thought and talking.  We will never have enough time with those that we truly love but in life's grand scheme there is not a lot us mere mortals can do to change this.  What we can do is remember and enjoy what was and make sure that we always take the lessons that were left for us by the people we are lucky enough to have loved and shared time with.

So here is my thought for today with this in mind:

"They whom we love and lost are no longer where they were before.  They are now wherever we are."
St. John Chrystostom

In loving memory of a man who gave much more than he took and left a legacy of memories, thoughts and values that live on in those of us whose lives he touched :-)


  1. Us equines are fab at dealing with leaking humans. What is it with the inhaling thing? Not that I mind just curious. My human does that.

  2. My dearest Roller, this is the quote I read in loving memory of my little son, when we planted a tree at the entrance to his kindergarten school. It is lovely to see that you also hold these words in your heart ..

  3. Dear FH, I read this post with a sad heart. I send you a hug across the miles.

  4. Thanks so much. When I need true comforting it is to my mules I go. Once I was so distraught, I sat crying my eyes out on a log in the woods.
    Soft breath touched my cheek.
    It was Siera who came and stood guard over me until I stopped crying.
    She literally kept all other animals away from me.

    Animals are divine.

    1. Hey Val, I couldn't put it any better, they are divine and I'm sure find us when we need them. We are lucky to know and appreciate the secret.