Sunday, 2 September 2012

Roller's Summery Favourites!

Greetings Muleteers!  Alas the summer is nearly at an end... the days are getting cooler and the nights longer, I have been growing my winter woolies in preparation for the best season of all for Shetland ponies!  We haven't had much of a summer this year, officially the UK has had the wettest summer for 100 years... I can't remember that far back but it sure has been a bit on the damp side of things :-(

There is always fun to be had though and I thought I'd share with you my favourite things of the summer!

1/. Sunshine!
Occasionally we got a glimmer of sun muleteers!  It peeked through the cloud and said hello whenever it could frighten away those nasty rain clouds.  When the sun shone my coat gleamed like golden sand, the sun even kissed my mane and gave me highlights.

2/. Wind!
I know muleteers this is not a 'normal' choice but here at Muleteer HQ we like a blustery day.  The wind stops the nasty midges from attacking my BF The Mini and it blows my mane around making it look super swish!

3/. Bananas!
When the temperature goes up in the Humans' stable their food goes 'off' more quickly.... this means that their bananas turn a delicious shade of brown more quickly.  For some reason MH doesn't like them when they've gone brown and gooey so he fetches them for us muleteers.  We are only too happy to ensure that nothing is wasted in this household.  In the winter we look forward to the root veg like carrots and parsnips.  Sadly our apple tree hasn't produced a single fruit this year as the wind blew away all the bees - now that is a shame!

4/. Gardening
Summer is the time when MH gets a little over zealous with the saw, secateurs and shears.  This means lots of yummy branches and twigs for us, at this time of year there is even lots of yummy leaves still on them.  I've heard that MH has ordered in the logs for the wood pile.... this is a good thing muleteers, we like to strip them of bark before the humans burn them.  They have such rubbish coats that they need fire to keep warm, shoulda been a Shetland pony folks ;-)

5/. Grooming
In Summer it is essential to look at my best as we have more visitors and you never know when a lady might be watching one's handsomeness.  One of my favourite things this summer has been the loving attention I have been given by my many fans.  Grooming is a good time for a little chat and snuffle and of course makes me look even more mulificent!

6/. Shoes
Shoes are one of my all time favourite things!  I love the smell of shoes and when FH or the unsuspecting wearer isn't looking I often like a little chew on shoes to check how they taste.  In the summer I get to see a larger variety of shoes, not just boring wellies, this makes me a happy Roller.

7/. Walks

In the summertime we have more light so we can go for walks after FH has finished wasting time working as well as at the weekend.  This summer I have enjoyed taking lots of friends out for walks and teaching them the delights of pottering along with the odd stop for a hedge picnic or two....

8/. Friends
The best bit of all seasons is the friends that you get to spend time with.  This is my first summer with my big protector, sometime girlfriend and all round drama queen Dragon.  I have enjoyed lazing in the sun with her and using her as a sun shade to graze next too.  I do feel a little bit on the short side next to her though!

When it feels like this I always have my number 1 friend The Mini.  We are the best of buddies and never far away from each other.  Although we may bicker a little and he is the most annoying big brother always putting me in my pace and telling me off for being uncool I know that secretly he is kinda fond of me :-)

So Muleteers as we move in to Autumn and Winter I am already planning the things that may come along.  Maybe there will be snow? Maybe I will get some new shoes for Christmas?  Hopefully FH will remember our warming peppermint tea?  There will be some frosts on the ground and plenty of time for snoozing!  Whatever happens I will be correctly attired in my magnificent winter woolies.... unless global warming catches up with us!

My Winter Woolies will be magnificent!


  1. Yes!It has come to an end. Another long, tedious, miserable, wet, windy, cloudy, cold, and dark long winter! Oh well! No change there then!

  2. Dear Roller, how I love reading about your favourite things!. Friendship, snacks, mane in the wind ... cannot wait to see you in your gorgeous winter gear!.