Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Hallowe'en!

Happy Hallowe'en Muleteers!  There have been some spooky goings on at Muleteer HQ today!  Imagine my excitement when FH declared that she had got my Hallowe'en costume all sorted out :-)  so I got dressed up in my bestest halloween halter and had a truffle snuffle to see whether I would get a trick or treat!

So off I snuffled and look what I've found!  there's a pumpkin that matches my costume perfectly..... now then what is that lovely orange filling in the pumpkin?

I think it looks like a Roller Polar Hallowe'en treat :-)
I think this may be a treat of carroty goodness, this is so much nicer than playing tricks!

Oh no my carroty treat seems to have all gone and I've made rather a mess.... oh well, maybe there'll be a stocking at Christmas??

Not to be outdone Dragon declared that it was her turn to Trick or Treat... she thinks she looks particularly stunning in her Halloween costume with her wintery chestnut coat.

What's this? It appears that Dragon also managed to persuade FH in to providing a treat this Hallowe'en

Have a Happy Hallowe'en Muleteers - no tricks please, only treats!  Mini says he's sorry that there are no costumed pics of him - he won't lower himself to dressing up but of course FH is soft on him so he got treats too!


  1. Mmmmmm treats. I am in disgrace this morning not sure I will be getting any treats.

    1. Hope you managed to endear yourself enough to get treats not tricks Zoe :-)

  2. So beautiful you all are in orange!. Have a happy Halloween, my darlings, with plenty of tasty treats and no too spooky tricks!.

    We are starting to recover from the devastating hurricane Sandy, still waiting for the services to reconnect us (writing from the library), no power/water/internet, nor access to the road but cutting through the woods and fields to avoid the live wires round the house.

    Be safe and enjoy your time!.

    1. Dearest Carmen, there have been plenty of treats and no tricks - lovely!!

      We are so glad that you are ok after that naughty hurricane, we have been watching from over the water and hoping our far away friends are well:-) Wishing you well and hoping that everything is fixed soon. In the meantime we send you muleteer snuffles, ear waves and eau de pony to cheer your day up xxx

    2. How refreshed am I now!. Thank you, my dear friends!.

  3. So cute! I love the halters, they are quite creative!!

  4. How cute! I didn't get to do anything for Halloween, except threaten to fly my broom around tonight!