Monday, 1 October 2012

Just Another Manic Monday

Disgraceful Muleteers!  My life is hard work enough without the humans swanning off on holiday!  This morning I awoke to find myself in charge of the whole Muleteer clan, as Matriarchal Mule it is my lot in life to slave over a hot wheel barrow, muck out, earn money for straw, fill the haynets, carry the water, see off marauding invaders, poo pick the paddocks, ensure the minis get their breakfast on time and keep an eye on Granny Human who is staying in the humans stable.  Would you believe it Muleteers, FH expects me to do all of this as well as eat and sleep - disgraceful behaviour
A muletta of my good looks and brains requires her beauty sleep, I am not impressed.... look how tired this has made me, a mule has every right to yawn!

I've heard that The Mini has learnt how to communicate on the phone, it seems FH has taught him this important skill..... I think we may need to send him of to the phone box to make a call to Aunty Di, maybe she'll come to our rescue?  Here's hoping, it's Muley S.O.S.  please Aunty Di, Save our Snoozes!

We will deploy The Mini on phone duty!


  1. Oh, Callie, you certainly are in need of a little siesta!. Being in charge of the whole kingdom is no little task. Yet all humans in the realm are safe by having you command a whole army: the Mini as the Communications Officer, Lady Catanian in the Ninja Department, Roller in the Logistics Team and yourself as Head of the Counter-Terrorism Unit, armed with your fabulous hooves!.

    1. Oh Carmen I love the thought of being Head of the Counter-Terrorist Unit! I think I would look good in black with the letters MBI emblazoned across my chest.... My dog defenders are always at the ready.

      Hope you're well, we're sorry it's taken us so long to reply, that naughty FH took our keyboard away on holiday with her - disgraceful behaviour!

  2. Gone off and left you? Disgusting. Shouldn't be allowed. We don't keep these humans for our own amusement we keep them to see to our every need. Going off on holiday isn't part of the deal. I am suitably shocked on your behalf and will be lobbying all equines to get a law passed preventing any future swannings off.