Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Roll on Moor Rides....

Mental note to self muleteers... I must not roll when FH is on board, I must not roll when FH is on board..... I momentarily forgot, more about that later!

Apologies for the delay in updating you all on my adventurous weekend, it was a little busy and we all had to recover after it!

Sunday was a beautiful clear autumn day and FH and I called up our pals Calm Human and The Sensible One to see if they wanted to go play on the Mule Moor (aka Dartmoor).

Off we headed on to the moor to check out what's new up there.  Most of the sheep have been brought off the moor, apparently the ladies are going to be introduced to the gentlemen rams for the autumn, how lucky!  There were lots of interested cattle though, I had to inspect them closely and ensure that they weren't going to charge us, my friend SO is a real cowpony and saved me at one point when they were getting a little too close!

There were also some lovely handsome Dartmoor Ponies who were checking out my mulificence, they did seem to have very big eyes and snorty nostrils, honestly you'd think they'd never seen a mule before, actually maybe they haven't?

We wandered far and wide and looked at the view, it was so nice to see the sunshine but Oh My Mule it was starting to get a little warm.  I have grown my winter duvet and when the sun shone and FH makes me walk up steep hills I started to 'glow' a little ( the old saying says that men perspire, horses sweat and ladies glow so I think lady mules are in this category too!).  I tried to shake off the itchy feeling that was starting to build, I tried some of my favourite bone rattling shakes to check that FH was sat securely.....

Nope FH sat securely and didn't shift when I shook so we carried on a little farther on the track.  This is an old tramway built to remove the tin mined from Dartmoor mules years ago.  Now it is a great track for running, walking, cycling and of course for muleteers.  Off we set but I just couldn't shake that feeling, the itchy, glowing feeling was getting worse and when FH and I stopped to enjoy the view I found a lovely little peaty bit and proceeded to drop to my knees and then my belly ready to have a roll around....

Oh My Mule!  I'd forgotten that I'd got FH on board....eeekkk!!!  She quickly jumped off and reminded me with a sharp telling off that it was not polite to roll with your mule rider and expensive saddle still in place - oops!  She was saying all of this with a huge grin on her face as CH cracked up laughing too (good job FH has a sense of humour ;-)

But wait have you seen the view, look it's beautiful!  FH had soon forgotten about the rolling incident (I hope) and we carried on home, what a lovely ride was had by all.  Hopefully there'll be more moor rides next weekend please :-)

We were all home before we knew it and once I had patiently waited for FH to undress me I had only one thing on my mind.... where is my favourite muddy rolling patch - this mule is in need!

Oh that feels better, the glowing, itchy feeling has subsided, every girl needs a mud pack treatment after a hard day's work!


Even my friend had got all hot and sweaty and needed to roll around too, she has great style.... I might have to take some lessons, she looks like a professional!

Until next time Muleteers, and remember rolling with humans in the saddle is not advised but it sure is guaranteed to make them laugh..... hmmm and now for my next trick?!


  1. Such a breathtaking scenery!. You all had a lovely day and a well deserved mud beauty treatment!.

  2. Ah. . . made my night!! I love rolly pictures :)

  3. Oh how i miss those muley moments, the ones that remind us how much we take without thinking sometimes.. The moments of humour and joint puzzle solving... the stress relieving rolling ones.. :-)

  4. Gorgeous photos and interesting post! I have been on horseback during a rolling moment too -very surprising indeed!