Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Last Laugh!

Greetings Muleteers!  Hmm well FH has finally graced us with her presence, she has been away on holiday - disgusting behaviour!  Apparently she had to go somewhere warm and hot for a while to dry out, she even had white fingernails and skin that turned brown because of sun not mud.  Honestly you humans really do not know what wonderful properties mud has.  So there she was all rested and relaxed this morning with promises of delicious grass and a ride.

Hmmm a ride a hear?  Well this poor Dragon has been on duty all week, looking after my human slaves (thank you Aunty Di and Granny!) and ensuring that the minis were kept in check.  My only protest was a midweek escape attempt to the grass that was definitely greener on the other side of the fence that stings..... Aunty Di did not seem very impressed with my antics but tucked me up in bed with lots of food anyway!

Well Muleteers I thought that FH should have to work a little for her ride today as it really is not fair to go swanning off around the world leaving us muleteers on our own.... has she never heard of a holiday at home???

So I decided to have the last laugh...

A nice roll around in the mud ensured that FH would have to work hard for her ride today.

I made sure that my fluffy tummy was nice and muddy - hah FH you know you must clean this throughly so that I don't get sores from my girths!

 And then FH don't forget my neck and legs....

Oh and I've got mud right where it's hard to get to.  And do you like my mud pack along with grass for decoration, this is the newest thing in mule make up!

FH decided against a ride this morning and said that my mud needed time to dry out as there's nothing worse than get rid of wet mud, not bad, I'm off for a bit of a snack whilst baking my mud pack!

After a while I gave in and decided that it really might be to my advantage to go out for an adventure with FH so I allowed myself to be de-mudded and dressed up ready for action.

We went out for a lovely ride with Aunty Di and my Heroine and were also accompanied by a new friend who we shall call the Sensible one (well really isn't that me and my Heroine??).  I'll tell you more about my ride tomorrow muleteers, much fun was had by all - even if I do say so myself.

It's nice to have FH home but don't tell her, I think I'll let her try and make up to us a bit more with banana peels, adventures and scratches!


  1. You are fluffy!! And FH is right, wet mud is the worst!

    1. It's been so cold and wet here I've made sure I have ample fluff, all the better for plastering with mud ;-)

  2. Got your winter coat by the looks of it !

    1. Oh yes, I have been busy growing my winter duvet, FH is very cruel to us mules and doesn't buy us lovely warm rugs.... a girl could freeze without her fluff!

    2. I am very cruel, too. . .Shy doesn't get a blanket either. But she gains about 2 girth sizes from her fluff!

  3. What a lovely canvas for mud art!.