Monday, 26 November 2012

Diesel - Pirate Cat!

Dearest Miaowleteers, it is official, felines do not mix well with water!  I have been keeping my kitty paws safe and dry indoors looking at the disgusting weather out of my cat door.  It has just rained and rained and rained; our neighbours have flooded, our garden has been partly washed away and it is flooded all around.  This has been playing havoc with my exercise regime, I am a huntress and like to keep myself fit and sleek by leaping around and terrorising the neighbourhood.  When I'm forced to stay inside because of the weather I have been concentrating on my next best form of exercise.  Climbing the humans!

FH has been telling me that I'm like a Pirate's Parrot?  Apparently pirates are famous for having a parrot sat on their shoulder, FH muttered something about 'pieces of eight??' I think she is forgetting that I am far superior to a parrot but I guess if it amuses her?

So I have spent the weekend climbing on board, ensuring that the human's are carrying out their duties.  I have been perfecting the shoulder sit trying to inflict the least amount of mud on FH, if I am too muddy I get put on the floor.  Here I am checking out the funny shiny phone thing in FH's hand and then I got a bit distracted by FH's shampoo, it doesn't smell very divine to a feline!

FH if you'd just stand still a bit I'm sure we can perfect this riding thing that I've seen you doing with Dragon, if only you were better trained I'm sure we could get far?  Maybe we could be entered in the next olympics.... although I'm not sure you have the grace for that!  

I can tell you backing and training a human to carry my feline perfection is hard work!  Must be time for another little snooze, maybe the sun will shine again one day? Next stage human is to carry me around without squeaking and laughing...


  1. Keep riding the humans, little amazona, till the sun shines!

    1. Dear Carmen, I think my incessant pestering of the humans has worked, they have made the sun shine again! The mud is drying up and a chill breeze is blowing. This morning I went hunting and stalked the muleteers in the paddock, it is so nice to be back to being on the prowl :-) Sending you paws and miaows xx

    2. Glad to hear the sunny news. Headbutts and tummy tickles to you.