Monday, 19 November 2012

Exercising the Humans...

Fitness Mule Extraordinaire!
Greetings Muleteers, Callie, fitness instructor extraordinaire here, this weekend I have been in charge of exercising not one but two humans.  I decided that both Smiley Human and FH needed to be put through their paces.  All of this lounging around will make FH lazy if she's not careful.

My friend Smiley Human was first to arrive for her exercise!  Normally Smiley Human and I take FH out for a walk with us, FH is allowed off the leash and proceeds to walk far ahead of us, stopping to chat to everyone and generally takes very little notice of me her owner.  Some recall training may be in order.... Anyway FH decided that Smiley Human and I should go out on our own as I have shown myself to be capable of looking after a precious human (of course I am, I'm a responsible human walker you know?!), secretly I think FH is out of shape and couldn't stand the pace!

FH waved us off. Great! I can walk as fast as I want without having to keep an eye on the walking human!  Smiley Human and I went for a little while and then met my very favourite short ears, (except for Roller) my boypony Salty with Smiley Human's Mum.  This is going to be fun!

So off we set up hill and over yonder, I had a little mule moment at a whizzy bike that I didn't like and then met some humans who needed a little attitude adjustment.  There were drunk humans in the mid afternoon on a country lane, honestly humans do you not have anything better to do???  One of them mentioned climbing on to my back with Smiley Human, hmmm I do not think so, would you like to meet my 'Drunk Defenders', they work perfectly with dogs and are beautifully shaped hooflets designed to daintily realign your attitude.  Eventually we left those losers behind and after some nice trotting and cantering headed on home to FH who was cheating on me with those minis, it appeared there had been lots of grooming and pampering of the minis while I was away - hmmmm a girl could get jealous.  I managed to persuade FH to pamper me too and to take some pictures of my mulificent beauty, she failed miserably to take any relevant pictures but I think these are much prettier!

Yesterday was the turn of FH to be exercised, time for Moor Mule to appear.  This time we went out with My Heroine, the Sensible One and Calm Human.  CH managed to ride My Heroine and lead the Sensible One, that is impressive, FH seems to have her hands full with me just me.... she is a right beginner.  It was a lovely sunny morning, the sky was blue, the view was beautiful but the moor was muddy and slippy.  This is no problem for a moor mule like me but FH does get rather alarmed at my mountain goat tactics of leaping from rock to rock, splashing through mud and tackling everything quicker than she would like. FH holds on to the saddle and chatters away to me, I don't understand what on earth she is saying but pretend to listen whilst concentrating on my feet.  I hear the words, steady, walk, not there, that's boggy, big hole, steep drop, not wide enough and not so fast but can't imagine what they mean???? Oh well best to carry on regardless ;-)

Off the moor, on our way home we practiced doing gates, I am getting the hang of this, must shuffle up to gate, must stand while FH fiddles with the metal catch, take the time to munch on the lovely wood of the fence while FH laughs.  Must then walk through the gate without bashing FH's knee in the process.  Must then be patient while FH fiddles with the catch again.... boring.... OK use the time to munch the fence again, mmm I love the taste of slightly rotten fencing rails.....

It was eventually time to wave goodbye to my companions, it had been lovely to catch up with them, it seems like ages!  FH and CH spent a lot of time chattering, honestly you humans do go on.....

I took my exercising of the humans very seriously, FH looked a little tired once she had also cleaned up my mule palace.  I've got all week to plan next weekend's exercise regime.... perhaps I'll have a little snooze and daydream about those adventures to come!


  1. You are so photogenic, Callie, all in autumnal colours. Keep training your humans, I love those mountain goat tactics!.

  2. I try my best to look gorgeous :-) my mountain goat tactics are great for clambering over the moor and for making sure that FH rides properly!