Saturday, 3 November 2012

The Grass is Greener

It would seem that us muleteers have taken the Autumn task of ploughing the fields a little too literally..... hmmm, we are in trouble because we have been liberally 'ploughing' one of our paddocks by cavorting and running around at high speeds!  It would seem that by doing this we have inadvertantly made our paddock a little muddy?

Oh well Muleteers, this seems to have benefits!  Imagine my delight when I heard FH utter those wonderful words that it was time to open up the corner paddock!  Yippeee.

This paddock is a mule heaven.  There are dozens of species of plants and shrubs, flowers, trees and lovely banks to snuffle in, this paddock is a very old fashioned meadow that has never been 'improved' and looks just like it would have done hundreds of years ago, there is no intensively grown ryegrass here!  There is an abundance of the green stuff which is hard to come by at this time of year and best of all a new view down in to our neighbours garden - we love being nosy and greeting our friends when they are hanging out their washing with a mulish chuckle.
While I patiently waited for the humans to put up the annoying electric fence (apparently if they don't then I'll eat all the grass in about a week, this is a little unfair it would at least take two weeks) it would appear that Catanian was getting a head start on us Muleteers.  Oh how I wish I was able to climb fences and roam like she does!

Catanian seems to think that she is a lion prowling around in the paddock grass, she's even managed to find some pretty flowers which isn't bad for this time of year....they will taste yummy!

But wait what is this? Catanian is distracting our food bringer... this is not impressive, get down Catanian and let FH get on with the business of providing us with fresh grass that is always greener on the other side!!

That naughty kitty cat, all smug and pretty sat on FHs shoulder distracting her!  Hmmm a mule could get rather jealous if it wasn't for the fact that her ears are somewhat lacking.... she does the 'smug' look well I think you'll agree?!

Eventually when Catanian put FH down for a minute the fencing was finished and The Mini and I were off to our new abode, we had waited patiently on the track to be let in - lovely, lovely grass - yummy!

But oh dear there was no sign of our Roller Polar friend... he appeared to be stuck still on the yard and was giving a little neigh to alert us that he was lost and couldn't remember how to get to us.  
Have no fear though muleteers FH pottered off to find our short eared friend and give him a little nudge in the right direction :-)


Gosh when Roller Polar knew where he was going he was on a mission, his little leggies powered up that hill!

Happiness is... lovely green grass, a room with a view and your mates by your side :-)


  1. Fabulous!. Such a lovely place and tasty greens!.

    1. We love our tasty greens :-) hope you are getting back to normal after that naughty hurricane. xx

    2. Roller's calm thoughts brought calm weather, water flushing and connectivity back!. Thank you, dear muleteers, for your wishes.

      Have a lovely Sunday siesta!..

  2. My mule friends just were tickled to get into a nice greenish area that they hadn't been on in quite a while. In another few weeks even the protected grasses shall be brown...darn.
    That is when hay season begins in earnest.

    Love the adventures!