Saturday, 24 November 2012

Updated: All About Mules

FH has been bored, the rain is non-stop, she has spent the afternoon busy updating our blogsite.  She has added some information on us long ears on a new page on our site called 'All About Mules', would you believe it she is hijacking our blog - disgraceful.... we'll let her off though as she has used some pictures of our handsome selves.

Hope you like it 

We promise to update again soon when the rain stops, we will either be looking for an ark for sale or Mother Nature may answer our pleas and send some sunshine?


  1. It is great that you have added extensive information about la Mula Maravillosa. Such a unique creature. Also commented on that page.

  2. Thank you Carmen, us Mulas Maravillosa are pleased that FH has finally got round to telling the world how wonderful us long ears are :-)