Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Who Said Mini Mules Can't Run?

Yippee!!  I'm a Mini Mule on the edge!!  Who said mini mules can't gallop, buck, collect, piaffe and look amazing?

Here I am showing off my amazing good looks with Dragon, the humans looked on chuckling as Ro-Land hid behind FH, he didn't want to join in the fun - I think he was still half asleep! I hope you like my pictures, oops I think Dragon and I may have made a mess of the paddock..... oh well plenty more mud pies to be made this winter muleteers and boy did it ever make the humans happy with me :-)

Here I am showing the cornering manoeuvre, Dragon is a little big and it's more like turning a tank as compared to my dainty lean over!

On your marks, get set Dragon.... here I come!

And look I can collect and piaffe!

Extended trot, mini mule style!

Catch me if you can.....

Yippeee I'm as fast as the wind....

Woohooo acceleration!


And now muleteers our show is over for the day.....gosh I'm a bit out of breath, maybe I need a bit more training before I go racing...


  1. Love it! My favorite is collect and piaffe! That is a perfect photo!
    That first photo, with the Mini digging in like that. . .looks like he could be a barrel racer :)

  2. Fantastic pictures - they really made me smile. Thanks for sharing your fun with much less athletic two-legs like me.
    Cuddles from Judy in Cambridge

  3. My dear Mini, you are a little tornado!. Such an amazing collection of manoevres and sheer energy. Wonderful pictures!.