Wednesday, 12 December 2012

No Room at the Inn for Long Ears?

Dearest Pope, I am not a believer but know you are, that is why I am puzzled by your recent statement that our long eared friends, donkeys should not 'technically' be included in the Christmas nativity? 

Anyone that knows anything knows that long ears are the holiest of animals and have always had pride of place right there next to your God.  Whether you believe in one God or another or none at all I reckon you humans could learn a thing or two about life from us long ears and the other creatures you share your planet with.  We reckon your God knew a bit about this... why was the donkey his choice from the minute he was born to when he died?

We think your Ten Commandments may hold some clues:

I am the Lord your God. You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only shall you serve.
We muleteers are not a servant of your God although we respect all that are who are also tolerant of our beliefs.  We are loyal and true to our own God, Mother Nature, we do not pollute her or disrespect her and we appreciate her beauty and life giving in all seasons.  

You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.
Now then FH listen up, your potty mouth is really too much sometimes, us Muleteers do not possess such rude noises, if we have something to 'say' we use our ears and swish our tails, this does not offend anyone!

Holy Day
Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day.
When you live with nature like we do every day is a holy day, every day is exciting and different and should be treated with respect, say thank you for something in your life every day even if it's just that you're alive.

Honour your father and your mother.
We mules are so very lucky, we have mixed ancestry and are very proud of it, we have the best of both worlds with out tough and humble Dad the donkey and speedy and elegant Mum the horse.  We are tolerant of those like us and unlike us, something that you humans could do much better at.  

You shall not kill
This is simple but you lot haven't got it yet have you?  How can you be godly when you kill each other in the name of your God?  No part of the human race is not guilty of this.  Look at the donkey, he is tolerant, he is open, he is giving; you will never see him strike another for being brown and not white or being from one village but not another, when did you humans lose all perspective?

You shall not commit adultery
We long ears bond for life, we love deeply and without prejudice.  My friends are sacred and I will not leave their side.  My friends are my friends because I love them and I need them, we are together because we offer each other companionship, safety and happiness, we have no need for others.

You shall not steal
FH says I have to work on this one..... I have been known to steal food from Dragon and Ro-Land, apparently I am a little greedy.  Perhaps we should look up to Ro-Land on this one.... he steals from no one and always asks politely, I'll keep trying.... hey I can't be perfect all the time, I'm only a mere mortal you know!

You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour
We muleteers are what we are, we will not lie, slander or judge, this is a human trait....

Your Neighbour's Wife
You shall not covet your neighbour's wife
I need to covet no others, although I do share my lady friends with Ro-Land, it's all platonic though folks, life is much easier that way :-) Both of my female beauties are fearless, agile and independent, perfect!

Your Neigh-Bours Goods
You shall not covet your neighbour's goods 
I've heard my neighbours make rather pathetic horsey squeals (for the record Roller's voice when he bothers to use it is baritone and manly) and I can gladly say that I never covet anything they have, when life is good and simple like mine why would I bother?  I want what I can have and wish for nothing else.

So Mr Pope perhaps the books might say one thing, but listen to your heart, we think you'll find that if your God did exist that he most certainly would have had his ever faithful companion with him when he was born; who else walked the path of life from birth to death with him but the humble donkey?


  1. I would have to agree. This pope has nothing to gloat about or be pious about.

    1. Yep, think you're right Cheyenne, he needs to learn a lot...

  2. Agreed! We can learn so much from mother nature.
    And didn't Mary ride a donkey to the Bethleham?

    1. That's what we thought too.... the donkey was the humble servant to many!

  3. So many fables, so many dispproved by science and evolution, why would you want to undermine your own religion in times of declining faith? Seems rather a nonsense to me....unless its a clever marketing ploy :-) After all i worship at the alter of equine..:-)

    1. Seems rather odd to us... we certainly worship at the alter of the natural world, especially long and short ears :-)

  4. My dear Mini, Mother Nature teaches us so much, your muleficient lives are an inspiration. The pictures are a joy, how special Catanian feels!. You always have a place in my heart. Do not let such nonsense hurt your feelings. Humans should never feel superior.

    On this respect, allow me to share a profound thought by Henry Beston, American naturalist. If this would be the higher understanding Mankind had on fellow creatures ...

    Till next time, my friends.

    1. Our dear friend Carmen, we loved your post, FH was deliriously happy as she too loves goats and thinks you all look like you are enjoying yourselves in each others company! Henry Beston was certainly right in everything he said, thank you for sharing with us :-) Sending you our very best snuffles and neigh-brays xxx

    2. Glad you all liked it. The lovely goat family is queen Ionia and her offspring. Thank you for your sweet snuffles and neigh-brays!.

  5. Mini, you are absolutely correct, as usual.
    Hope you are not feeling too cold in this icy weather.
    Sending warming cuddles to you, Ro-Land and Callie
    Love from Judy in Cambrudge

    1. Dear Judy, we are all tucked up snuggly warm in our deep straw bed, Catanian has taken to sharing our bed with us so FH frequently finds all three of us snoring gently in the dark together, if only the camera could capture these moments. Hope you are staying toasty warm too, just in case you need some help we are sending warming snuffles and snuggles xx

    2. I wish that I could join you in your stable - it sounds lovely! xxx

    3. Our stable is full of love and contentedness, it is a little dusty, very lopsided and often untidy (not guilty....) but we are happy all the same :-) guests are always welcome as long as they bring a desire to be snuffles, lots of hugs and the occasional carrot!