Friday, 28 December 2012

Roller's Philosophical Friday: Family

Oh My Mule I am a little tired by all the festive celebrations, days of tinsel, food, drink (for the two legs), presents and best of all family!  We always love a celebration because it means that we get to see the extended family or get to chat to our blog family here :-)  Have you noticed that no matter where or who you are there are always the stereotypical family members?  Our family seems to have them in abundance....

We have...

The Juvenile Delinquent

Most likely to mutter under her breath 'can I go out now, this is boring...'
Best Gift: A can of Red Bull and anything that involves her getting out of the house...

The Drama Queen

Most likely to say 'look at me, I'm climbing on the humans again!'
Best Gift: Gift box set of James Bond films, who said spies have to be male?

The Embarrassing One

Most likely to say 'oh my darling 'insert name of poor animal' you do look so cute in that hat / tinsel / scarf / other unbecoming decoration...'
Best Gift: Gloves to poo pick with, essential and useful every day!

The Matriarch

Most likely to say 'I've got a plan.... have you cut a long story short...'
Best Gift: A mug with pictures of all of her 'darlings' i.e. us muleteers. 

The Long Suffering One

Most likely to say 'yes dear, why don't you go outside and see The Muleteers'
Best Gift: Anything to keep FH quiet... in desperation ear plugs!

The Nutty Uncle

Most likely to say 'what have you bought me that for, I don't 'do' Christmas (whilst smiling and laughing) or 'I am the Chosen One!'
Best Gift: Anything as long as it's wrapped in abundant Christmas wrapping paper with loads of sellotape, bows and ribbons....hehe the vein in his temple starts pounding!

The Organised Aunty

Most likely to say 'behave' to Nutty Uncle or 'let me help you with that'
Best Gift: Anything to try and keep Nutty Uncle on the straight and narrow, maybe a training manual or a mallet?

The Obsessive Compulsive

Most likely to say 'must lick my leg just one more time, no wait must chew bone, must squeak ball, oh no must do it all over again....'
Best Gift: More balls, more bones.... oh no, more to obsess over

Head Chef 

Most likely to say 'I've tried this new delicious recipe, you really must try it'
Best Gift: Baking utensils and the best gift of all, appreciation of their baking :-)

The Soppy One
Most likely to say 'yes FH whatever you'd like to do with me is fine, just don't ask me to do it on an empty stomach'
Best Gift: Food of any description, best make the most of the festive period before the diet starts again in the New Year...

The Quiet One

Most likely to say 'errrmm I've forgotten, I've thought about it for so long that I forgot all about it...'
Best Gift: Hair products and the complete works of Dickens!

We hope you've enjoyed some family time over Christmas and avoided arguments, we did miss those friends that couldn't be with us though :-(. They say that you can't choose your family but you sure can make the most of who they are!  We are lucky to have a very mulificent family to keep us smiling through the year, we hope you do to :-)  With that here's my quote for today....

The family is one of nature's masterpieces.
George Santayana


  1. Thanks for sharing your family!

  2. How wonderful! Great idea to introduce everyone to your blog folks!

  3. What a beautiful family, Roller. From the quiet one to the delinquent one, all precious. Great pictures!.