Friday, 21 December 2012

Roller's Philosophical Friday: Light

Let there be light!
Dearest Muleteers, is your glass half empty or half full?  Do you see darkness or light?  Do you see bloom or doom?

Today is the 21st December and depending on whether you're light or dark you'll be thinking differently about today.  I have had plenty of time this week staring out at the rain from inside my mini stable thinking about today.  I have been checking the Pony Times newspaper and they have been saying that some of you two legs think the end is nigh..... the Mayan calendar says that today is going to be the end of the pony world as we know it.....

I thought hard about this, I stared at the wall, I had a little chew on some straw and I even asked The Mini what he thought, he just swished his tail angrily at me as I was interrupting his eating (typical mule!).  That's when I remembered something, it can't possibly be the end of the world today as it's the beginning of something wonderful!  Today is the shortest day in the Northern Pony Hemisphere so that means that it is definitely a glass half full and getting fuller by the day!

I love the daylight, there are many advantages:

I get to see FH during the week in daylight, this way I can inspect her growing collection of grey hairs, she is getting more like my colouring by the day, I always knew she liked my style.
I can see what I'm eating much more easily when the sun shines
We get to spend longer in the field
The sun dries out the mud
The grass grows - yippee!
More time for going out for walks and most importantly hedge picnics.

So I may be wrong muleteers but I reckon we'll be saved from the end of the world, not sure the Mayans whose calendar is causing all the fuss  really knew what they were talking about?  Anyway I'm sure Muleteer HQ will be a designated safe zone, I'm far too cute for the end of the world to effect, my philosophical haynet is always full and I'm far too interested in the impending BLOOM not DOOM :-)  So here's my thought for today for all the doom mongers out there, no matter how short the day, there's always light on the horizon!  Have a fun filled weekend and don't worry about the end of the world, that theory is already proved wrong and besides the days will start getting longer from now on so it's downhill all the way :-)

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.
Desmond Tutu


  1. Hi roller I am a new donkey friend for you to chat to. I have just found a nice new home, although I am still a bit shy at the moment. But what I wanted to say was .. my human said this morning the world cannot end today because she wants to touch me !!! imagine how that made me feel. I felt a bit guilty so I let her touch my neck for a second. She then said.. well Rubes if the world ends today at least we did that, and gave me a carrot.It was worth a carrot , so tomorrow im going to try for a ginger crunch.

    1. Wow Rubes, this is great, carrots for touches sounds like a fine game :-) Those human animals are a little bit odd, their ears are small, their fluffy coats patchy and they sure do make a lot of noise (at least FH does?) but we promise they're ok! With time you'll learn that these humans are pretty useful as personal servants, they're great for scratching ears and bottoms, preening your coat and giving you pedicures. It takes time but you'll learn to love it just like we did :-) Enjoy your ginger crunch! Roller xx

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  3. (sorry, typo in previous comment ...)

    Dearest Roller, with your ponificious winter coat preciously glowing ablaze, you are certainly bringing in light and a new day. It was funny to read what you better see in sunshine.

    Wishing you all sunny days counting down the days to the first delicious blooms!.

    1. Oh yes I can't wait for those delicious blooms! Downhill all the way now :-) Sending you Roller snuffles and nudges to bring light to your day xx