Sunday, 27 January 2013

Finally.... Back to Work!

Mule ears.. the original radar!
Finally!  A weekend with no rain, no snow and no ice.  Back to work, thank goodness! Oh Muleteers I had nearly given up hope of ever wearing my finest cowmule gear again, the weather has not been helping my need for speed.

Yesterday dawned and the sun peeked out from behind a cloud, FH finally made an appearance and muttered something about getting out quick before we met the hunt.... hmmm I could show them a thing or two about hunting, wonder if the hounds would like to feel what it's like to be chased by a mule with mulificent dog defenders?? Not really our thing so best get out before they all arrive with their posh coats and noisy canines.

FH and I went off on our little expedition, we spent lots of time refining FH's communication, I am so clever, she now knows to ask me to stop with the tiniest lift of her hands and then I can turn with a shift of her weight and a lift of one hand, when she concentrates it all comes together.  We met some of the local riders who were having a few problems, *sigh* I really am not a monster and it really is not necessary to communicate this untruth to your short ears.... I stood quietly while they bustled past making a right old racket!  Onwards and upwards, a nice trot to the top of the hill to look at the view!  It was so nice to be out :-)

Slightly puffed by this hill, time for a breather!
Back home and I was a very happy mule, I am never happier than when I've done something.  After a brush down and a snack FH got my rug out and threw it on...this is a good sign as normally it only goes on when I'm working the next day (stops me from experiencing the full mud pack experience!)
I benevolently watched my mini friends eat to their hearts content, I was happy to snooze in the sun and dream of more adventures....

This morning dawned and my cow mule attire was brought out again (FH has even cleaned it, she must be feeling ill??), apparently Smiley Human is coming to take me out while FH does the chores... excellent I get to work and miss out on stable duties!
This mule's ready to ride!
Smiley Human climbed on board and then FH made me do something called 'standing still' practice.... yawn!  Apparently I need to apply myself more to standing when someone gets on board, for some reason stepping off at high speed is not encouraged?  Anyway I stood rock still watching the flappy washing in the neighbours garden and was a perfect muletta :-)

Standing still = boring, but necessary!
Oh ok!  Now I see why I'm standing still :-) Here comes my boypony Salty!  He really is my hero but don't tell him because I like to pretend that I'm in charge and know best (being a woman) but really I do like going out with him as he is so brave and handsome.  Somehow I've forgotten how to stand still, he really does need to see my moves.... anyway seeya FH I'm off with my mates!

Mule Hero!
A lovely ride was had by all, I had much fun showing off to Salty, he really is delicious!  Would you believe it Muleteers, while I was out those naughty minis took the opportunity to escape and steal all the nice green grass, they really are always getting up to no good!

Have a lovely week muleteers and let's hope that next weekend brings sunshine again, I am planning the next best way to impress my boypony.... I really must persuade FH about that pink hoof paint and bridle I've got my eye on... seeya!


  1. Gosh its lovely getting out and about after a bit of confinement! Indi and I did the same (I must confess to going hunting a few times this winter and loving it and also thinking how much fun you would have too :-) Especially at the meet with all the nibbles and you could dress up with red ribbons and everything...I think you would be very clever at it once you understood the game.)

    1. It's so nice to be back and about, we have not been liking being stuck inside! Bet Indi loved the meet! We are a little scared of the bogs they seem to hunt through round here... I'm sure I would be mulificent, but not sure I would be welcomed with my delight in putting the hounds in their place!! Oh the fun that could be had ;-)

  2. Oh sigh, we are getting ice on top of old icy patches.
    Riding is out of the question at the moment.
    Call me jealous.

    1. Oh poor you! Hope you'll be back in the saddle soon :-)

  3. Good for you! Its been over a week since we were last out!

    1. At least the thaw might bring some easier weather although it looks like it'll be floods next! Hopefully you'll be back out soon :-)

  4. How nice that you could enjoy the weather on an adventure. I see that the minis had an adventure of the gastronomical type!.

    Oh, your handsome boypony. You both look lovely in the picture. I see your pretty ears in a most interesting angle of communication ... I agree that standing still will not impress Salty. Show him your Muletta Maravillosa ballroom moves, perhaps a rumba and a cha-cha-cha?.

  5. It was so nice to be out and about even if I did have to surrender some of the nice green grass to those greedy minis ;-) My boypony is so gorgeous and I will be definitely trying a cha cha first and then perhaps a romantic tango?

    Ear waves for a good week xx

    1. Definitively, tango para dos (for two)!