Friday, 18 January 2013

Roller's Philosophical Friday: Common Sense

Dearest Muleteers, you have renewed our faith in that most uncommon of things.... common sense!
Our FH was so pleased to read all of your comments after our little rant.... we are not alone in the world with using a pinch of common sense when dealing with life and listening to perceived wisdom.  Thank goodness!

We are constantly baffled and amazed at the next new thing, the lack of tolerance for others ideas and the extreme lengths that people will take their passion too.  It really is very strange.  Our friend Zoe summed it up perfectly when she said that we equines can't work our two legged friends out sometimes...

Common sense seems to be lost on some humans sometimes but have no fear us equines keep it close to hoof.  We believe in the important things in life, eating, drinking (in moderation!), exercising and if in doubt have a good snooze (this one works for me every time).  The only thing that our common sense leads us to believe is acceptable in excess is love, snuffling and eau de pony.  So there we have it, I'm off to convince FH that common sense should prevail and it's time for a good snuffle and cuddle...

Thank you to our friends for helping us persuade FH that carrots are fine, barefoot or shoes are fine and the PSL might be allowed his ball back once he's recovered.  Now then I wonder what common sense says about an excess of bananas???!!  My friends, in my pony eyes you are all very wise owls :-)

Common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Sending you weekend snuffles and eau de pony in excess and not moderation xxx


  1. I still say humans would benefit from having a good roll preferably in the mud. They just don't know what they are missing.

  2. Thank you for these lovely philosophical thoughts - I completely agree that an excess of love, snuffling and eau de pony is a very good thing.
    Hope that you and all your friends are keeping warm despite the snow.
    Lots of love and snuffles from Judy in Cambridge xxx

  3. Ah, my precious Roller in your fluffiest of fashion, I would buy your eau de pony magnifique by the gallon, your cuddles by the barrel, your siesta snores by the quintal and your snuffles by the tonne ... ♥ ... amor ilimitado! (love unlimited, endless love).