Sunday, 13 January 2013

While the Dragon's Away....

....the minis will play!!

Pssst  Mini!!  Smiley Human’s here…. That normally means that Dragon’s going out.  While the Dragon’s out us minis can play! 

That’s right Smiley Human off you go, have a nice time now Dragon!

Right FH can you just let us in to Dragon’s lair please?  OK here we go Mini, stealth tactics otherwise Dragon might hear us with those mulificent ears.

First let’s eat what’s left in Dragon’s food stash, yummy haylage! 

Gosh it’s a bit hard to reach isn’t it?

Oops we made a mess… quick better tidy this up before Dragon notices.  Nothing to see here….

OK FH we’ve had our brush whilst eating, don’t tell on us will you?  Dragon will breathe fire if she knows we’ve been eating her food…..

Is that the time?  Quick, time to go and make the most of the sunny weather!  But first, time for a little makeover….

I’m a bit bored of the brushed look FH so I think I’ll undo all that hard work

Time for a little rest… it's hard work looking so good you know!

Hey Mini did you like my rolling style?

Shove over and let the professional at it, see, anything you can do….

Quick the sun’s shining, let’s go and find what else we can eat before Dragon gets home!

Errm FH there is a distinct lack of fresh grass here?

Maybe if we go over here we might find something more to our taste?

That’s more like it, perfection!  Green grass and sunshine, yum!

Mini what are you looking at?

I think I can hear Dragon on her way back, about time, she’s been out for hours and we’ve nearly eaten all her food…. She won’t be happy, time to look innocent!

Nothing to see here.....

Yep she's definitely back and look she obviously doesn't like the brushed look either, do you think she's noticed the hay net?

Here she comes, she's going to try rolling up hill....

 Time to just wander over here..... I know what's coming!

The Dragon is back in her kingdom and wants to know who's been eating her food?

Uh-oh!  Incoming!

The Dragon's back!

Look Dragon.... FH has given us more grass!  Nothing to see here, we didn't honest!

Quick Roller move over a bit will you, girls on the right, boys on the left!

Phew!  I think she was fooled, nothing to see here.... ;-)


  1. Impressive. Well done minis. Love your winter fluff makes me look almost naked.

    1. Thanks Zoe! Our winter fluff is something of legend, FH loves it apart from when it's time to shed our coats, by the time we've finished it's time to grow them again.... Sssshhh don't tell Dragon what we've been up to!

  2. Such a great time you had, my mischievous friends!. Loved the pictures and the story, growing up in suspense ... Beautiful muddy looks in your ponificious and muleficient coats. I think that Callie was so smitten by your handsome looks that completele forgot about the haylage!.

    1. We've noticed that she can't help but be smitten with our handsome selves, gotta use what gifts you have in life?!

      Sending you snuffles (they may be a little muddy... sorry) xxx

  3. You all look splendid in your winter coats.
    Love from Judy in Cambridge

    1. Thank you Judy! We especially like adding to them with mud, for some reason FH pales at us rolling in the mud, she obviously hasn't heard of the benefits of mud packs?

  4. Cuteness overload! How do you get anything done with those cuties right outside your house? They are too cute and too funny! I love the "modeling" photo with Roller laying down and his mane flowing in the wind! Love it!

    1. It is soooo difficult to get anything done with these two cute terrors just outside! They are so cute and such amazing characters... I'd have them in the house if I was allowed ;-) - FH

  5. Loving Dragons tummy... tis the most gorgeous bit of under fluff i have seen in a long time :-) I am hoping she is still enjoying her outings.

    1. It is very soft and fluffy! Dragon is certainly enjoying her outings, with two riders she is getting lots of fun especially when she gets to go out with her short eared pals :-) This weekend she conquered gritting lorries, bikes, dogs (oops they came off worst!) and cantering to catch up.... lots of fun is being had by all. Hope Indy and you are doing good :-)

    2. How wonderful she really is the Queen of Dragons, such a lucky girl to be leading such a lovely life full of interest and a hint of mischief ;-)! Ind is well and sends his best spotty kisses. x

  6. Replies
    1. They are just the cutest things... and oh do they know it! Thanks for stopping by, hope you come back soon :-)