Sunday, 10 February 2013

A Puptastic Week!

Greeting Wooferteers!  My name is Milo and I am the New Kid on The Block... this is what my new big brother has called me so I think it sounds cool.  I have had the most exciting week ever.  Just a week ago I was busy chasing my Mum around trying to get her to play tag with me when these two humans arrived for a visit.  I was quite taken with them, they seemed to appreciate my handsomeness and were wowed by my puptastic paws (who wouldn't be?), I investigated them thoroughly, I checked for treats in pockets and made sure that they appreciated the wonder of a face lick.  Yep they seemed alright!

I was busy having a little doze when I heard that they were taking me away.... I had mixed feelings about this..... I love my Mum and all my aunts, granny and uncles but I am ready for an adventure.  I heard the words labrador, ball, mule, work and Dartmoor.... I had no idea what any of that meant but it sounded puptastic to me!

My Ma, isn't she gorgeous

Bye Ma!

The time was ready for me to wave goodbye to my Mum, bye bye, I promise I'll be back to see you soon, will you recognise me when I've got long, floppy teenage hair and I've filled out Ma?  I'm sure you will,  bye bye my humans too!  I will miss you and promise to visit for plenty of face washes and to  tell you all about my puptastic adventures!

My first week has been filled with adventures ....

First there was my new big brother the Pocket Sized Labrador (aka Murph or Bigbro), I don't think he looks pocket sized? He's massive!  He is big and woolly and makes an exceptionally good pillow to lie on, his ears also fantastic chew toys, I don't know why he grumbles at me after a while of chewing??  I LOVE him!  He is awesome and lets me play with all his toys... all at once... I want that one... or that one... or whichever one you're chewing...

Bigbro Murph is my hero!
Wherever my Bigbro goes I tend to follow.  There is also my new humans, they're quite nice really :-)

There is MH who is my master, he tells me how to behave and is brilliant for playing games with and cuddles (don't tell anyone he likes to pretend he is the disciplinarian, hehehehe).

The 'Discplinarian'

Then there is FH who is the soft one.  Quite literally!  She is very good to lie on, if she takes liberties sitting in my bed then I shall insist that she pays the Milo price ;-)

FH makes a good pillow
She is also very excited by face washing, she really does need to clean her face better Muskehounds, I found all kinds of tasty morsels stuck to her fur.
Face washing lurcher style!
FH carries around the great stuff called tea.  I don't know why she won't share?  I got my long nose well in to the cup today, yummy!  Please FH can I have some more, it soaks in to my whiskers and then I can lick it off later...lovely!   I have to say that there is one disappointing thing with my new FH, hmmm her errrmmm fashion sense is a little off.  Come on I'm not sure about those socks and stripes?! I think I may have to make those socks disappear... they look like a nice chew toy ;-)

Mmmm tea for puppy me!
During the week I have been perfecting my posing, this is something that I need to work hard at if I'm to be a famous pup on this blog thingy, the PSL tells me that we have to be on bestest behaviour as we are only borrowing from those long eared creatures.... 
Aren't I a handsome lurcher puppy?!
Speaking of which... I met one over the fence! Yikes this one is big!  She was checking out my puptastic handsomeness and was making strange squawky noises, apparently her name is Dragon, that sounds scary!  I had a little sniff and then showed her my moves. She seems less than overwhelmed? Better try harder next time... FH says I will not be on paw shaking terms with these guys, something about their dog defenders??

There's been lots of time for games galore!  Bigbro has given me some toys and I have been playing fetch the ball a lot. It's hard work when your legs are as short as mine.

I've also been teaching my humans some puppy moves, we've been learning loads of stuff.  My humans seem impressed that I can already sit, lie down and stay, duh?! Of course I can I am super pup! They are easily pleased, this is a good sign!  My next challenge is to learn 'paw', I've been watching my bigbro and he has this mastered, I am not too good at getting my legs coordinated, it won't take me long though ;-)
Teaching the humans....
Later in the week the 'work' word was mentioned.  What chasing bunnies for dinner?  No surely not?  I'm too young!  Oh... it would seem that I was off to work with FH.  She works at the place with lots of long ears and nearly as many canines.  Wow!  This is the best place ever.  I have found my newest friend Flint who looks a lot like my uncles.  He is so nice I have pinched all of his toys and tried out his bed when he wasn't looking but he still loves me.  While FH is 'working' it is my job to look cute, guard the office (this involves sleeping lots and having growly dreams) and greet my huge new fan club.  Can you believe it? Everyone loves me and wants to visit!

Working lurcher!
Test driving Flint's bed...
It hasn't been all fun and games though Muskehounds.  I have been busy assisting with the housework!  Today I helped MH bring in the logs for the fire, this is essential as I need the fire to keep me nice and warm while snoozing.  I particularly like it when MH brings in fresh logs as it means I can pick out a new one to chew, hmmm apparently I can chew sticks outside but not inside... these humans are so picky!

Well Muskehounds I've had a very lovely first week in this new place called Muleteer HQ.  The humans reckon I fit right in, apparently I shall be living a life less ordinary - sounds brilliant!  I shall survey my kingdom as it seems I might just stay.

Time to dream of adventures to come!  Sending you woofs and wags, especially to my Ma and my pup humans, I love it here, thanks for waiting for the right home to come along for me :-)


  1. Sounds absolutely wonderful! Can I move in with FH?
    What a lucky pup you are and so cute! Glad to hear you are enjoying your new home!

  2. It's lovely to meet you, Milo. You are a very lucky boy. I look forward to hearing more about your adventures.
    Strokes and cuddles from Judy in Cambridge

    1. Hi Judy! It's woofing great to make your acquaintance. I am loving my new home ;-) There will be plenty of adventures to come I'm sure! Murph's leg is doing much better, nearly sound again although still on light duties, apparently having a puppy to bring up is enough to keep him exhausted.... he'll be chasing balls and swimming in no time. Licks and wags to you xx

  3. P.S. How is Murph's sore leg?
    Love from Judy in Cambridge

  4. Ah, my darling Milo, I love your puppy diaires. Your Greyhound Ma is strikingly beautiful. You take after her, undoubtedly. Great adventures in your new kingdom!. Such wonderful pictures on your daily life, both at home and at work. Is Flint a Deerhound or Wolfhound?. Big bed!.

    Murph is being a great puppysitter, seems exhausted at the end of the day ;-)

    Play, eat, sleep, chase the wind and lick many faces!.

    Sending you love from deep in the snow ...

    1. Nice to meet you Carmen! My Ma is so gorgeous isn't she, she can run like the wind too :-) My new friend Flint is a mixture of lots of long dogs, he is my new hero, I hope I grow as big as him!

      Hope your snow is behaving and not causing trouble, I am trying to do the same... hmmm now where is my chew toy?!

  5. GH here I can't wait to meet you Milo.You are one lucky boy to be chosen to come to live at Muleteer HQ.You couldn't have any nicer, more loving family to share your life with and I just know you'll have lots of fun and many adventures in the future.Try to be good,learn all your puppy lessons and don't pinch too many of Murph's favourite toys.
    I'll be coming to see you soon,bringing treats so you can sit and give me your paw.No pressure Milo!

    1. Woof GH! I've heard all about you and can't wait to meet you. Bigbro has told me that you are the supplier of illicit treats - yum. I'm practicing my paws ready for the occasion. Hope you're ready for face licks and wags.

      Murph is teaching me all the best tricks, I hear that I have a cousin called Archie who will be great to terrorise too? Lots of puppy fun!

      See you soon GH - Love Milo xx

  6. Wow what a super lucky boy you are. Sounds like most dogs would give their canine teeth to live the life you have landed. Well done you.
    Keep the updates coming. The photos are splendid.

    1. Dear Zoe, I'm glad you like the piccies of my handsome self. I do think I've landed on my paws with this gang, whole days of playing, snoozing and eating. I am even enjoying 'work'! I promise to keep you posted xx

  7. I could really teach you so many things Milo. Staying away from mules is one of those things, but I am sure you are smart and will figure it out.

    I should send Dixie on her more annoying days to visit with you.
    SHE has gotten way too big to share any sleeping area with!

    1. Dixie and me would make a great pair!! You and the PSL could compare puppy sitting notes - yay!! FH has said I definitely must not go near the long ears.... she says they have dog defenders and are not to be trusted.... one day I may be allowed to make Roller's acquaintance which would be nice :-)

  8. Actually I have ridden mules Milo. I go along with Val on many rides when she takes Opal, Fred, and Siera. Sunshine has a thing about dogs getting in her pen, but she won't bother me when she has a saddle on.

    Val won't take the chance though, she has seen Miss Sunny Sunshine take apart a fawn, a raccoon, and a 'possum.

    Have a good week!