Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Feeding Time at The Mule Zoo

What's a Mini got to do to get some service round here?  Honestly dinner time here is chaotic!  FH calls it feeding time at the mule zoo.... hmmm charming... we are not common beasts like lions and elephants you know?  The problem here is that like all good restaurants everyone wants to eat at the same time.  Unfortunately here the Maitre D is not very good at crowd control!  I decided some feedback was in order so here's my review of the 'The Mule Restaurant'
When one of us spots FH entering the yard at roughly the right time we all gallop down full speed ahead.  Some of us are better at queueing than others, there is a hierarchy here that must be obeyed.  
Dragon is often first in to the yard, she has longer legs for running to the restaurant than us minis and is definitely greedy.  She pulls her greedy face at FH and squawks.  

Enter my handsomeness who must restore order.... honestly I'm supposed to be a customer, not staff!

I pull my angry ears at Dragon so that she knows I am first to get my starter (yummy vit supplement)

I do have to ensure that I also use my 'I love you' ears for FH as I don't want her to not love me or feed me.... even though I am the customer! 

Roller stays outside the restaurant and stares in through the glass at all the lucky diners, he will wait his turn though as he says some of the other diners have bad manners.

Just when the Maitre D (FH..) is nearly ready to seat us an interloper emerges and barges right on in to the restaurant blocking the path of the Maitre D, some diners think they are worthy of special treatment and always have the look of the cat that got the cream?

Finally we are all seated and given our tasty meals! Roller needs to be quick as it seems naughty Catanian has her eyes on his dinner, I'm not sure that mule vits are good for cats?

Once the vits and mins are dispensed with it's time for the main course, yummy haylage!  I have stuffed my mouth with ample quantities so that Roller doesn't notice it....

Oh no!  The other diner has noticed my spectacular dinner and is trying to help themselves!

Hmmm Roller if you're last at the restaurant you will sometimes get the worst table, sometimes this can even mean that you have to eat facing the wall??!! Ooops...

Dragon is also a 'stuff it all in as fast as you can' kind of girl, her table manners are pretty atrocious, it's a good job we didn't go for spaghetti on our first date, I thought she was sophisticated back then!

Would you believe it!  Dragon has decided that she likes the look of the 'All You Can Eat Buffet' next door?!  Oops it would appear that Dragon has actually inserted herself in to the restaurant kitchen... the chef is gonna be mad at her....

Alas when all the goodies have been exhausted from the menu it's time for the healthy option for dessert...

FH we did not say we wanted to eat at the Health Food Restaurant with it's fibre rich and low sugar dessert menu....uggh :-(

We give this restaurant a 5/10 - lacking in service, the clientele are decidedly pushy, the dessert menu leaves a lot to be desired and the Maitre D is pretty useless ;-) Eat well my friends!


  1. All that sharing makes me really appreciate being an only! Though one of the cats sometimes naps on my meal as I'm eating it!!!

    1. Sharing is definitely a problem for some of us (Mini...) others are better at sharing (Roller), our Catanian guards our haylage and straw from rats and mice but does refuse to eat it... she eats unmentionable things!

  2. Ah, dear Mini, how deliciously related was your dinner story --no pun intended!. I agree that the diners need to show a little bit more of class ... Callie darling, with her long legs, has privileged access!. I think that you should stand by the restaurant door and hand out numbers.

    Oh, this reminds me of my times at the farm, feeding all those large and tiny mouths. The ram would become impatient, shove himself ahead of all and bump me hard (when I was not looking, very clever) if I would not feed him first --talk about table manners knocking out the waitress!.

    Enjoy your tasty meals, my friends, your restaurant gets a 10/10 carrots review in love!.

    1. We love our carrots review! Maybe FH will convert them in to real carrots?! Tonight we each got a piece of apple so the score would be an 8/10 today :-) Callie would like to be head waitress as long as she can taste everyone's meals?!

  3. My dear mini.. I must say that the restaurant choices are a little bit limited here too. We get the menu and all that's on there is barley straw, haylage ( per handful ) boring. There is no pudding choice at all. At least on your menu there is a starter, even if it is only small. Then the 2 humans stand at the fence watching me a the little chap with what resembles ginger treats and tea. And then they wonder why I am a little aloof sometimes. Yesterday I had a man do my feet , he called me princess ( think he wanted to take me on a date ) and all I got for my hard work and best flirting was ONE slice of pear.. The little chap had a mini pedicure which took about a nano second , and he got a slice too.. That's just not fair. So mini we will just have to put up with what we get I suppose, bet Gordon Ramsey gives his animals a bigger choice.. I'm off now to see if I can find a blade of spring grass ( in my dreams ). Love from Ruby xx

    1. Dear Ruby,
      You are a superstar! Letting the man trim your hooves and showing little Woody how it's all done, your human must be incredibly proud - lots of hard work on her part :-) Pear is just the bestest treat ever, this is the Mini's favourite, especially when they're soft and squidgy. The sweet spring grass will be here soon we hope, Roller has started to lose his coat so it must be soon... Sending you congratulations on your pedicure xxx

  4. Wow, my mules are jealous of all the extra attention given at mealtime. Of course they are getting slim flakes of delicious and nutritious alfalfa.

    But they all believe that carrots and apples ought to be served regularly.
    Always a joy to come here and read!

    1. Apples and carrots should be an accompaniment for every meal! We would agree with them on this :-) We don't really get alfalfa hay here, the weather is not great for baling it! Always great to have you along :-) xx

  5. Darling Mini, I do understand your concerns as clearly you and the other Muleteers deserve three Michelin starred food and service. But I think that FH is trying very hard and I know that she loves you lots so that can't be too bad....And that haylage looks yummy...
    Lots of love from Judy in Cambridge

    1. Dear Judy, I think you may be right, tonight there was a banana peel and a carrot! FH has clearly taken the feedback on board and we are now at two star level :-) Sending you Mini snuffles for a lovely weekend xx