Thursday, 28 February 2013

Roller's Philosophical Friday: Travel

FH has left us again..... We are home alone and in charge of MH (he reckons he's in charge, who told him that?) and the woofers! Actually maybe Catanian is in charge as she's a cat AND a female??

Normally I am assisted a little bit with my typing so I will have to keep this short until my PA returns..... Although I have to say MH is more generous with carrots and food in general so it's not all bad :-)

Apparently our human is in foreign lands doing something called travelling, not too far but far enough to speak a foreign language, she is travelling to talk to other humans about long ears, can't she do enough of that at home??  I think travelling might be interesting but I have to say I'm a home-pony  myself and would like to lay my head on my own straw bed at the end of the day.

FH hugged us all goodbye and made us promise to be good (were the mules listening?), she said the best bit of travelling was the welcome home us Muleteers give her, we'll practice the neighbrays, whinnies, miaows, woofs and snuffles ready for her return!

Here's to the excitement of travel, only bettered by the joy of return.

No one realises how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old familiar pillow.
Lin Yutang


  1. Hi there all,, enjoy your extra treats whilst FH is away .. You are all very lucky to have such a special home. Why would you want to travel when you have a perfect life.. FH will be back before you know it , I'm sure she will be thinking of you every day. Be good for MH .. Happy sunny weekend.. Love from Ruby, Daisy, Woody and Dillion. Xx

  2. Can you use this time for a bit of MH training? I see more treats coming your way. Will be nnice to have FH home though. Enjoy your quiet time xx

  3. My dearest Roller, you are a very sweet home pony. How nice that FH is going abroad to talk about long ears, but of course, you all miss her. The joy of the return you are planning sounds like a magnificent opera!.

    Enjoy MH's company, extra treats and leisure time. You are a skilled hoofwriter, darling.

    Wishing you carroty dreams ... ♥

    1. Enjoy your travel, FH. Ready your ears for the welcome opera!

    2. My welcoming opera was sublime! The perfect cure for trains, planes and automobiles :-) Nice to go away but nicer to come home!