Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mule Rescue

Something is not right, something is definitely wrong.... there is a very scared creature on the other side of the fence and it's making very scared noises..... I think its lost its Mum, I think it's stuck.  Quick FH, stop calling me for dinner and come help!  Those naughty minis have disappeared in for their dinner but no I am NOT coming until you come sort this problem out.  I will stand here at the top of the hill and look over here til you get the hint for goodness sake!

The Momma sheep wants baby lambykins back and you're gonna have to deal with it cos I can't get over there and open the gate for it.

FINALLY!! You got the hint that I wasn't moving for all the shaken food bowls and enticing noises in the world, sometimes there are more important things in life than food (yes, I did just say that!).

Now then, get over that fence and rescue the poor lambykins.

Hee haw, hee haw,  Catanian.... we need you!  FH doesn't have a sheepdog so you'll have to do!

Sheepcat extraordinaire!
The poor lambykins is very afraid and running around so FH you'll have to be quick.....tehehe that was quite amusing when you dived on the floor, nearly in to that cow pat...hehehe

Right one lamb caught, one Momma sheep on the other side of the fence, one Sheepcat scoping out the gate.

Phew Momma and baby reunited, after a quick nuzzle and comforting drink I saw Momma bring the lambykins right near to the gate and look pointedly at FH, Catanian and me.  I'm really convinced she was saying thank you, how lovely.

Ok, all sorted, just checking that there are no more escapees and then it's time for a nap and that dinner you promised me, I think extra carrots are in order...

We're particularly pleased to reunite Momma and Lambykins as here in the UK it's Mother's day, Mum's are just THE BEST!  For all the Mums and Grannies out there we salute you for keeping us all on track and bringing joy to the world.

God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made Mothers.
Rudyard Kipling


  1. Well done callie for your excellent policing of the sheep . What would have happened if you had not been on mule duty. I'm impressed that you nearly gave up your dinner , which just shows what a dedicated police mule you are. Catonian is the same colour as a sheepdog, so I'm sure the sheep didn't notice the difference. Hope you received a carrot medal for your good work.. Salutes and love.. Janis. X

    1. FH says I may be allowed a supermule cape if I carry on. Those sheep are a little silly sometimes, I can tell they're not of the long eared variety! I had ample carroty treats as rewards for my delayed dinner so I am on the look out for more damsels in distress, it may be worth my while!

      Sending neighbrays to you and your gang xx

  2. Here is Callie, La Mula Heroína!. I am not surprised that when you sensed danger for others, you stood your ground to call for help. You understood a situation many would have not and became valiantly oblivous to the irresistible sounds of dinner. You are a Mula Maravillosa!. Your guardian and maternal instincts kicked in, because you can be a mother in so many ways, dear Callie.

    Nothing could have worked better other than a wonderful team comprised of FH atuned to your alertness along Lady Catanian to the rescue in a most fashionable sheepcat way!.

    I am sure that FH rewarded you with a delectable trophy and that Lady Sheepcat received extra cuddles, praise and tickles. Mama sheep was indeed thanking you all, look at that picture, mamas always know ...

    Mi querida Callie, I am very proud of you, the great Mula Salvadora (saviour)!

    Happy Mother's Day to all the ladies --human, sheep and long-eared ♥

    1. Oh I love being Mula Salvadora! And Mule Heroina! I shall definitely need a super hero costume and extra carrots. If only I had been able to join FH and Catanian on their adventure but I couldn't fit through the fence... maybe next time. Sending you neighbrays and snuffles my friend xx

  3. A heart of gold is what you have. Way to go :)

    1. Thanks Camryn! Us equines have got to keep creatures like sheep out of trouble, they can get a little lost sometimes....

  4. Dearest Callie, I really enjoyed reading this. You are not only beautiful but also very kind and clever. Well done!
    Cuddles from Judy in Cabridge

    1. Thank you Judy! I tried my best, us mules have to help where we can, and I got extra carrot treats so it was worth it :-)

  5. Awe you to the rescue ...great job ...just missed the cow pie hey :)