Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Puppy Power!

My ears are out of control.....
Greetings Wooferteers!  It has been quite some time since I've pawed the keyboard away from those long ears but here I am!  Can you believe that I am a whole 4 months old today....life is soooo exciting when you're me.

I've been busy exploring my puppy kingdom and have been making sure that everyone knows I'm in town to stay.  It has been a busy few weeks since I came to live here.

I have been making lots of new friends...

Here I am with my brother Murph, I have called him The Cloth Dog... his ears and jowls are like lovely cloth toys that I can chew on and hang off, he doesn't seem to mind most of the time, occasionally he tells me off when he says I'm being a juvenile delinquent, I heard the humans say that he is the most patient puppy parent possible...

The Cloth Dog says that I am a wriggler in bed and that I need to stop growing as we won't both fit in one bed together (there are two others but I'd rather stay warm with my Cloth Dog hero), sometimes we even wrestle and playfight with each other, lots of growling and chewing but it's all good fun... my Cloth Dog never hurts me.

We have been out and about for loads of fun walks, Cloth Dog has been teaching where to sniff and pee and is trying to teach me the labrador retrieve, I'm doing pretty well but not sure about taking it back, it's much more fun to give everyone the runaround.... I'm so fast they can't catch me...hehehe!

Murph says that I must learn to share and not always try to pinch his ball, I have my own, but I want HIS ball not MY ball.

Look at me I can run sooooo fast!  Wait til I'm all grown, I'll give those mules a run for their money.

When I'm not having fun I'm a busy working dog you know... FH takes me to the office where I am mostly angelic.... I like to be on best behaviour and impress the ladies.  Here I am ensuring that the office furniture is up to the job, oops!

Apart from the ok furniture this is my social heaven, there are so many pups to keep up with and check out not to mention some funny long eared creatures.  FH reckons my gang at work are long suffering as I chew their ears and steal their toys, sharing should apply to toys and ears too I think.

Here's my favourite uncle - Flint!  He is a lovely lurcher just like me and I hope I grow up as handsome as him.  He is teaching me the lurcher wrestle, the hamstring manoeuvre and the joys of stuffed toys.  He's my hero!

Then there's Fizz who's the top dog, she is great to play with but does tell me off sometimes but when no one's looking she rolls around and we snarl and nip and play and I steal her toys, I LOVE her (even if she is a girl...)!!

My other new pal is Cousin Archie (who also comes with my new human friends Uncle and Auntie).  Cousin Archie has been busy teaching me the poo hoover manoeuvre..... yum, cow poo, mmmmm,  now why are the humans shouting again?? Next time Archie and I are going to try to sheep poo hoover manoeuvre... the options are endless and very exciting for a country lurcher!

After a busy day at work there's nothing like a busy game with the Cloth Dog, our current favourite is Whose Bone Is It?  Obviously I always let my brother win this game and then pinch the bone the minute his back is turned ;-)

Finally before bed there's time for a little bit of telly with the humans, I love to watch all those flashing lights and listen to the new things, I particularly like crime dramas at the moment.

Time for bed.... I'm busy perfecting my cute look... I'm rapidly discovering that this works in all situations... will spend as much time doing this as possible.

Night night Wooferteers, til next time - Woof xxx


  1. What a busy pup!! I love how you share the bad and snuggle up, too cute!
    And you get to go to work with FH! Lucky! You have some mighty long legs, you are gonna be big!

    1. I plan on being very large, in personality too!! I love going to work, there are soooo many nice pups and people, whoever said work was boring?!

  2. Aren't you the cutest little pup! Our William looked like you when we first got him....tell your mum and dad 'good luck' :) Oh, and Mini, haven't I seen you in an advert recently, or one of your cousins at least!!

    1. Wow William is so very handsome now, I wonder if I will get all fluffy too?? I hope so! FH says to say.... we might need it... whatever does she mean?

      We haven't seen the advert, do tell us where? We'd love to know! As far as we know it isn't The Mini but there is a possibility as he used to be famous as a foal... here are some pics of him as a baby....http://news.ca.msn.com/photogallery.aspx?cp-documentid=25046941&page=3 - cute!

    2. We found the dance pony - it is absolutely brilliant!!! Now to getting the Fleetwood Mac on the radio and my dancing hooves and I'll be well away :-)

  3. Wonderful busy life, Milo darling!. So many adventures, discoveries and new friends!. I especially love the lurcher Flint. You'll have very long legs, too. No wonder you'll be as tall as Mini!. Your energy is contagious and you keep sweet Murph on top of fitness!. Though, I agree with your humans that those irresistible poo expeditions are a no-no :-)

    I loved the action videos, the pictures sharing your day and the overall warm feeling of a loving, fabulous family.

    1. Woof Carmen! My Uncle Flint is marvellous, he and I love playing lurcher games, we understand each other, FH and Flint's human are excited when he and I can run around at full speed.... I need to grow a little first!

      Hmm I think you may be right about the poo expeditions, FH seems less than keen for me to give her Milo kisses afterwards?!

      Sending you wags, licks and puppy woofs xx

  4. Hi there Milo... Well you sure have grown, and looking really gorgeous. Cloth dog is really patient with you, I just loved watching the live clips of your antics. And you have all those lovely friends in the office, our human says she can't take us to work ? Think she would like to though. It's great having a brother isn't it, I wasn't sure at first but now I would not be without him.. Shh.. Don't tell him though I like him to think I'm big and tough.. Shame I didn't see Doris on the live clips , but hey bet she is dreaming about me.
    Happy woofing milo, love to cloth dog and all muleteers.. Woody xx

    1. Hey Woody! My cloth dog is very patient, secretly I think he enjoying having a second puppyhood ;-) Having a brother is great! How's your bro doing? Is he growing big and strong like you?! Doris is still taking the strain but needs a wash, can you believe it, my cloth dog took her for his own yesterday? I soon sneaked behind his back and pinched her back, there is a reason us lurchers are known as tea leafs!

      Woofs and wags to you and your crew Woody - Milo and The Muleteers xxxxx