Sunday, 31 March 2013

Searching for Spring....

The Mini on the hunt for Spring!
Dearest Muleteers, I have been a little worried that Spring has got lost, maybe she has wandered off across the ocean to our friends in the USA?  A mini mule like me loves the green grass and warm temperatures that Spring brings so you will see why I was so worried.....  I persuaded FH to accompany Explorer Mini on a search for the elusive Lady Spring.....

We set off to see what signs there were in the neighbourhood of Spring appearing, surely she must arrive soon?

I can't tell you how relieved I was to find my first clue that Spring has already paid a fleeting visit... look at those lovely daffodils, I had to sniff them to check they were real.  I offered to pick some for FH with my teeth but ughh they don't taste nice so best to leave them to look pretty.

The daffodils are a beautiful sign of Spring
Next we wandered off up the lane to see what delights we could find in our neighbouring fields, it's such a long way when your legs are as tiny as mine, I'm always happy to walk with FH though, special us time is welcome.... I am No. 1 you know but don't tell anyone else will you?!

Mini Mule on the Hunt for Lady Spring!
Spring rewarded us for our walk with her next clues.... I spy with my little eye (and rather large ears ;-) some bleating lambykins!  These ones are lucky as they're with their Mums enjoying the sweet, tasty grass that Lady Spring has delivered.

These little lambykins are not so lucky, they are orphans.... thankfully our nice neighbour is rearing them as tame lambs, us mules keep an eye on them and take it in turns to visit them and talk to them over the fence, they just say....baaaa, baaaa but they're cute anyway :-)

The Mini visits the lamb creche!
The next clue Lady Spring has left us is the carpet of Snowdrops, they are staying a long time with us this year, normally they would have said goodbye by now but the freezing temperatures have let them stay a while longer.  Aren't they pretty?

A carpet of beautiful snowdrops
After a hearty Springtime walk (I'm convinced she's arrived now!) I could tell we were nearly home as I could hear Dragon neighbraying.  Come quick you missed a sign!  

Look there's blue sky here too!  Not just horrible grey clouds but real blue sky.

Mule alert - blue sky ahead!
And look there's buds on the maple tree too!

Finally home time, I am such a clever Mini Explorer, I found Spring, she was there all along just quite well disguised.  Phew!  This Mini is all overcome with emotion at the arrival of the long awaited, best season of all..... only one thing for it...... a secret kiss from FH! Ssshhhh don't tell the others!

A secret mini mule kiss.... sshhhh!


  1. Whew, glad you have found spring!! We were wondering where it had been for a while, too, but I think it is safe to say that it has arrived.

    1. Hooray! Hope you are having sunny times where you are too!

  2. So very glad you found it. We haven't seen nearly the signs of spring you have "yet"

    1. They'll be there soon for sure, keep looking :-)

  3. My dearest Mini, this was such a wonderful adventure. So many signs of Spring on the way, lovely flowers, nice weather, blue sky ... adorable lambs. Mother Nature awakening is one of the most beautiful renewal rituals to observe. Those flower fields are stunning!.

    Over here, Black Bear must be yawning and stretching after a very long and cold winter ... we had six months of snow!. Still white outside, but one side of my garden is slowly melting down.

    Now, I am sure that you agree with me that FH is as pretty as a Daffodil, yet her kisses taste better, do not they? ;-)

    Enjoy your first sunny siestas ♡

    1. Wow! Six months of snow is amazing, we barely had six days... just much rain. Mother Nature sure does show us her beauty at this time of year and delivers delightful morsel to entice a hungry mini mule. Ahhh such lovely, warm sunny siestas and times stood chatting with the humans who are outside even more with the sunshine, long may it last for us all :-)

  4. Oh I think a mini mule found signs of Spring and got a kiss for a job well done ... Spring at last ...hurray.

    1. Yippeee! It's been a long time coming but oh so worth the wait, I hope Lady Spring stays a while with us, she really is so fine!

  5. Darling Mini, you bring Spring with you wherever you go - you are such a delight! Thank you for all the lovely pictures.
    Love from Judy in Cambridge

    1. Thank you Judy! FH calls me her ray of sunshine... even in the darkest depths of winter I can make her smile, it's all in the ears and the snuffles ;-) Sending you springtime wishes for sunny days to come xx