Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A Dog's Life...

One day I want to grow as big as you.....
Greetings Wooferteers!  I am starting to realise that the life of a dog is well, errm, busy....  I have had another puptastic week making loads of new friends and having lots of 'first time' experiences.

Before work was out for Easter I had a work meeting with some of my senior work colleagues.  I was taken to the creche for the meeting, odd.... no not a creche for pups but one for donkey puppies, at least I think that's what they're called?

These work colleagues of mine are really very big even as puppies, I think maybe they're Great Danes in disguise?  I have noticed something about them though, they haven't grown in to their ears yet, come to think about it, to do that they will have to grow to be giant pups? Hmmmm....

Another strange thing about them, try as I might they didn't seem impressed by my puppy barks and bows, they just kinda stood there and looked amused.

One of them did seem a bit impressed though, this nice girl, donkey puppy was very enthralled with me.....  we spent a long time snuffling and wagging and butting noses with each other until my human got bored and cold.... I'll be back sweet friend!

Yay work was done for a few days!  Woohoooo!  Puptastic!  Time to show off my new improved moves to the Cloth Dog.  I have been practicing my lurcher run a whole heap and am hoping to outrun him.  First off though I thought I'd test out the lurcher run on Cousin Archie who is a senior puppy to me but still young enough to get up to all kinds of mischief with when the humans aren't looking.  Cloth Dog stayed at home as he finds having to keep us both in check exhausting!

Cousin Archie took me to one of his favourite places..... a place with sand and lots of funny tasting water and loads of doggy pals.... it's called a beach apparently.

What fun!  Cousin Archie and me ran and ran and ran and ran and ran........

Those ears are way outta control Arch!
Oh yeah and then we ran a bit more..... 

Thank goodness for my Aunty who had treats available for tired pups, my energy was getting low.... hah only for a second though.... right let's run again Arch!

I felt that my training with Cousin Arch had left me in tip top condition ready for showing off to The Cloth Dog.  He couldn't fail to be impressed of this I was sure.  A dog's duty is to look his best at all times so here goes....

Look!  All feet off the ground sporting the upward ear look... I've been learning from those long ears :-)

Next I tried on my racing ears.... AKA bat ears, whoosh... blink and you'll miss me!

Finally I showed off an advanced skill known to motorcyclists everywhere, the 'lean' in to the corner.

Cloth Dog watched for a while and then sped off saying 'sorry can't stop I have a ball to catch'....

Haha, two can play at that game, ok so mine is a beginner ball with a rope attached but I still look good with it hey?

Puppy Beginner Ball!
As my attempts at impressing my Cloth Dog were not working I decided to have a go at impressing the most senior member of the Muleteer clan, apparently he's a tough man to impress.... his name is The Mini, hmmm can't be that big and tough then can he with a name like that?!

Whoa.... I was a bit wrong, this mule puppy is quite large for a Mini?  Hmmm I better have a closer inspection.  Nope he doesn't smell like my Cloth Dog, he has enormous ears and teeny tiny feet for his size, they're almost the same size as mine? Most peculiar. He seems friendly though.  FH is busy telling The Mini puppy to be nice to me and not do what he does with strange dogs..... not sure I want to know what that is?  A puppy eater perhaps?

When Mini met Milo

Nah, not a puppy eater but a puppy playmate, quick Mini come with me!  Let's drag the human exploring, I've heard you're good at this? Don't dilly dally, there's grass to eat (both of us), poo to hoover (me), mountains to be climbed (both of us), strangers to greet (me), strangers to be scared of (you) and adventures to be had (all together!).

Lead training for the mini mule and his puppy.....
Doing this kind of thing is sooo tiring and not in the slightest bit exciting....well maybe just a little bit ;-)

Exploring with Uncle Mini, the mule who is nearly dog sized.....
Shhhh don't give away my secret..... some might say it's a dog's life?? I don't know what they mean? ;-)


  1. Love it! Puppy is growing more handsome by the minute.

    1. Woof! He sure is handsome and he knows it, he is also rather good at this blogging thing.... he's a bit of a show off!

  2. I do believe Milo is beginning to look a bit hairy around the nose!...could he end up looking like ME I wonder!

    1. Oh yes William the hair is growing at an extraordinary rate.... it started on his paws and has now crept all the way up to his shoulders and over his nose, his body is just starting to go a little wiry..... if he grows to be as big and handsome as you we will be delighted!

  3. Fabulous pics of you young pupster. I think wee mini might get in your puptastic new bed there would be room I'm sure

    1. What a marvellous idea Zoe! There's room for a little(ish) one I think! How much fun?!

  4. Mini and Milo melt my heart! So cute , just the sweetest photo when they touched noses.

    1. They are the masters of cute that pair.... and mischief! They send you woofs and neighbrays xx

  5. How beautiful!. Love to see that you are making friends with the long ears of the house. You and The Mini are perfect buddies. Adorable pictures in boundless energy!

    Now that you are mastering the horizontal run, cannot wait to see you practising those incredible Sighthound leaps!. Mine would jump nearly 180 cm/6 ft high!.

    Ah, my darling Milo, just seeing you in your speedy and splendid adventures left me breathless!.

    1. Hey Carmen! The long ears seem to like me! Yay! They seem to know that I am 'their' puppy and not an intruder dog so they are very nice to me. Me and The Mini spend a long time staring at each through the fence and snuffling so FH thought it was only fair to let us go for a walk together. I sure will be a leaping as high as possible, my Uncle Flint has been teaching me the delights of the lurcher leap, he is great at it..... I need to coordinate a bit more but as they say practice makes perfect ;-)

      Woofs and wags - Milo xxx