Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Dragon's Diet Coke Break

Some days you just feel a bit flat... some days you need a pick me up.

I have been watching FH and some days she drinks a Coke when she needs some bubbles in her life, a little more energy a bit of va va voom..... hmmmmm.

I've heard about this drink, Diet Coke to our UK friends, Coca Cola Lite to everyone else in the world (obviously sledgehammer language is ok with us Brit girls!).

Well today I was a bit on the weary side of things, my ears were a little bit droopy, my mane was wayward and I had the yawns.

FH had left her can of Diet Coke on the yard while she attended to the whims of Catanian who was miaowing for food.  I had a sneaky peek.

Hmmm looks interesting... now hang on FH bring it back here, I need to assess the 'nose' on this fine drink.... seems to have a fruity nose.

Yes I think I'll go so far as a lick of the can.  You didn't want to finish this can did you FH?  I could help you with that....

There is only one problem with this fine pick me up!

The bubbles go up your nose.....

Every girl deserves a diet coke break!

p.s.  we don't really think Diet Coke is good for mules!!  No mules were harmed in this story..... although a certain Dragon would have destroyed the can for the goodies if allowed too!


  1. Hahaha! We call it Diet Coke in the US, too.
    I have given Shy tastes of regular Coke. She likes it, but I don't think anything trumps Dragon's face! I love it!

    1. Aha! Sledgehammer language is ok with USA girls too, everyone else gets the nice 'lite' name! Shy has good taste :-)

  2. I love your bubbly ears, dear Callie. I think it is good to be allowed to explore safely --you ears danced, such a happy face ... salud!.

    By the way, I finished painting the remaining portraits on you all, my brightful and dear amigos; view it in Slideshow mode:

    Cuddles to all ♥

    1. Salud! The bubbles went right up my nose and felt funny.... We love, love, love, love, love our pictures!! Thank you so very much our dear friend :-) xxxx

    2. This is my humble gift to each of you for your beautiful friendship. Gracias!

  3. Looks like the bubbles tickled your nose. To cute!

    1. They were very ticklish and rather odd, I think I could get used to them. FH says I am not allowed to test the bubbles in beer, she dreads to think what a hiccupping Dragon would be like, let alone a slightly drunk one..... apparently a definite no, no!