Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Sleeping Beauties

Hey Roller I think we're on film!  Look up there in the corner, we're under surveillance, FH isn't satisfied with seeing us in the daytime, she now needs to check up on our cuteness at night too.  MH has kindly installed an infrared camera!

When the lights go out and the humans have retired to their stable us Minis only have two things on our mind.....

Firstly we need to eat, and eat and eat....

But most importantly we need to catch up on our beauty sleep after a busy day eating and playing!

Sometimes we take it in turns, this means that we can stand guard over each other. Roller takes the first nap most nights, he loves to sleep!

Once Roller is done napping (this can take hours) I can get down to some snoozing, I only like to sleep on the rubber mats, Roller isn't fussy but he generally likes the straw bed!

We're really chilled out though and there isn't a great deal to worry about here, our Dragon protector is next door and we know she won't let anything happen to us.  She defends us fiercely.  So that means that we can enjoy a good snooze together, what could be more cosy that cuddling up with your best mate for a snooze?

We start out all tucked up in semi sleep...

Then when all is still and we feel very snoozy we both go for the flat out, ultra relaxed snooze.  FH had to keep watching to check that we were still moving.....  it's ok FH we're just making sure we're fully rested!

Once we've had a little nap it's time to eat for a while, this restaurant is always open, it's a good job because us minis have healthy appetites!

Once we near midnight it's time for the naughty stop out to come home, she creeps silently in from her kitty cat late night adventures, we minis tut and ask her if she had a good night on the tiles, she just yawns and stumbles in to bed....

Us minis like to tell her off for being late to bed but she is soooo cute.  We like sharing our bed with Catanian, she has her corner of the bed that we do not step on or leave mini nuggets in ;-)  We take our guarding duties just as seriously for our kitty cat friend and rotate kitty duty. 

I take the first watch, I prefer to stand guard rather than lie down as I don't like sleeping in the straw, it tickles my tummy! I love my kitty cat friend and she loves me :-) No intruder cat, dog or human will get to my kitty while I'm on guard. 

Next it's Roller's turn for kitty guarding.  Roller guards with his own style.... why stand when you can lie down and snooze.  He promises me he takes his guarding duties very seriously, I think he might fall asleep on the job.... good job I'm awake, think I might be guarding both of them!

That's all for now Muleteers, time for a good snooze ready for my guarding duties later!  

To all our friends, sweet dreams xxx


  1. How neat that you guys have a infrared camera keeping an eye on you!

    Lucky you that your human is so caring.

    1. We did wonder what the red light in the corner was. MH was bought the camera for christmas for watching wildlife.... somehow it ended up finding it's way to our stables?? Can't imagine how ;-)

  2. Now you really will get nothing done! Not only do you have the Muleteers to entertain you all day, now you can watch them at night, too! So cool!

    1. It's dangerous.... I may never sleep again!

  3. Oh so sweet and interesting the wee night peeks and kitty capers

    1. The kitty is hilarious, she picks a mule bed to sleep in each night, last night was a girlie sleep over with Dragon, tonight it's the minis again, talk about fickle :-)

  4. Oh, my sweetness ... I had been secretly hoping to "witness" sleep time ... The Mini (and Callie next door)show the fantastic skills of la Mula Guardiana, always on guard watching over your beloved ones. How tender!. Roller is the cosiest of all on duty, placid and comfortable as only he could be!.

    It melts my heart to see our pretty Queen cuddled up among them; I reckon she climbs up to an even softer "bed" when every mattress is snoring ;-) The flat out position is adorable, I also double check on my kitties as respiration slows down so much!.

    Muchas gracias for sharing these beautiful nocturnal activities and dreams .... Love to all.

    1. We couldn't believe our luck when MH acquired a camera so that we could show you our great snoozing ability :-) Roller is indeed the most relaxed of gentlemen and likes nothing more than a deep straw bed, FH has most certainly curled up next to either of us minis on the odd occasion when she's lucky enough to catch us sleeping :-) La Mula Guardiana is a force to be reckoned with, so tough and yet so gentle and caring with their charges, we are keeping an eye out for Catanian climbing on Roller, we are sure it happens! Our humans suspected we all slept together but the camera has shown how relaxed and happy we are to be together :-) Sending love and snuffles .... and the odd little snore ;-) xxxx

  5. Love this, love this, love this!!! The pictures are just so sweet!
    I wonder if there is any snoring.
    Ohhh...I'd love to curl up with these gorgeous creatures.
    Thank you so much for sharing the pictures.
    Love from Judy in Cambridge

    1. So glad you like it Judy! They are delightful aren't they! Watching them all so peaceful and happy brings life in to perspective :-) They are so lovely to curl up with and pass a few precious minutes, a little slice of heaven. Snuffles, snores, miaows and neighbrays xxxx