Monday, 29 April 2013

Tea for Two

Tea... a most British Dog Obsession....

Hey Cloth Dog!

What's that you're slurping?  It looks like you've managed to nose your way in to FH's tea mug?

Oops.... I hope she'd finished her morning cuppa before you slobbered in it?

Looks like tea for two to me!

What's that you say?  A secret delight?  A very British pastime?  Sounds puptastic!

Come on Cloth Dog let me in..... I really need to taste the delights of this tea thingy....  this mug ain't big enough for both our noses though surely??

Oh, ok we'll try to share nicely.  FH could you put your tea in the dog bowl for us next time please?  What's that about it being your tea?  Don't you know what's mine is mine, what's yours is mine and what's everyone else's is..... well mine..... and I want it!

OK I'm getting the hang of this now Cloth Dog, there is just one slight problem though....  I seem to be wearing quite a lot of tea?  It's pretty challenging to keep my adolescent face fluff clean.... FH says I need to pay more attention to grooming, I kinda like the scruffy dog look!

Here's to a good week full of tea (for me) and smiles (for you) and ever growing face fluff (for me!).  FH says I'm not allowed to sample the delights of coffee yet..... what, no caffeine fuelled lurcher puppy required?  REALLY??  What's the worst that could happen.... ;-) 

Laters friends - Milo xxx


  1. Caffeine for a pup? Ha ha ha!

    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Val - woofs, wags and neighbrays to you and your gang for a sunny and happy week!

  2. Darling Milo, not only you do carry the Sighthound superior sight in your blood (along that pretty scruffy muzzle), but also teahound superb skills shared with Murph!.

    For the "caffeinated" puppy in you, here is something that will make your long agile legs be set into action. From your kin, the Deerhound and the Wolfhound beauties:

    May your week be full of sunny days to stretch out!.

    1. Dearest Carmen! Woof! I love the pictures of springing and running and smiling and chasing, they are amazing.... every day I am getting faster and more bouncy and seem to be working out what my long legs are for., now I have even more ideas! FH says I remind her of a thoroughbred foal who is just working out they can run like the wind, today I sprinted so fast none of my doggy pals could keep up. Soon I will challenge my lurcher Uncle Flint to a chase race, our humans say we must find a VERY big field to run in - I can't wait!

      Lots of sunny patches and freshly cut grass to roll around in this week so lurcher heaven. Sending you face washes, wags and puppy yawns to brighten your week :-)

      p.s. I like my new name - Teahound, it is perfecto!

    2. Ooohhh, I would love to see you and Uncle Flint sprinting in a very, very big field, indeed!. Back in our Saluki times, we would head to open fields for those amazing "wind rides" and 90-degree turns in a split second!.

      Loved your washes, wags and yawns, darling Milo.

  3. It is extremely kind of FH to share her tea with you both. I hope that you were suitably grateful - a slobbery, tea-filled kiss maybe?!
    How did MH do in the marathon? He must deserve extra tea.
    Love from Judy in Cambridge

    1. Dear Judy you are so right, we planted extra slobbery, tea kisses on FH and she seemed very grateful judging by the amount of noise! We have noticed that if we managed to slobber in FH's tea most of the time it works to 'persuade' her to share her tea.... although not always, can you believe she has been known to ignore a bit of puppy slobber and carry on drinking her tea?!

      MH did really good in the marathon, he made it back in a good time, we reckon it's all down to our Muleteer coaching. He enjoyed it so much he did another half marathon at the weekend, anyone would think he was a mule in disguise.... FH is exhausted just watching.

      Hope you are having sunshine and it stays with you for the bank holiday weekend, fingers crossed. Woofs, wags, neighbrays and snuffles from us all xxx

    2. Thank you. The weather is looking good.
      Well done to MH! I ran a marathon in 2007. Wonderful experience but arthritis in one big toe has stopped me since then...hooves are much better!!!

    3. Well done, anyone who can run a marathon is very impressive to us!! Four hooves are certainly mulificent for off roading! Here's to a weekend full of fun and sunshine :-)

  4. I like sugar in my tea. Human used to drink copious quantities of tea until her head exploded. She doesn't like it anymore.....along with a few other things. How odd.

    1. We have not tried that.... must ask FH may superior sugary tea ;-) Poor human, life without tea... but if it makes her explode that is not good! Hope she has found something else she likes instead!