Friday, 31 May 2013

Chasing Superheroes!

Dearest Muleteers, there have been superhero sightings in the area!  Spotted late yesterday evening was a rather short Batman and a towering Robin!  The strangest things happen on my walks......

Is that Batman and Robin?
There I was out for a walk with Cat Woman, having a little picnic. Mmmmmm tasty!

It's always nice to catch up with Cat Woman, she is ready to pounce on any unsuspecting villain  (mainly those dastardly mice!)

Cat Woman was happy looking out for crime and kitty cat stuff when all of a sudden she purred in my ear..... Mini there appear to be some caped crusaders up ahead!

Those shadow creatures look a lot like the superheroes Batman and Robin, Batman is a little shorter than I remember, but those ears are definitely his!  Why are they here?

So I closed in on those super heroes! Come back here, who needs a Batman when you can have SuperMini!  

That's when I realised it was just me and FH playing at shadow people.  No need for alarm we are safe from harm, no super heroes needed.  Time to carry on with our little walk, I love a good meander with my girls.  What could be finer than a picnic, a chat and some gentle exercise.  It's the best way to pass some time..  In true Roller fashion I have a little quote for you, you may have heard it before but it is one of my favourites.  It's always nice to walk the path of life with true friends, there's no need for superheroes here :-)

Don't walk behind me; I may not lead.
Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow.
Just walk beside me and be my friend.
Albert Camus

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Wood You Like?

Mmmm tasty!  Wood you like some of my tree to eat?  I love this time of year, the humans start to chop the garden about and this often means lots of tasty mule food for me! 

Today's tasty treat was a bundle of ash branches!  MH decided that the tree needed a prune as it has been dropping branches in the wind terrifyingly close to his diesel powered mule.  He was not impressed (the only thing worse could have been branches falling on his proper mule ;-)

He climbed high, I neighbrayed encouragement!  That's right I'll eat those tasty branches, bring them over here!

I couldn't believe my luck a veritable woody feast. 

I had many hours of delicious fun picking the young ash leaves from the branches and then started chewing on the twigs before launching in to some heavy duty bark stripping.  I did share with my minis a little but decided that the best tactic might be to stand guard over my branch so that it couldn't be stolen away.....

I'm off to inspect the garden to see what else I can demand MH chops down.  He is always happy to bring his favourite mule gardening cast offs after approval from FH (she's a meany and won't let me have too much of some things and nothing at all of others.... hmmm).  I've got my eye on the apple tree, FH says I'll have to wait a while for that :-(

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Curtain Call

Dearest Muleteers, I have FH in training for Human Agility.  We are due to attend some fun agility days later this summer and I've decided she needs some practice so that it's not all a big shock for her.  I summoned MH and instructed him to build me a curtain obstacle.  "Trot on MH" I said, build it big and strong and with lots of flappy curtain bits, no stinting, if I want it, I want it to be proper!

My curtain was duly construtcted (well done MH I send you neighbrays of thanks) and I decided upon a windy evening for its first outing.  Every Actress has a few butterflies before her 'Curtain Call' but not me.  Look at FH's face though, she looks confused, "who me? walk through this curtain, I do not think so Dragon"  I am a true Leading Lady and am relaxed and have no such thing as nerves.  This curtain thing? Seen it all before.... a challenging, spooky obstacle for Her Royal Highness Queen Mule? I laugh in the face of spooking!

It seems to be blowing around a lot, I'm sure it's safe FH, I think you should go first though, you could also pass me a piece of carrot. Every Leading Lady needs to be well fed and doted upon to perform at her best.

Well of course the Supporting Actress should go through the curtain first, I am not heading in to the spotlights until there's a round of applause, if there are to be rotten tomatoes thrown you can go on stage first.  What do you mean I will miss the first scene if I don't get a move on?  

Here I come!  Oh yes fans more applause for your Leading Lady.  My Curtain Call is here, stepping on to the stage of Mule Glory.  This curtain thing is a breeze, is this supposed to be difficult FH?  

Every Leading Lady must have a Leading Man..... I think The Mini might get stage fright.... I know just the Actor for the role!  Hey Roller, fancy acting?  You gotta come through the Curtain though.......

Curtain?  I admire the nice colours but it might clash with my hair... FH says it's nearly my scene though.... I am to play a handsome Hero who saves his Heroine from the evil Mule Doctor!

OK here I come, gosh it's windy in this outdoor theatre! DumdeDum, here I come ladies! Errmm I think I've forgotten my lines, good job I have the fine looks, I'm sure that works in Hollywood?!

Oh no I think I might get stuck in the Curtain...

Do these streaks look good in my hair?  I think some highlights might be nice?  

Oops Roller.... there is one very important rule of being a Leading Man..... you must never upstage the Leading Lady..... especially one as highly strung as a Dragon!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Welcome Friends - Old and New!

Dearest Muleteers!  We have some new followers, commenters and browsers and wanted to welcome you all along!  We would also like to send our ongoing sunffles, neighbrays and hugs to our longer term Muleteer friends whose comments, interest and care means a lot to us :-)  We are so very pleased to have such lovely people stop by our blog.  We love comments  and to share our fun and frolics with our friends around the world.  Our friends mean a lot to us and are part of our Muleteer Family so please come back when you need some relaxation or a smile, say hi if you feel brave enough or just feel free to browse, we hope you like what you find here.  There are no rules here at Muleteer HQ except for no negativity, lots of fun and friendship, lots of laughs and an appreciation of some very fine ears!

So for our new arrivals here's a quick introduction to ourselves along with some facts that even our long term fans might not know!

The Mini

I always have to be first!  I am the founding member of the Muleteers and in FH's words I am a lap mule.  I am more like a faithful dog most days and am happiest when sitting in FH's lap having a cuddle and scratch.  My favourite thing to eat is banana peel and I am partial to a hedge picnic.  My secret love is Catanian, I don't do cats.... but I am partial to this one.  My kitty sleeps in the stable with us minis and secretly I'm very fond of her!  I am a little bit scared of life after a difficult beginning but am getting so much braver every day.  I do not like brushing unless it's with a my furminator brush, I do not like having my feet trimmed and I am petrified of the mule doctor.  I am a bit of a contradiction though, I would walk through hot coals if FH asked me to and we are a team.  She says that although I am the most complicated and least brave of the muleteers in many ways I am the one she knows will do whatever I am asked if she asks me nicely, I aim to please :-)

I am rather short but this has never stopped me....I am extremely adept at commando crawling under fences, I sink to my knees and drag my belly through, why go over when you can go under?

I was quite famous when I was born and some photographer took some pictures of me here - Baby Mini and they have been used for all kinds of articles.  I am quite cute aren't I?


Hey friends I am the thinker of the gang and do not waste energy on excitement, I am skilled at keeping the mules calm and babysit each one when the other goes out.  When I go out on picnic walks with humans they make rather a lot of noise.  I am the stability of the herd!  I am a miniature shetland pony, FH says she never thought she'd own a shetland until she got me, good job she changed her mind :-)  My favourite thing is sleeping, the humans are in awe of my ability to snooze.  When I've had a busy day of munching grass, grooming my friends and sunbathing I will go to my lovely deep bed at night and lie down almost immediately, I get up for the occasional snack but rather than sleep standing up like most equines I will always choose to lie all curled up, it's not far for me to drop down for a proper snooze so no need for half measures!

Once upon a time I was destined for life as a 'stud' pony with lots of ladies but it didn't work out.  I'm a sensitive soul and wasn't really interested in being all stalliony, I was more interested in a little chat and a bite to eat.... heyho it meant that my 'career' was abandoned and I came here, sounds like a great trade off to me!


Greetings friends!  I am Dragon aka Callie.  My humans call me Dragon as they reckon I am like the Dragon in Shrek, I am docile and lovey dovey most of the time but can be fiery when challenged!  My favourite things are working, eating and being nosey.  I am the mule with much energy and am happiest when doing something.  I take FH for a ride.... I also am teaching her Horse Human Agility and like to keep her on her toes, I've taught her everything she knows ;-) Well kind of....  I am fairly bombproof to ride and am happy with tractors, trains, lorries and flappy things in the hedge. I have two major dislikes though, I do not like whizzy bicycles that fly past me and I do not like rude dogs.  I am adept at using my dog defenders (aka front hooves) if required and most of our neighbours now put their dogs on leads quick when they see my fine ears coming.

I have rather a sweet tooth and can smell a can of coke or red bull a mile off, FH doesn't think I need more energy.  A secret fact is that my favourite place to be scratched is just above my eyes, it makes me get very sleepy and I love it!


No stableyard is complete with a mouse catcher!  Here I am!  I am Catanian aka Diesel.  I came here to live nearly two years ago and think I found cat heaven.  I live with The Muleteers and have adapted well to life as a mule.  I have learnt to sleep with them, roll in the mud with them, play with them, watch them and keep their yard free from mice.  I am particularly in love with The Mini, he likes to pretend he doesn't love me but when no one's looking we play and sleep together :-)  I do not roam far from home and stay well away from any traffic.  I can normally be found wherever the Muleteers are and love sunny days in the paddock.  I can't fathom the culinary choices of the mules but each to their own.

FH reckons I am the most spoilt stable cat ever, I only like the finest cat food, have all the best health care, freedom to do as I please, the canines are excluded from my domain and despite FH buying several deluxe cat beds I refuse them in favour of the finest place to sleep - right next to my mini friends.  My mini friends protect me from straying cats and foxes who might be mean to me, if I stick close to them I am safe :-)

The Hangers On...


Woof Muleteers!  I am Murph aka the Pocket Sized Labrador aka Cloth Dog.  I am the original member of the animal gang and have owned FH the longest.  I am happy to share as long as I get quality time of my own.  I found FH when life was bad, I was a very sad, abused puppy with quite a few 'issues' as you humans like to call them.  I was scared and sick and had no idea what wagging was.  Well here I am seven years later and life is brilliant.  I have recently been entrusted with a puppy to bring up, being a puppy parent is hard work.... I am very fond of Milo Pups though, he has brought me doggy fun again after I lost my best friend The Big Dog.  I love food, swimming and balls and have been known to get up to Mischief on a grand scale.

One of my finest Mischief moments was giving a dogsitter the fright of his life when I prompted a Lifeboat rescue after swimming nearly a mile out to sea... I was looking for FH and having a lovely swim, I reckon the humans were over reacting!  MH reckons most of my finest moments involve food.... yum!  The messiest one was when I helped myself to a full bag of flour and burst it all over myself, I was a white labrador that day, I tried to clean up but somehow licking the flour made it turn in to glue... whoever would have thought such a thing, oops I was a sticky white labrador that needed a bath after that one.... ;-)


Aruff!  Hey Fans!  I'm Milo Pups the New Kid on the Block!  I am a lurcher with speed in my genes.  I can run faster than anyone else in the family.  I have only been here a short while but reckon I'm in charge.  Cloth Dog says I'm a young upstart who needs to learn respect? Whatever!!  I'm actually very grown up and attend work every day with FH, I am good at office work, particularly reception duties where it is my responsibility to meet and greet everyone.  FH reckons I am sometimes a bit too enthusiastic, I particularly enjoyed greeting the big boss the other day with loads of licks, leaps and wags; he was lucky!

I am following in the Cloth Dog's footsteps of getting up to Mischief.  Just the other day I had been abandoned for what seemed like ages and got a bit peckish.  I could see food high, high up on the shelf so I offered to make Cloth Dog and I a six egg omelet, no need for cooking just drag the eggs down, smash the shells and stir with paws before licking up... nearly finished by the time the humans appeared.  They cleared up the mess and left again... so I went for the second course option, a litre bottle of olive oil, sprinkle liberally on the floor, paddle in to moisturise my paws and then slurp up.... mmmm tasty!  So you see I think I could be a chef in my future, next up I'm going to try making curry!

So there you have it Muleteer Friends that's our fine little family, say hi, tell us something fun about yourself or maybe just smile at our antics.  You are all welcome and we hope to see you again very soon to spend a little time smiling with us.

Snuffles, neighbrays, eau de pony, woofs, wags, miaows and hugs xxxxxx

Friday, 24 May 2013

Portrait of a Pony - Calm

Portrait of a Pony - Calm
Do you like my portrait Muleteers?  Man Human found me having a little snooze in my stable over the weekend after my delightful bath and snapped me with his clicky electronic thing.  FH is beside herself with my beauty (who wouldn't be?!)
Apparently this photograph shows off my most handsome of features, my calmness.  When all others are losing their heads I remain calm.  I do not believe in fuss and bother (I am British you know...) and although I can raise a canter and a buck just as well as anyone else I would rather not waste my energy.  I like to sleep, eat, snuffle, sunbathe, sleep some more, groom my friends, go for picnic walks and enjoy the sun on my back.  Such lovely calm pursuits. 

When you live a life of love and happiness calmness is a normal way of being so here is quote for today:

Remain calm, serene, always in command of yourself.  You will then find out how easy it is to get along.
Paramahansa Yogananda

I send you calming snuffles, neighs and eau de pony (breathe deep it is good for the soul) for your weekend ahead - Yours Calmly - Roller xxxx

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Mini Mule 1 Midges 0

Mini Mule 1 Midges 0
Dearest Muleteers, it is nearly the end of May and I have an important announcement!  The midges have been around for months now and I am definitely winning the war against them :-)  In previous years I have been itching so badly by this time of year that my mane is looking shabby and I am in a constant itchy, scratchy state.

Not this year!  This year I am wearing this season's most fashionable mini mule attire!  After gracefully testing the seams of my Boett rug (oops... the seams are no match for a mini mule) and tearing it in two I was made to wear my 'spare' itch stop rug called a Pagony.  This was ok as it's lovely and soft.... unfortunately FH had got one that was a bit too big (it was a bargain she tells me), apparently it was only supposed to be for overnight wear while my Boett was being washed, double oops!  My Boett has been sent for mending and look what came in the post!

A lovely BRAND NEW (we're normally big on second hand in this house so this is momentous....) Pagony sweet itch rug in chocolate brown.  Just for me!  And it was the right size too! They make them in mini mule size - hooray!

My shield of steel!
This lovely rug is my shield of steel against those pesky midges!  FH and I are so pleased because it fits really well and is lovely and soft.  I've been told I must keep it in one piece though as being on my third rug in three months is a bit expensive, I know FH doesn't mind though, she'd rather spend her money on me that anything else..... it just means she doesn't spend money on pointless things like posh clothes, haircuts and make up for herself!  Who needs that in the countryside?

My new rug is so lovely and comfortable that I am now living in it with only occasional days in my birthday suit when the midges aren't around.  Tonight was divine!  There was a strong breeze and no midges so while Dragon went out for a ride I had my rug off and Roller and I got down to some serious grooming.  It's so nice having a mini friend to scratch with :-)

It's especially nice to have a friend that can reach the spots you can't, even back legs need a groom too!

After all that grooming and scratching it must be time for bed.  Come on FH time to put my pyjamas back on please!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Minis' First Bath

Roller's first bath!
Mini mules do not normally mix well with water.  So I watched with horror as FH started to dowse my partner in crime with water and then this soapy stuff until he looked half the pony he was before.  FH said that this was Roller's first bath ever and was to try and help him shed his coat (he looks errm a little moth eaten at the moment).  Roller was so very brave and seemed to be enjoying the attention and wasn't scared of the hose-snake thing.

He kept telling me it felt sooo good to get all the itchy bits out of his coat and he got a massage at the same time..... FH even washed his mane and tail and put conditioner on and everything.  Roller fell in to a bit of a trance!

Then it was time for the rinsing, must get all those bubbles out otherwise Roller may look a little silly on the next rainy day.  Then Roller started to show off, 'look how handsome I am Mini!  FH thinks I look like the handsomest boy in the family.  I'm a show pony don't you know?'

Handsomest Mini Pony!
This was not good.  What if FH loved Roller the best because he gleamed and smelt nice?  But I can't have a bath, I'm too scared and it might hurt me..... But Roller survived so I'll just stand here and watch a bit more....  Wait FH no I can't possibly cope with the snake thing and water.  

OK we can start with a little bit of water on my shoulder... and then a bit more.... oooo and some bubbly stuff.... and then some massaging.  Do you know what? I quite like this bath thing!  I've never had one in all my mule years but I think I could get used to this.  I like it that you haven't tied me up FH and are using a little cup rather than the snakey thing, I can leave if I want to but actually I would rather stay here at the Mini Salon.

The sun is so nice and that feels so good, all itchy and scratchy and delightfully cooling.  Ah!  Bliss!  Don't mind me if I fall asleep for a while

Oh my mule FH you really are giving me the full wash treatment aren't you, I wasn't too sure about the wash under the tummy but tolerated it.  

Full mini mule salon experience with head stylist FH
Look FH I have a whole 8 years worth of dirt and grime for you to rid me of.  MH thinks I have made chocolate, mud milkuleshake.  What do you mean you'd rather not taste it?  Hmmmm

Chocolate Muleshake!
Alas, bath time was over and after a little snooze to dry in the sun FH came for a close inspection of her most handsomest man (see Roller I win... although FH says I'm the most handsomest mini mule, same thing I'm sure!).  She looked closely and found the cross on my back, it was there all along just a little hidden by chocolate muleshake!  I gleamed in the sunshine, this bath thing is good for impressing the ladies!

Hidden mini mule cross
FH said that the best celebration of my first bath was a good hug with no muddy reminders for her!  I can't wait for the next bath time, hurry up sunny days, I could really get used to this!  My bravery really did reap rewards this time :-)

Shiny mini mule - handsome!

Just one final thing FH.... can you please have a bath yourself?  You smell a bit like a dirty mini mule now.... can't have that!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Training Mules: Page Update

FH has finally got around to adding some extra info to our blogsite pages after much persuasion!  Apparently she reckons that some info on training mules might be useful?  Hmmm we reckon training humans to understand mules is a better title for this page!

Here it is, we taught her all she knows ;-) 

Look out for some more updates soon!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Roller's Philosophical Friday: Attitude

Grumpy mules.... they need to try a Roller trick.  Positive Attitude!  Dragon is having a lady grump and is 'in season'.  One minute she lurves me, next minute she wants to play kiss chase but with more chase than kiss - not very nice Dragon!  Then there's The Mini who is still upset about his perfect little hooves being messed with. Honestly you'd think his legs had been sawn off. 

I have learned a little trick in life, if I sigh deeply, look cute and take the rough with the smooth life generally works out well.  When the mules are throwing their histrionics around I am apt to stare at them with a puzzled expression and tell them to keep calm and carry on.  Why waste life grumping and getting all pessimistic, there's always grass to eat and snuffles to be had.   My long eared friends find my attitude infuriating (I can tell by the ears back, swishing thingy they do) but you know what after a while they get fed up of trying to drag me down and sometimes they seem to give in, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em hey?

So this week I leave you with my favourite saying, try it, you just might like it!

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort!


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Feisty Mini Mule

Pedicures come at a cost.....
Today I was a feisty mini mule.  I do not like having pedicures.... I don't know why my hooves need trimming?

I spied Hoof Man from a mile off, under his nice exterior and winning smile I knew what he was up to... he's come to steal my hoof clippings again.

Well I was not having it!  While FH had her back turned I legged it under the electric fencing and made a bid for freedom!

Seeya later Hoof Man.  Good luck Roller, he's after your feet too.

What's that FH, can you catch me please?  Well if you ask nicely of course you can.  I can't see Hoof Man, I must have scared him away, back for some loving cuddles.  Hooray!

Oh no look who it is.... he's back.  There really is no point talking nicely to me, I know what you're after.  I am feeling feisty, hold on FH we're going up and I'm going to take you far, far away from the Hoof Man in case he wants to cut your toenails too (surely he's not that desperate?).

Hang on a minute FH you're holding on mighty tight and I can't get away.... hmmm what's that lovely carroty treat in your hand.  Mmmmmm carrots..... Hang on get off my foot Hoof Man...... Mmmmm carrots........ No, No I will kick you if you carry on...... Mmmmmm carrots..........

Hang on FH we're going for a 360 spin, what do  you mean "behave, you're not having it"?  This is for your benefit too you know!  Of course I'm being careful, however 'silly' I might be I always make sure you're safe, have I ever kicked or hurt you FH - no of course not!

Oh for goodness sake get it over and done with will you...... Mmmmm Carrots...... Roller stop trying to lick Hoof Man while he's trimming my feet, don't you know this is my pedicure, not your pedicure and if I'm going to have to endure it I'd rather have him to myself you know.

What's that?  All done? Surely not, I still have hooves left and no one died!  A carrot you say, for my troubles?  Mmmmm carrots.....  FH says she thinks Hoof Man deserves more than a carrot for his troubles! A stiff vodka perhaps!

Well I got out of there as quick as I could, just in case Hoof Man decided to come back for more hoof trimmings, come to think of it my little feet do feel rather good....

All yours Roller!  What did Roller do?  He stood like a statue while Hoof Man trimmed his 'perfect feet'  and FH fed him carroty treats (if I'd have known there were more I might have booked in for another pedicure).

It's definitely time for a lie down now after all that excitement, just gotta keep the humans on their toes every now and then.  I may be a sweet mini mule for FH and MH but I have some serious moves when needed ;-)

Sorry for no relevant photos, I have no idea what FH means when she says she couldn't photograph and hold on to a rearing, spinning mini mule? Amateur......

Monday, 13 May 2013

Puppy Referee

Puppy refereeing is such hard work....
Greeting Wooferteers, Murph here (aka Cloth Dog, aka Pocket Sized Labrador, aka Chief Referee).  Do you know how hard it is to keep one puppy under control?  Yep - I'm prematurely greying for a reason.... Imagine my terror at the thought of refereeing not one but two puppies..... 

Two of my favourite humans came to visit and brought Milo's partner in crime with them Cousin Archie..... Arch is a bit of a ruffian like young Milo.... he isn't quite past his first birthday and has yet to find the delights of snoozing all day like a Cloth Dog should.

I have tactics for puppies though, it's called the 'let's tire them out on Dartmoor tactic'.

So I took the pups for a walk to the moor, I invited the humans along but honestly they are useless at controlling those puppies, call themselves puppy owners, I'm the puppy parent round here.

First of all the naughty pups thought it was fun to run around at top speed, snapping and playing furry crocodile games.... honestly I kept having to step in to the middle to break them up and referee the game of chase... pups will be pups.

After much ball throwing and chasing Arch found a tasty bit of wood.... he hasn't learnt that what's mine is Milo's, what's his is Milo's, come to think of it everything belongs to Milo in his opinion?!

After quite a bit of chasing.... I decided to leave the pups to this one.... you'll never believe it they are actually learning to share... wonders may never cease!

Then on to some more high speed run arounds....

After many puppy miles, high speed runs and sheep poo hoovering I was convinced that my 'wear them out to the point of exhaustion' tactic must work.  How could they have energy left?  So we invited Cousin Arch home and sure enough the pups looked serene and cute for about.... a millisecond.

Now time for the next game to referee, the pups decided it was time for a game of tug of war!  Honestly who let them have a rope toy?!  I'm exhausted.  As the humans seem to just want to giggle at the pups  as usual it's up to me to referee...  

Now then pups, take your end of the rope, take the strain.... and PULL!

 That's it pups.... PULL! We'll have no cheating on my watch!

It was a tie, surely after that they must be tired???  Ermmm no, time for the next game of puppy wrestling.... Oh dear!

The Snapping Furry Crocodile appeared again, that is fighting dirty Milo, not allowed!

Finally the game changed to My Stick, I'm too exhausted by now... those pups are something else, I think FH must be feeding them Red Bull or Coffee??

Only one thing for it, time to seek sympathy from my Auntie....

And finally.... time for a snooze.... who asked if I could puppy sit again?  Sorry I'm busy sleeping!