Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Feisty Mini Mule

Pedicures come at a cost.....
Today I was a feisty mini mule.  I do not like having pedicures.... I don't know why my hooves need trimming?

I spied Hoof Man from a mile off, under his nice exterior and winning smile I knew what he was up to... he's come to steal my hoof clippings again.

Well I was not having it!  While FH had her back turned I legged it under the electric fencing and made a bid for freedom!

Seeya later Hoof Man.  Good luck Roller, he's after your feet too.

What's that FH, can you catch me please?  Well if you ask nicely of course you can.  I can't see Hoof Man, I must have scared him away, back for some loving cuddles.  Hooray!

Oh no look who it is.... he's back.  There really is no point talking nicely to me, I know what you're after.  I am feeling feisty, hold on FH we're going up and I'm going to take you far, far away from the Hoof Man in case he wants to cut your toenails too (surely he's not that desperate?).

Hang on a minute FH you're holding on mighty tight and I can't get away.... hmmm what's that lovely carroty treat in your hand.  Mmmmmm carrots..... Hang on get off my foot Hoof Man...... Mmmmm carrots........ No, No I will kick you if you carry on...... Mmmmmm carrots..........

Hang on FH we're going for a 360 spin, what do  you mean "behave, you're not having it"?  This is for your benefit too you know!  Of course I'm being careful, however 'silly' I might be I always make sure you're safe, have I ever kicked or hurt you FH - no of course not!

Oh for goodness sake get it over and done with will you...... Mmmmm Carrots...... Roller stop trying to lick Hoof Man while he's trimming my feet, don't you know this is my pedicure, not your pedicure and if I'm going to have to endure it I'd rather have him to myself you know.

What's that?  All done? Surely not, I still have hooves left and no one died!  A carrot you say, for my troubles?  Mmmmm carrots.....  FH says she thinks Hoof Man deserves more than a carrot for his troubles! A stiff vodka perhaps!

Well I got out of there as quick as I could, just in case Hoof Man decided to come back for more hoof trimmings, come to think of it my little feet do feel rather good....

All yours Roller!  What did Roller do?  He stood like a statue while Hoof Man trimmed his 'perfect feet'  and FH fed him carroty treats (if I'd have known there were more I might have booked in for another pedicure).

It's definitely time for a lie down now after all that excitement, just gotta keep the humans on their toes every now and then.  I may be a sweet mini mule for FH and MH but I have some serious moves when needed ;-)

Sorry for no relevant photos, I have no idea what FH means when she says she couldn't photograph and hold on to a rearing, spinning mini mule? Amateur......


  1. Poor mini mule. Your hooves would feel awful if they didn't get trimmed and then you would start to hurt in other places, too. It's for your own good, and it really doesn't hurt!
    Although, because you are small, I bet your antics where quite cute.

  2. I don't understand the whole not liking pedicure thing but making the hoofyman work hard for his money has to be a good thing, not sure he would agree.
    Might start being fiesty myself if carrots are the result. xx

  3. My dear Mini, you have come a long brave way and am very proud of you. Just think of the times where you would panic and bolt making the task impossible ... it went smoothly now :) Extra e-carrots to that!.

    Darling Roller is a Zen Master, surely was deep in thoughts for tomorrow's Friday Words of Wisdom, not even the Hoof Man will interrupt his meditation ...

    Now, go and show your pretty hooves to Callie, no one like her to appreciate the manicure!.

    Sweet cuddles to you ♥