Monday, 13 May 2013

Puppy Referee

Puppy refereeing is such hard work....
Greeting Wooferteers, Murph here (aka Cloth Dog, aka Pocket Sized Labrador, aka Chief Referee).  Do you know how hard it is to keep one puppy under control?  Yep - I'm prematurely greying for a reason.... Imagine my terror at the thought of refereeing not one but two puppies..... 

Two of my favourite humans came to visit and brought Milo's partner in crime with them Cousin Archie..... Arch is a bit of a ruffian like young Milo.... he isn't quite past his first birthday and has yet to find the delights of snoozing all day like a Cloth Dog should.

I have tactics for puppies though, it's called the 'let's tire them out on Dartmoor tactic'.

So I took the pups for a walk to the moor, I invited the humans along but honestly they are useless at controlling those puppies, call themselves puppy owners, I'm the puppy parent round here.

First of all the naughty pups thought it was fun to run around at top speed, snapping and playing furry crocodile games.... honestly I kept having to step in to the middle to break them up and referee the game of chase... pups will be pups.

After much ball throwing and chasing Arch found a tasty bit of wood.... he hasn't learnt that what's mine is Milo's, what's his is Milo's, come to think of it everything belongs to Milo in his opinion?!

After quite a bit of chasing.... I decided to leave the pups to this one.... you'll never believe it they are actually learning to share... wonders may never cease!

Then on to some more high speed run arounds....

After many puppy miles, high speed runs and sheep poo hoovering I was convinced that my 'wear them out to the point of exhaustion' tactic must work.  How could they have energy left?  So we invited Cousin Arch home and sure enough the pups looked serene and cute for about.... a millisecond.

Now time for the next game to referee, the pups decided it was time for a game of tug of war!  Honestly who let them have a rope toy?!  I'm exhausted.  As the humans seem to just want to giggle at the pups  as usual it's up to me to referee...  

Now then pups, take your end of the rope, take the strain.... and PULL!

 That's it pups.... PULL! We'll have no cheating on my watch!

It was a tie, surely after that they must be tired???  Ermmm no, time for the next game of puppy wrestling.... Oh dear!

The Snapping Furry Crocodile appeared again, that is fighting dirty Milo, not allowed!

Finally the game changed to My Stick, I'm too exhausted by now... those pups are something else, I think FH must be feeding them Red Bull or Coffee??

Only one thing for it, time to seek sympathy from my Auntie....

And finally.... time for a snooze.... who asked if I could puppy sit again?  Sorry I'm busy sleeping!


  1. Too cute!! Those puppies wear me just watching them! Oh to have their energy :)
    Looks like everyone had a good time.

    1. Energy comes from 22 hours sleep, too much food and lots of toys, sounds like a perfect life.... I'm in!

  2. Murph I reckon you did a grand job controlling those pups! Lovely to see you all enjoying the moor.

    1. Thanks Ann, it's a full time job, I wonder if I will get holiday allowance and a lunch break..... more importantly I wonder if there is a canteen?

  3. Dearest Murph, your grey lovely hairs are well earnt!. You are the most wonderful referee, undaunted by boundless puppy energy. Those two little meteorites are sure to wear down the toughest of players, but not you!. Lovely action videos and such a sweet face of yours ...

    Ah, Murph, you reminded me of my times as Karate referee --I know what it takes to keep young players in place. So, tell me, my dear colleague, are we wearing a red tie and a whistle next time? ;-)

    Sweet dreams ...

    1. Oh yes a red tie and whistle sounds perfect, I would love to look the part, I must ask FH! Apparently my grey hairs are distinguishing.... I hope so, I have ladies to impress ;-) Wags and paws xxx

  4. Awwwwwwwwwww Murph, you are so patient and beautiful as are your charges!