Monday, 10 June 2013

Mula Exploradora!

Mule Explorer!
The sun's shining, the breeze is blowing and this mule has energy! Come on FH let's go check out the wilds of Dartmoor!

I do so love it up on Dartmoor, it is made for mules!  Dartmoor is nearly 400 square miles of open moorland with herds of ponies, cattle and sheep (and the occasional Pixie aka Piskies in this area).

I have been exploring on the moor before but normally I have to wait for a more mature short ears friend to go with me as I get a bit excited!  FH reckons I'm ready to go on my own though now.

So let's get tacked up and out early..... we don't get blue skies like that very often here you know.

That looks like a mule track to me, need to go up hill and over yonder, hang on FH I'll get you there.

Dartmoor Mule!
I've noticed on Dartmoor that there are lots of these stone things everywhere.... FH tells me that some of them are the ruins of old houses (maybe we could come live up here FH, there's lots of grass), some are burial mounds (spooky!) and some are monuments that no one really knows what they are. These things have been here since the Bronze age, that's about 5000 mule years ago, wow!  They are all made out of granite and have a habit of popping up out of nowhere, I had to give some of those stones a good mule stare to put them in their place.... can't have those rocks thinking they've scared me...

Sometimes all is not as it seems, I noticed that quite a few of those stones actually moved when I passed them.  They was sheeps disguised as stones!  Naughty sheep!  This little lambykins wasn't that well disguised though, he had got left behind by his Mom.  Run, sheepy run.

After a few miles I was starting to get a bit thirsty, it was OK though as we were about to happen upon one of Dartmoor's many streams for a little drink.  We had to tip toe around a blanket bog first though.  Dartmoor has lots of bogs.... nasty squelchy things that suck your hooves off, thank goodness FH seems to know where they are as I wouldn't like to lose my pretty muletta hooves, good job I invited her along, humans are useful sometimes.

Bog tackled we neared the stream but what is this?  Some of the cattle had the same idea.  These are Belted Galloway cattle, I thought they were rather pretty, FH was not so convinced, she is a little bit nervous of them.  Apparently this herd are known to be fairly quiet but they got calves with them so we needed to be careful and not upset them.  FH needed to hide so she got off me and hid behind my mulificent self.  I gave those cows some stern mule stares and they quickly created a path for Queen Dragon to proceed through.  I don't know why FH is bothered by this lot they seemed pretty friendly to me.  I would've enjoyed staying to chat a bit longer but places to go people to see!

Just a second FH before we go I just gotta check under the bridge for the Piskies (this is the proper Devon word for pixies, those little fairy folk that live on the moor and have a mischievous time, us Muleteers love them, our humans don't believe they exist, they have no imagination sometimes).  

These old bridges are called clapper bridges, some nice person mules years ago put them up so you humans don't need to get your feet wet when crossing.  Us mules have superior waterproof hooves, you lot really need to evolve some too.

Checking for Piskies
OK bye now my bovine friends, I'll be back again soon.  What a nice view!  You can see where the farmer's fields end and the moor begins, they're such different colours.

Onwards we must go!  This is so much fun!  FH walks a bit and rides a bit and inspects the view while I inspect the plant life (mmm tasty).  We both sigh deeply and enjoy the sunshine, aahh bliss :-)

Nearly back to the track home and I came across this most interesting bunch of stones, I was desperate to climb all over it while FH had to get off to open one of the super difficult gates. This is called a 'Barrow', apparently not one of the wheeled ones but this is a name for an ancient monument sometimes a tomb or burial chamber.  These are found all over the moor, this is one of the oldest ones but alas it is now just a collection of big granite rocks. 

Perfect for a Mula Exploradora to pose on!

Homeward bound now, I'm sure I can hear The Mini bellowing from miles down the lane!  I'm having such a nice time do I have to go home?  Guess the boys need might need me.... oh well if we're going we might as well GO!  What do you mean FH that I really shouldn't canter down this path? It's only steep and rocky and narrow.... no problems for a Mula Exploradora but as you asked nicely I guess I'll carry you down it at a walk.  There is an advantage to that, I can snack along the way!

Next stop home.  Just time for a Mula Exploradora to replenish her energy levels with cow parsley, hogweed and campion - yummy!

I'm ready for my next adventure, where to FH?  I love being a Mula Exploradora!


  1. Hola Callie (hello), you are the epitome of a Mula Exploradora!. I love how you pose on the rock, a pedestal fit for a Princess!.

    What a wonderful adventure you both had through such beautiful landscape. How funny, we have those cows in my town, but in opposite colour stripes. I read they were bred with stripes to be easily recognized from the rest. I hope that the pretty little lamb found her mother!.

    Ah, Callie Hermosa (beautiful), you are so wonderfully equipped for the utmost trekking challenges. I love your curiosity and fearlessness. Your history lessons are most interesting!.

    Felicitaciones (congratulations) on your first post title in Spanish!. With this you earnt your Diploma in Castillian Spanish, dear Callie. Your diploma is ready and can be viewed and downloaded from your portraits collection:

    Best student ever!♥

    1. Hola Carmen! Estoy tan emocionada! How lovely that I have my very own diploma certificate!! I shall order FH to print it out for my stable wall, it is my prized possession!!

      We certainly had an adventure, it was so much fun :-) The pretty little lamb did find her Mum, we stayed a while and watched to make sure she was ok, lots of noise and Mum came running, we think she had left her safe in the bracken dozing. The cows sure were interesting, I would have liked to stay longer and chat but FH said that we shouldn't upset them with their young calves, maybe next time.

      I'm hoping for more adventures, hooves crossed and wishing!

      Yours - Mula Exploradora xxx

    2. I am glad that you liked your diploma, Callie --salud!.

      Nice to know that the little lamb was not lost; I noticed your attentive eyes on her. Where to shall you take us next? ...

      Buenas noches (good night), mis amigos.

  2. What a lovely outing you had Dragon! I love the photos FH took on your behalf, which I expect you supervised :)

    1. Oh Ann, it was soooooo much fun, I loved it! I did indeed supervise the pictures, I pose where I want to and she takes the pictures, I could teach those human super models a thing or two ;-)

  3. Oh, my, I felt like I was THERE! She is one very, very pretty mule!

    1. She certainly is a pretty girl and boy does she know it! Always happy to pose for the camera :-)

  4. Clapping our hooves wildly ... love Mula Exploradora expidition !! Oh Dragon you looked so stately and amazing on the rock. We believe in Piskies Dragon! Xox Friendly nuzzles and neighs from Tink and Honey Bee

    1. Gee thanks Tink and Honey Bee! I love exploring, especially in wild country. I think the ancient moor folk put that rock there just for me to stand on, they must have known that a Dragon would one day need a viewing platform and obliged ;-) Now where to for my next adventuring?

  5. Dragon dragon dragon, any mule less like a dragon have I ever seen. What a fab place to pose. I love the sheep disguising themselves as rocks. Team dragon are ace xx

    1. Those sheeps disguised as rocks are troublesome, just when I got my head around the granite boulders they started moving, then I had to check every boulder to check it wasn't alive.... that's A LOT of rocks on Dartmoor... phew exhausting!

      I am very flattered by your kind words, my Dragon name is most peculiar but seems to have somehow stuck.... don't tell anyone Zo but sometimes my human calls me Draggy Wotsit! What on earth is that supposed to mean.... really. She reckons it is a term of endearment, I think she's lost her marbles..... oh well, life with humans hey?! xxx

  6. What a great adventure! Sooooo different than BC's west coast terrain although probably similar in climate! Must get my donks out for a big adventure soon too. We still have all summer, right?

    1. It was so much fun! Hopefully you'll be able to see the moor and coast when you're here in the UK! Summer is only just begun so plenty of time for adventuring in the great outdoors :)