Saturday, 8 June 2013

Recycling - Mule Style!

Household chores are best done with mule power!
FH there is loads of trash on the floor!  Those plastic bottles need crushing and recycling.  What do you mean we gotta crush these things for the bottle bank?  Can't you humans manage to do anything without our help?  Us equines are not here to tidy up after you lot!

All of this stuff really needs sorting out.....

OK, fetch my halter FH and I'll come help you with your trash, you humans make far too much mess you know.

Hmmm I am now suspicious... this looks a lot like one of those Horse Human Agility obstacles to me?  Do you need my help again with the Human Agility? Really, those bottles are not scarey to stand on... you humans are so easily scared.

So first you need to eye up the problem...

Then you put your best foot forward, this 'Bottle Bank' obstacle is easy peasy!

It's important to crush these bottles good and proper!  The less space they take up the better.  I know they make some popping sounds but honestly FH they're fine, they won't bite you.

Best way to do it is plunge in and get all your hooves in there

Is that good enough for you?

What do you mean we need more crushing?  In that case we need to bring in the heavyweight.... errrm  Roller!  We need your little feet for a task.  

Here I am! Mmmmm do you know what Dragon?  Some of these bottles have had apple juice in them, yummy, can I eat them please?  

Crush them?  Oh if I must.... This is kinda fun actually...

Errrm what am I doing again?  I seem to have fallen asleep a little bit....

Oh yeah, squashing for recycling, my tiny hooves are great for the job!

I like this recycling agility thing, it's so much fun!  There is only one thing better than recycling fun....

Striking a pose for the ladies!

Recycling all done, human trained for agility just that little bit more... she's coming along nicely!  Must be time for some sunbathing and a snooze now?


  1. Nothing better than natural recycling and some human agility training along the way :-) Oh, how I love your pretty hooves undaunted!.

    My sweet Callie, you are a magnificent Mula Recicladora (recycler), what would your humans do without your help?. I reckon a manicure is next, after hard work a girl needs her beauty time!.

    My handsome Roller, yes, striking a pose for the ladies is prime priority!. Your adorable feet did a great job, too, as expected from such a dashing gentleman.

    Extra amor (love) to darling Mini, who seems to have taken the role of house photographer --those lovely angles on Roller from ground level, portraits, whiskers and all, need a Mini's expertise!.

    Cuddles and sunshine to my dear amigos ♥♥♥

    1. Dearest Carmen, we really enjoyed helping with the household chores, there was even a slice of carrot for each of us - yummy! Roller had a little complaint though, he really would've enjoyed the apple juice that had been in one of the bottles, next time he would like some of that too :-)

      The Mini is certainly photographer extraordinaire, he does not trouble himself with such chores but rather prefers to stay on the sidelines to record the antics of his friends, he enjoys rolling his eyes, snorting with laughter and sighing and shaking his head, he is obviously the grown up on the bunch? Hmmm

      Snuffles, neighbrays and braywhinnies xxx

  2. Great idea, two jobs in one : Training & Recycle crushing. Well done Muleteers :)

    1. Thanks Ann, we gotta take this training of the humans seriously, takes years of hard work so any opportunity!

  3. Earning their keep....excellent.

    1. Everyone's gotta pull their weight in this house, too many chores to be done!

  4. What a great idea, combining training with chores! I can picture Camryn picking up each bottle though rather than crushing them. Roller does a great job at "strike that pose"

    1. Hehe Roller liked picking the bottles up too, especially the apple juice bottle! Nothing that pretty pony likes better than striking poses, rude not to when you look that good ;-)