Friday, 7 June 2013

Roller's Philosophical Friday: Sunshine

Sun, sun, sun!  Yay!  We have been experiencing a summer – something not often seen in these parts of late! Here I am sharing a sunny moment with MH, he has being doing strenuous things like running, I have been strenuous things like dozing and day dreaming, it’s a tough life ;-) 

We compared our achievements, he was impressed with my dedication to my pastime, I was impressed with his shoes…. Mmmm I like shoes!

Us Muleteers have been making the most of these sunny days.  There have been picnic walks, snoozes in the sun, rides a plenty for Dragon, lovely grassy snacks and delightfully long days all accompanied by the most important ingredient, sunshine!

Have you noticed how life always seems that bit better when the sun shines?  When there is light instead of dark?  FH always calls me her little ray of sunshine, her light in the darkest days and her reminder that there is always a bright side if you look.  I like to soak up the sunshine on these days to make sure I have enough to last me (and her) through the bleaker days.

My coat is just about starting to look summery, I must hold on to some tummy fluff just in case of bad weather, us Shetland ponies can never be too careful!!  

Sending you sunny days (even if it rains!) this weekend.  Snuffles, whinnies and neighbrays for a lovely weekend! Here's the quote that FH chose about me this week...

Those who bring sunshine in to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.
James M. Barrie


  1. the photo and quote!

  2. Darling Roller, how nice to read that you all are having sunshine, siestas and snacks, walks and plenty of outdoor time to think and ponder. Over here, after a heat spell, there is rain and rain and more rain. But your note brought sunshine to this gloomy day and especially to this human who is having a very difficult "carrot situation" --like a tonne of carrots!. You bring the sunlight in while Callie and Mini bring the light of their sparkly constellations :-)

    The moment captured is beautiful, there is so much tenderness in it. As always, your lovely whiskers are all aglitter --precious!.

    1. Dearest Carmen, we are sorry to hear of the 'carrot situation' of immense proportions! If only we were there we would eat the ton of carrots, snuffle a lot and generally make everyone smile. Some humans sure do like to argue over their carrots....

      We send you some sunshine, snuffles and neighbrays to brighten your weekend and hope for the carrot situation to resolve! xxx

    2. Muchas gracias mis amigos(thank you very much my friends), your comforting is much appreciated ♥

      Human greed and selfishness is very difficult to cope up with. But velvety ears --long, short and shorter-- sprinkled with Eau de Pony and abundant snuffles act like a soothing balm ♥