Saturday, 20 July 2013

Sunny Days Are Here Again!

Synchronised grazing in the sun - top pastime!
The sun is shining here at Muleteer HQ and we have been having the most lovely time here, we have had sunny days for over two weeks now.

Us mules love the heat, we are part desert animal so this is our idea of heaven!  When the sun shines we apply ourselves to those sunny day tasks.

Obviously the most important is.... eating.  Here we are trying out our synchronised grazing - pretty good hey?

And then it was time to apply myself to sunny rolling, lovely.

Wherever I go there is always a little shadow.... my little kitty cat is always there keeping an eye on me.... honestly you'd think she was soft on me or something?

With a rearview this fine maybe you can see why?  The weather has been breezy today so I am without my shield of steel, pesky midges can't fly in the wind - hah! It's so nice to feel the sun on my back and the breeze in my coat.

Always time for a bit of chillin' with my pal, couple of good rear views there hey ladies?

Hang on a minute...... oi! Dragon!  Stop muscling in on my humans!  They are not yours to be soppy over, remember who's the soft mule around here.... you're supposed to breathe fire not blow kisses!

Hmmm what's this?  FH says when the sun shines it's wash day.... oh dear it looks like she's making chocolate muleshake again by washing my shield of steel rug.... rather you than me.... eugh! 

Dragon's off for a little walk up the lane, what's this?!  There is a mule mobile parked by the gate!  Hmmm I would view this suspiciously too Dragon......

Wait!  What are you doing Dragon!  Wandering in there is not safe! 

But while you're at it that's another mulificent rearview.......  

Don't worry muleteers Dragon got straight off that magic mule mobile thing - phew!  FH was saying something about taking Dragon out for the day tomorrow and letting her see her 'ride' to inspect beforehand, yep seems like she's happy.  She would prefer a prancing stallion Ferrari but this'll do I guess.... I wonder where she's off to?  Just so long as you bring her back..... preferably after we've eaten the daily grass quota ;-)

All of the action had got a little too much for Catanian who had to strike 'hot cat' poses.  

Following her lead I decided that it was time for strategic sunbathing.  Must warm my body with the sun's lovely rays whilst hiding my eyes in the shade - ah bliss!

I wonder what fun tomorrow will bring? Hopefully the sun will still be shining, after all it will be Sunday!

Happy Sunny Days Friends :-)


  1. Great photos. I would love to hug a mule. Love the cat as well.

    1. Thanks Linda! There's not much a mule hug cannot solve and if that doesn't work there's always a cat purring in your lap - perfect!

  2. Dear Mini, how nice that the sun shines along a welcome breeze so that you can spend time au naturel --shiny coat!. I love how your gleaming Cruz del Norte runs beautifully onto your tail creating a lovely pattern. You are choco handsome!.

    Those pictures of busy derrières are adorable, you all shine under the sun. The little Queen follows her valiant knight, such a sweet pair you are. Callie's figure is spectacular, a sizzling muletta ♥

    The synchronised grazing team will be a serious contender in the next Olympic Games, so keep training hard :-)

    Enjoy more itch-free days, mis amigos!.

    1. Dearest Carmen. My Cruz del Norte shines brightly in this blissful weather, such pleasures to be had, top of which is grazing with my pals. I am hoping for more sunshine and wind to guarantee itch free days :-) sending you Neighbrays and Snuffles - The Mini xxx

  3. I wish I had a nice light trailer like that here. Siera or Opal would be off with me on great and wonderful adventures.
    We have a beautiful county park that is so wonderful for mules and a state park that is gorgeous!

    Beautiful shiny coats!

    1. It's been loaned by a kind friend, such a lovely thing to be able to take Callie out, pics of our big day out to follow. Hope you are all well :)

  4. I am sorry not to have posted a message for a while. I am delighted that you are enjoying the weather - it's a bit too hot for me!
    Lots of love from Judy in Cambridge

    1. Dear Judy, it's lovely to hear from you! We love to know that you are ok and are always happy to see your comments:) FH thinks the weather is getting a bit on the hot side too, a little rain to make the grass grow would be nice now. Sending you Snuffles, Neighbrays and BrayWhinnies xxx

  5. certain winner for "rear of the year" there!!!!

    1. We think you may be right! Rear of the year is going to be fiercely fought this year we think ;-)

  6. Our mum , while she was brushing us today, said she saw synchronized swimmers once in a pool... we think sychronized grazing is much more fun and fulfilling.
    You are all looking quite grand in the sun.
    Neighs. N nuzzles
    H.B. and Tink

    1. Hey there ladies! Oh yes synchronised grazing is definitely the sport for us ponies, not too hard but makes good use of our handsomeness and of course provides sustenance ;-) Sending you manly snuffles and whinnies - yours forever - Roller xxx