Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Catching Up With The Girls!

Don't you just love a good catch up with pals?  I had a lovely weekend catching up with the girls :-)  It's been ages since I've been out for a lovely long ride with my short eared hero Breeze and her human, we'd almost forgotten what Dartmoor looks like!

So we put our ears together and hatched a plan and made the humans promise to take us out this weekend!  It was a long holiday weekend so there was no excuse.

My Hero and I carried our humans all the way to the moor, can you believe how much they talk?  Honestly blah, blah, blah, do they not realise that my ears are delicate and all that noise... but it was good to listen in to the tales of silly humans (best not to even think about...), the weather (not bad for the UK!), the hay crop (apparently good - phew!), friends (mostly good), acquaintances (mostly puzzling) and just odd things.... Breeze and I exchanged our own news, I told her about my win at Mule Agility, she told me about her new task teaching a new short eared friend the ropes and her sessions with the dancing teacher - very impressive!

Most of all the four of us just went *sigh* isn't it pretty, ah isn't it peaceful, ah why don't we do this more often (what's stopping you humans?) and we must get to the top of that VERY steep hill before the end of the Autumn (hmmm looks like a jolly steep climb and it's not the picture below that's a tiny mound in comparison).

So we splashed (well I mostly got wet as My Hero is such a good aim with her splashing) and pranced and had a jolly old time....

It's coming up to the best time of year for riding on the moor, not too many flies, cooler breezes, clear skies (please) and hopefully less rain than the winter - here's hoping!

Alas it was time for home, I was sad and a little deflated to have to wave my ears goodbye to my pal, it was secretly nice to have a girl to discuss stuff with.  

FH promised a little something to say thank you for a nice time though... I wonder what she has in there for me?

Aha!  A lovely carroty treat, I am very gentle really and didn't chomp her fingers as it might look like in the picture....

Finally ears of relaxation and happiness. I'm dreaming of the next work day!  

 Until next time Muleteers I wish you a good week ahead!


  1. What a wonderful adventure!. Isn't it lovely the autumn weather? Less flies and cool breeze is perfect to engage in a chat with friends.

    You are a great traveller and look fantastic in the pictures. Your large hazel eyes melt my heart ... That happy girls portrait at the end deserves a frame!.

    Sending you amor y mimos (love and cuddles) ♥

    P.S.: Take a look at this endearing story and the little book about it. No wonder that your paternal blood took you to being #1 !



    1. It was so much fun to be a Mula Exploradora again :-) We LOVED the story of Rena and Roo, how wonderful and such touching photographs, we have commanded FH to get us a copy of the book!

      I do rather like this Autumnal weather, I am swapping my sleek summer coat for a little more fluff and enjoying the autumn fruits, the blackberries are appearing so I hope I get to go berry picking soon.

      Whinnybrays and ear shakes to you my friend xxx

    2. Ah, mi querida Mula Exploradora, so glad you liked Rena and Roo, aren't they special?. I read the picture book; it is good for children, too, as it teaches how capable and intelligent donkeys are. We all agree on that! :-)

      Looking forward to your berry picking adventures.

  2. I love seeing you from a different perspective...from behind your ears, for example. You are so beautiful and delightful! :)

    1. My ears are like radar and FH says the finest view in the world is when it's framed by a beautiful pair of lovely long ears :-)

  3. What a great post, and I love, love, love the last three pictures! Dragon (Callie) is such a handsome mule!

    1. Thank you Mary Ann!! She sure is a handsome girl and really knows it... I may be biased (just a little...) but I think she is very pretty :-)

    2. Plumb is your color Dragon.You look marvelous in the bridle !

    3. uhm then again you do always look quite marvelous. Just saying.

    4. Hey glad that someone likes my girlie bridle :-) Us girls gotta dress up some days!