Friday, 23 August 2013

Roller's Philosophical Friday: Limitations

Some of the inhabitants of Muleteer HQ have been getting in a bit of bother.... honestly, it's a good job one of us is sensible!  After Dragon's victory dance on Sunday night (think bucking, rearing, galloping mule) and The Mini's near hoarse (not HORSE!) voice from shouting for his Dragon while she was out  I thought all the excitement was over. this time it was the turn of the non-equine members of the clan.

Firstly there was Catanian and her dice with danger.  We found her with a very fat chin and a sad look on her face.

Thank goodness the kitty cat is soft and likes being fussed, she let the humans investigate and they found a nasty bee sting in her chin!  Ouch!  That must have really hurt!  So with some tweezer style finger nails and some yummy soft food she is fixed.... perhaps next time you could not hunt stingy things?

Then it was the turn of the puppy..... he is getting very speedy and decided to have a run around with some doggy pals.  Oops he was too speedy and enthusiastic and got told off in not very nice style by one of the 'senior' dogs to be left with a bite hole in his side!  Poor pups was not very happy :-(  thankfully he has a whole fan club of doggy doctors at the ready who patched him up, he was telling me that they don't stitch no more but use staple things, I thought that was for the office desk, maybe they got confused between him and a paper document, he is quite slim?  To top it off the pups has also cut his leg.... totally in the wars!

Thankfully the puppy is healing and none the worst for wear, perhaps he might be a little more careful about being speedy around 'senior' dogs.... somehow we think he won't learn but anyway we wouldn't want to curb his enthusiasm?

Kitty Cat is also totally fine, she is still hunting bees, we can't persuade her otherwise!  Alas she is a 'giant' in her world.... she brought FH home a Weasel to celebrate feeling better..... no mean feat the teeth on those things are sharp!

So I got to thinking that my little furry friends are not very good at knowing their limitations.  Both are totally whacky and wild and seem to think they're indestructible.... I guess that's what makes them so fun?

I myself know no limitations, they are only in my mind.... which is always open to new experiences... especially culinary ones!

So here's to no limits and the healing power of rest, relaxation and some tasty food :-)

Learning too soon our limitations, we never learn our powers.
Mignon McLaughlin


  1. Oh ouch for speedy pup! Hope there is a fast recovery and we do learn to avoid grouchy senior dogs in the future.

    I've never known a cat to hunt bees! That is interesting! I know a dog who does though. Not Morris, he avoids them at all costs.

    Hopefully you will all have a very uneventful weekend!

    1. If only those youngsters would learn a little from the master of Zen (me ;-) I'm sure they'd be a lot safer! Ah well, guess they need to learn from experience, I do hope the cat gives up chasing bees....

      Have a lovely weekend :-)

  2. Oh No! one of those weeks then. Glad kitty is fine, they look so sorry for themselves when they get stung don't they. Poor Milo, how mean of a senior dog to do that to a happy pup (although thinking about it I'm sure William would tell one off if needs be - and has if I recall correctly)! Hope the leggy will be better soon too.

    1. Definitely one of THOSE weeks, ah well, hopefully the weekend will be quieter, we can only hope! One day Milo may be the senior dog being unimpressed by speedy runarounds so we'll let her off, he'll heal up good I'm sure, he's pretty indestructible - thank god!

  3. My sweet Roller, you always bring calm even to the most stressful of events. Poor little Queen, I hope she'll learn to avoid bees. Darling Milo is so much wounded!. Just a puppy trying to have fun. I can see that boundless energy and power in speedy twists and turns. Look at his magnificently shaped body!.

    Oh, I would have loved to see Callie's victory dance!. Muletta feliz! (happy).

    Extra special cuddles, ear and chin rubs, tummy tickles and love to the wounded and a very soft autumn kiss to you, to be passed onto the Mini and Callie if you won't mind being the Kiss Envoy ;-)

    1. I have passed on all of the special wishes to my Muleteer pals, Queen Catanian sends miaows of appreciation and confirms that she is none the worse for wear, she was last seen perching on the shoulder of FH helping with the chores, Milo is being a good puppy patient and being fairly calm - for how long we are not sure but fingers crossed he heals quick!

      The Mini and Callie send grateful neighbrays and as for me I send calming eau de pony and snuffles to you for a lovely weekend xxx

  4. I am happy that Kitty is O.K. I have never known any cat that chased bees!

    1. She is totally fine after having the sting removed, alas we can only hope she will learn her lesson but we're not sure! She is a voracious chaser and hunter and has rather taken to bees, butterflies and flies this year, thankfully she hardly ever catches any but this time they got the better of her!

  5. Oh Roller I do hope things are calm and relaxing in your world now and that everyone is safe and siund !
    I must say you look so debonair there indulging in the culinary world.
    Roller I am SO excited to announce that later today ,with the help of the Willowy One, I will be dedicating a post to YOU !
    Prancing with delight,
    Miss Honey Bee Mini mare

    1. Ah my dearest Miss Honey Bee, love of my life, apple of my pony eye. My calm is even more complete with your lovely words from afar, although we are apart I am sending snuffles all the way across the ocean to you.... don't tell Tink she will be jealous! Would Tink make do with neighbrays from The Mini? We could double date!

      I am honoured that you and your Willow friend would dedicate a post to me, I do hope it includes pictures of your beautiful self?? I am beside myself with anticipation.

      Sending you snuffles, manly whinnies and eau de pony
      Yours Forever,
      Roller xxx

  6. Teaching the cat not to hunt and the Lurcher not to run too fast....hmmm....good luck with that! You're gonna need it:). Tell those wacky ones to listen to Roller, a wise pony.