Friday, 6 September 2013

Roller's Philosophical Friday: Temptation

It happened again.... errm well actually it might have happened twice.  I had a little lapse in my dietary habits, I dived under the zappy fence (momentary pain for infinite gain!) and went for a little excursion to the green grass on the other side.

I just couldn't help myself, the grass really does taste good at this time of year and I know it won't last all the way through the winter so I'm stocking up my store cupboards just in case.  Us Shetland ponies need to ensure we have enough reserves in case of a hard winter.... ok so I know that FH will always make sure we're fed and I am rather lucky cos I have a snuggly stable to hide in but I need some excuses.

FH is threatening me with 'Grass Guzzlers Anonymous' she says I need to admit I have a problem before I can get help.... My name is Roller and I am a grassoholic.

I'm sure this won't be my first or last brush with the fence and temptation.  I keep trying to make FH see that it's not so bad.  I found her this quote.... do you think she'll like it?

Lead me not in to temptation; I can find the way myself!
Rita Mae Brown


  1. I can't fault your logic Rolly. My human doesn't exactly restrict herself so why should we? And don't start with the illness stuff you humans it affects you too. Rant over Roller m'dear. Hope you have a great grassy day xx

  2. Nay Roller, good quote, but not so Nay Hay good for a little sole like you!! FH and MH must despair of you :)

  3. My sweet Roller, you are a commando extraordinaire, James Bond in disguise?. The quote is perfect!. I understand FH's concern; she takes good care of your health. Who would not be a grassoholic with such lush greens just a crawl away!. But, oh, like any tasty thing, it is not good in excess :-( So I have an idea, why don't you ask Callie for her grass-tinted mask? ...

    Be well, my dear, enjoy your contemplative siestas with secret dreams of furtive snacks :-)

  4. Brilliant quote for a brilliant pony! But if you keep that up, you might be in Shy's position, a grazing muzzle! Although, she does manage to get it off daily. At least I try!

  5. Those zappy fences don't work so well on little Rollers like you. Our little mini thwarts the fence all the time.
    Now he gets staked out with new fresh grass each day and has his own pen in the winter.
    At least you stay home right?
    Little Richard always goes visiting, but at least it is to the same farm where he has learned to walk into a stall and wait for us.