Friday, 20 September 2013

Tongue Twisting Tea

Greetings Muleteers, I'm afraid I had to confiscate the keyboard from Roller to tell you all about my new favourite thing!

As a traditional British Mule I do like to keep an eye on the mugs of tea that are brought outside by the humans.... I do like a little sniff and the occasional slurp.  Today I discovered my favourite ever!

I had a snuffle and found FH was drinking red tea.... hmmm peculiar, isn't this supposed to be brown?  Bring it here FH let me have a sniff....

Mmmmm I like the smell of this, there is blueberry and raspberry and it smells of honey - yum!

If I could only get my tongue in here I would be ok, don't know how you humans manage with those mug things?

So I tried to twist my tongue to see if I could get it to fit....

I needed to get FH to tip the mug but I got there eventually, oh my mule, how delicious is this tea!

Well that was the nicest hot drink, I will be ordering a lovely mug of this every morning.... along with my copy of The Mule Times, my soft slippers and breakfast in bed.... well a girl can dream can't she?

I was a little offended though when FH said that I was worse at backwashing in the mug than those pesky dogs.... we'll see about that!  Only one way to get neater FH - fetch me more tea!

In honour of it being Friday I leave you with one of my favourite quotes.... I know you've probably heard it from me before but it is kinda good?

A woman is like a tea bag - you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.
Eleanor Roosevelt


  1. Ah Dragon I was thinking of you last night. While playing around on the laptop I found this..... you've probably seen it before but never hurts to remind you that mules are the bestest.
    I think the only way to beat the doglets at tongue twisting is to practice so woken up with a mug of tea is the only way. xxx

    1. I read that article...very good!

    2. It reminds me of a pretty muletta who won first place in *horse* agility :-) Excellent article!.

  2. Oh how fun, I haven't tried that with Siera yet!

  3. Now I've seen everything!! I'd share my tea with Dragon - back wash and all!! Love the quote.

  4. I'm never close enough to home to offer Trigger tea so I don't know if he likes it. Sweet pics!

  5. Oh Oh, now Camryn is going to want tea in her Princess Suite!!!

  6. Now, will you look at that! Mule drinking berry tea! I thought my two horses were odd, but that takes the biscuit! You all look terribly happy, must be the good air down there. I`m sorry I have been remiss in my contact with your blog, but its the same with everyone`s blog these days. Either cant find the time, or too busy!! But today? Yes today, I`m catching up.

    ps, Sunny, has taken a liking to Pork pies!

  7. My Friday morning smile for sure !
    Eleanor Roosevelt was such a wise woman of words , as are you dear Dragon !

  8. Ah querida Callie, do you remember when we talked about our favourite teas?. Glad you found your perfect taza de té (tea cup), as fruity and delightful as you, Princesa. Nonsense all that slurping like a canine drinker, I see the most delicate lips sipping in a most coquettish way. Now, I think that you deserve your own tea mug!.

    Cuddles in abundance to all, with a double extra to Roller darling.

  9. I love this! Thank you so much for sharing this, I am smiling. :)

  10. Brava to Eleanor Roosevelt (who knew about strength, I'm sure) and to the only tea-drinking mule I know!

  11. I love the dainty way in which you sip the tea. You are a very elegant lady, Dragon!
    With snuffles from Judy in Cambridge