Tuesday, 24 September 2013

While The Human's Away......

 .... the Muleteers will play!

Can you believe it Muleteers?  The humans have left us to go away on holiday.... to add insult to injury they have even taken the canine members of the family with them! Well I never! Why can't we go too?

Ok so things aren't that bad, we have got some of our favourite humans coming in to provide room service (thank you!) and ensure our every need is satisfied as well as guard the house.

But really, leaving us at home, pah!

So while the humans are away we've decided to take matters in to our own hooves.... and paws....

Dragon has been getting rather hungry and bored, she would like to work some more but with no rider it's a little tricky.

So the girls put their heads together and came up with a solution.  Perhaps Catanian could ride her?  We all know she's a mini mule rider so maybe she can progress to being a maxi mule rider?!

The only problem is getting on board..... hmmmm..... no problems for these girls!  Dragon will have a little picnicking snack whilst standing in position for Catanian to leap down from the barn roof.  Yes the barn roof is very high and Catanian climbs up it by launching herself using the stable doors as steps.... getting down again is something you don't want to watch if you have a delicate constitution!

Unfortunately the plan didn't work but Dragon enjoyed the food and kitty enjoyed the challenge.

Roller has only just noticed that the humans have changed to new ones.... he is a little worried about staying fed so he has decided upon the 'all you can eat buffet' option - always gotta focus on the important things in life.  I hope his Aunties remember to keep the door closed as the stealth pony is excellent at sneaking in unnoticed, getting him out again once wedged in is well, a bit tricky!

And what about me?  I'm bereft!  I have been left home alone by FH, I shall be heartbroken until she returns and will accept only the briefest of scratches from my surrogate carers, they're very nice and keep me fed and clean but who will scratch my ears and let me sit in their lap?  I shall keep watching out for her return, when she does return I shall ignore her for a day or two to try and ensure she doesn't pull this trick again, and then I may just let her love me again ;-)

FH told me to apologise for any interruption in service, she scheduled this before leaving so won't have chance to answer your comments or check in on her favourite blogs - the joys of no internet or phone!


  1. Awwwww. I'm going on 'holiday' soon too with my 79 yr old mom. Of course Morris will have to keep up on the things going on at home and I will have to keep folks up to date on our wild holiday...

  2. How come we are family until the humans do family things then we don't get to do them too? Infuriates me. However looks like you have got things sorted where you are. Make the most of it xx

  3. Play and frolic to your heart's content, mis amigos. It is hard when the humans go away, but you are in loving hands with new tasty treats, perhaps?. My little Queen, I just close my eyes when you try to parachute!.

    I am sure that your humans will bring you fantastic presents, like exotic banana peels, tea from India, handcrafted oats, golden carrots and an embroidered little parachute for the daredevil in the family --mind that height, your Highness (an unintended pun, indeed :-)

  4. Oh we are sending you lots of hugs and care ,we do hope you manage to have a bit of fun while FH is away, she would want you to !!. We are quite sure that FH would not go off unless she was sure you were in competent hands so we feel you will be fine for care ...but oh the emotions we know that is so hard when Willowy one goes away !
    Sending soft yet definite reassurances from across the pond that FH will return to love you in what will be shakes of a lambs tail really .We do hope FH has a lovely vacation, even though we know she will be missing you all for sure !
    We love you Muleteers
    Carrot kisses from Honey Bee ( mini horse extrodinare) a Mane Toss from Tink ( the sassy shetland) and hugs from Willow

  5. Hope you have a wonderful holiday :)