Sunday, 1 September 2013

Wonderful Weekend

What a wonderful weekend was had by all!  Let me tell you all about it.... have you got a minute or two to spend with us Muleteers?

Let me tell you about the fun I had!
There was lots of chilling out and doing things that we all like, all topped off by sunshine which isn't bad for the first day of September :-)  So here's a quick resume of our fun and frolics!

Work, Work and More Work

Dragon is soooo happy because she has been working (which in her mind = pleasure) a lot this week, four times in one week, good job Dragon has two riders in FH and Smiley Human!  Lovely potters around the lanes, FH was happy this Sunday morning even though she did get up very early.... apparently it's the best time of day to ride Dragon and appreciate the best view in the world.... something to do with those mulificent ears?

Probably.... the best view in the world!
Dragon's ears are starting to get rather fluffy, the sleek lady is turning in to a fluffy one... best not tell her that though... she will breathe fire else.

In true Dragon style she celebrated a job well done by munching the local tree branches!

Is that snack big enough Dragon?


When she got home we had a reunion over a snack.  How many ears can you fit in one shot?

Grocery Delivery!

Then we had a grocery delivery from our friendly farmer.  Roller was busy checking out the quality, honestly he wasn't trying to munch it or nothing....

Quality Control


Oops! Rumbled by the Dragon! Not sure there's room at the door for both of you!


The Cat Police

It's OK because the Cat Police are in town and have commandeered this straw bale for their own purposes!

Anyone that's brave enough to take on this Puss In Boots alike is welcome to try.... ;-) She may be small but I have trained her in ninja mule ways well!

Mini Racing

I heard all the commotion and came running, FH has set up this track grazing thingy so in honour of it being a track I have made it in to a Mini Racetrack!  I love it!  My cornering abilities are legendary, FH closes her eyes every time I do this.... I think it's cause she sooo excited?


It's a Dogs Life

On the other side of the fence the Cloth Dog was trying out his latest look of exasperation.... if he gets the look just right he gets food and / or attention... he is the master of this, I must learn and try harder if this is the result.  GH says that Murph is the master of 'begging with style' we'll see about that I think I could excel at this too!

Look in to my woeful eyes... all this could be solved by food or strokes!

The puppyteer is still a little broken (not that you'd know it) and has been busy stealing FH's clothes again.... I think he has secretly been jealous of my shield of steel rug and decided to get himself some clothes too?

The puppyteer is also very pleased with himself as he has a sparkly new 'big boy' collar.  Hmmm I'd like one of those..... FH is rather fond of bugs so Milo is sporting a bugtastic collar with a ladybug, dragonfly and bee, somehow it seems to suit him?  

After a busy day us Muleteers need to get our rest.  Some us like to snooze on the job (guess we'll let her off after four rides).

While others stay on guard duty.... albeit sitting down.

Hope you had a lovely weekend and here's wishing you a happy week ahead!


  1. What a fun busy weekend! Are you doing the paddock paradise?

    1. We're doing a sort of paddock paradise thing... not as amazing as many of the systems I've seen. Seems to be saving the grass fantastically and they are all loving tearing around at high speed - my nerves are a little jangled though!

    2. Very cool! I would love to be able to do that one day.

  2. My dear Mini, you look wonderful in the racetrack!. Then sitting in full regalia is just adorable. I am so glad to see all the members of the clan.

    Let's see, Callie has been a Mula Trabajadora Extraordinaria!. Happy siesta to her. Milo masters the touch-in-the-middle ear dance. He looks very aristocratic, such a dignified glance. The collar is beautifully engraved and this with three beneficial garden friends!. Hope he heals soon. Our little Queen took to law enforcement --always ruling, of course!. Inspector Roller is head deep in his job of QA. No compromise when it comes to food deliciousness. Murph is simply irresistible!.

    Thank you, my friends, for these beautiful moments in such fine weather. You all look fabulous. Sending plenty of cuddles, love and tummy rubs. ♥

    1. Dearest Carmen, we love our cuddles and tummy rubs duly delivered this evening! All members of the gang take their 'roles' in life very seriously (although not too seriously... ;-) Milo certainly has a multitude of ear positions, we think he has been learned from the masters of the ears.... who could that be? We call him touch in the middle ears his racing ears, they are aerodynamic!!

      Sending you snuffles, neighbrays, headbutts, wags and whinnybrays xxx

  3. Wow, you guys sure did have a busy weekend. I'm gonna have to show Dad the quality control techs. He manages Quality where he works, so he'll really appreciate that lots.

    1. It was soooo busy... it's now time for a nap! Maybe your Dad wants some more employees? Our QA staff are VERY thorough ;-)

  4. Looks like a busy and enjoyable long weekend!

  5. Oh my gosh, full tilt boogie for Mini! It looks like everyone had fun, and I'll say it again, Dragon is one beautiful mule!

    1. The Mini is so very fast for one so short and a little on the rotund side - gravity carries him down at quite a pace! Dragon sure is a pretty girl, she seems to draw everyone's eye wherever she goes, I'm biased but I think she is beautiful too :-)

  6. Love the race track - isn't it a joy to see the minis gallop! We had a great weekend too - Inspired by some of your summer outings,I took Dorica to the Fall fair yesterday in the trailer! Pictures coming soon!

    1. Nothing better than galloping minis to make me smile - and put my heart in my mouth a little! Can't wait to hear about your weekend adventures, how exciting! And we'll get to chat in person soon too :-)

  7. Dragon you do have the loveliest ears !
    Hugs Willow
    OH Roller , love the race track photo , my handsome prince.
    Kisses Honey Bee
    Mini Man I am just so impressed with your ability to sit so beautifully without wrinkling your suit !
    Wink Wink ~ call me ... Tink