Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Ever The Opportunists!

Hey Mini... come out of your stable!  I know it's all wet and windy and not very nice but every cloud has a silver lining.....

Look the wind is blowing all the leaves off of the trees right on to our yard.  And look they taste yummy!

I'm just helping with the sweeping up for FH really! She sure will appreciate it when she sees this yard is all clean and tidy and she doesn't need to get the broom out.  This is such an untidy mess, best get my Dragon jaws working out ;-)

There has to be some advantages of this miserable weather.... come on Mini out you come.

That was not quite what I had in mind.... typical man do the chores from the comfort of the armchair!

Honestly!  He wouldn't leave the comfort of his stable in case the rain made his hair go all frizzy..... alas the leaves seemed to come to him!


  1. Never thought I would see a fairweather pony. Quite clever though managing to get the leaves without leaving the room.

  2. I didn't know Roller was a weather wimp. SIGH, guess every hero has his nemisus. Can't spell that ;)

  3. Not my Roller ,you can't be talking about my Roller ~ right we are just smart and sensitive us mini horses ...silly to stand in the rain when you don't have to .
    Tell em ROll ,go on tell em !
    Sending nuzzles,
    Your Honey Bee from across the sea

  4. My darling Callie, as a superb Muletta Trabajadora, I am sure that you left the floor squeaky clean ;-) No weather is too bad for your garden chores and it looks delicious!. It seems that sweet Mini rang Mr Wind to have a gourmet home delivery this time :-)

    Stay dry and cosy everybody, sending you love and warm cuddles while doing the sun dance for you.

  5. Opportunity knocks for everyone, and that includes mules. :)

  6. Very tidy - well done!
    Beautiful autumnal weather - I hope that you are enjoying it and all the tasty leaves
    Love from Judy in Cambridge