Saturday, 12 October 2013

Roller's Serene Saturday: Slow

Dearest Muleteers, errm well I was a little late with my philosophical Friday..... in fact it may have to be my Serene Saturday..... sorry to my fans who look for me on a Friday, I know that at least GH will have missed me!

I'm afraid I got a little distracted by the lovely autumn grass and as the sunlight has been fading early and rising late I have been using the time to catch up on my beauty sleep... this handsome exterior needs many hours of snoozing and munching time to keep it in tip top condition.

There's no harm in going slow anyway, I reckon some of the humans I know need to learn this lesson.  Rush, rush, always somewhere to get to - quickly.  I don't think they ever heard the story of the Tortoise and the Hare?  Anyway I been working on my own version....

The Shetland and The Thoroughbred!  OK, OK so maybe I'm no Ussain Bolt but I reckon there must be races for snoozing and stuff?

So after a good long sleep and a lot more eating I had a little look through my memory banks for the perfect quote for my rather slow and lazy Saturday.... I leave you with this one!

Going slow does not prevent arriving.
Nigerian Proverb

In the interests of scientific study I'm off to go and test out the proverb.... night, night all!


  1. Hello Handsome ~ Tis me your Honey Bee (hee hee)
    That gentleman was so right ... so smart of you to find this quote , I will tell the Willowy one this next time she takes me out for a cart drive !
    You look so snug as a bug in a rug , in your cushy cozy , stall all tucked in for the night.
    Enjoy your weekend cuddly neighs from across the pond.
    From your Honey Bee ~ Golden Mini Mare Extraordinare

    1. Darling HB! My little pony queen, I am so glad you liked my go slow quote, when your legs are as perfectly proportioned as ours it seems silly to run.... you may miss the beauty of the small things around you otherwise. Me and the Mini like snoozing away in our stall at nice, I am rather a laid back pony under my racy exterior ;-)

      Sending you manly whinnies and mane tosses - Yours Forever, Roller xxx

  2. GH misses you all.You must be doing plenty of snoozing and enjoying the slow pace of life as your looking extremely handsome in your beautiful winter coat.We all need to take a leaf out of your book and take life at a more relaxed pace now and again to recharge our batteries for the busy world we humans live in.
    Love to all the gang,be good.See you all soon GH

    1. My Dearest GH, I am making sure I get lots of rest so that my wintery coat grows thick and handsome, there is no need to rush these things.... I will keep trying to slow those humans down, I reckon I managed it this weekend, one glance at my cute fluffiness brought FH to a standstill!

      Snuffles and nudges - Love Roller xxx

  3. Major says that he couldn't agree more. Sleeping is on of the best activities of the day!

  4. My sweet and serene Roller, you bring us a beautiful thought today. When life takes a rolleresque pace, many treasures are discovered. You take us on a journey of contemplation and appreciation in your wonderful Zen spirit (with ninja-commando action packed in between ;-)

    In the race for snoozing and munching, you would take another #1 my darling. Your beauty routine is going very well and your attire looks more and more splendid every day. The night pictures couldn't be lovelier.

    Sweet dreams!.

    1. Ah the pleasure of a rolleresque pace, I think perhaps this phrase should be in the dictionary...

      Sending you slow deliberate snuffles and a little nicker - Yours Roller xxx

  5. True words! Such a wise pony :)
    Love the sleeping photos!

  6. Ahhhh such great words of wisdom from a little pony.
    When I get home I shall delight in taking a few moments to do nothing!

  7. I love those night-time photos!
    You are clearly an expert snoozer, Roller!
    With lots of cuddly snuffles from Judy in Cambridge