Saturday, 30 November 2013

Milo's Movember Moustache!

Milo's Magnificent Movember Moustache!

Greetings Puppyteers!  This month I have been busy supporting the spectacular that is Movember  - this month is made for me as a moustachioed master of hairy handsomeness!   It is also in a very good cause - us boys grow moustaches to raise awareness of men's cancer and health issues.  If the girls can do it with pink we can use our manly moustaches!

So whadya think?  I look handsome don't I?  And I've decided my moustache is not just for Movember, I of course will be keeping it ;-)

I take my facial hair very seriously - it's very useful for collecting all sorts of yummy morsels just ready for a midnight puppyteer snack - yum!

And it's not just a moustache that I have been cultivating.... I am going for the full beardy look :-)

So here's to my friends with facial hair everywhere!  To the Beardy Barons and Masters of Moustaches - this Movember I salute you!

Woofs! Milo xxx


  1. Ah Milo, you are the most dashing and handsomest Movember role model.

  2. Oh Milo, you look so handsome. Love how your whiskers are growing, you are so cute :)

  3. My sweet Milo, look at that striking profile picture, such a regal look you hold with your sight set far in the horizon, as Sighthounds so beautifully do! :-) Yours have the most handsome silvery and distinguished whiskers ever around. What a good way to raise awareness while looking dapper year round! ♥

    My love to you sprinkled with tiny tasty morsels ♥

  4. Oh my Milo, you are so handsome. Your mustache rivals that of my husband's!
    He could be jealous.

    Morris, alas, has no 'stache!

  5. Milo, you are a handsome 'chap'.! :)

  6. You look super!
    Strokes from Judy in Cambridge