Friday, 1 November 2013

Roller's Philosophical Friday: Elves and Agility

Greetings my Muleteer friends!  I did not blow away in the storm!  I faced the storm head on (from the comfort of my stable :-) and had a lovely sleep while the wind howled, it was a little like a Roller lullaby!

My muleteer companions have been making comments about my ears (or lack of) this week... I think this is because mine did not blow around in the wind like theirs, now that my winter coat is almost fully through it is just that it's more difficult to see them.  In reality I think my ears are like those of elves, they are perfectly pointed at the top with the rest being hidden.... they might be magic ears :-)  Another thing that elves are also famed for is their agility to leap around and be stealthy.... I thought I'd give it a try and test out my agility with some stretches.  I look proficient hey?  But in the end I got a bit tired and had to have a little snack and sleep so may need to save my elfish impersonation until next week when I'm feeling better rested and more satisfied.

Until then I shall keep focusing on the quote which I think describes me rather well.... or at least who I'd like to be!

Elves are like trees, grounded and focused from the trunk down but graceful and agile on top (not to mention handsome ;-)
Orlando Bloom


  1. Happy Friday! Glad you made it through the storm. Shyloh refused to go in the barn during our rain.

  2. Glad to hear that you had a good snooze through the storm.
    You are looking very handsome in those photos....
    Lots of kisses from Judy in Cambridge

    1. I sure did enjoy my kisses :-) I am sending back some snuffles and manly whinnies xxx

  3. My darling Roller of the adorable elvish ears and agility supremacy, rest well for your next gymnastics performance :-) I am so glad that you passed the storm in all comfort. Here, we are expecting a hurricane any time now. Would you kindly summon all the magic powers, earwaves and warpaint faces in the gang to keep our farm friends safe and comforted during such a terrible experience?. Gracias, mis amigos. Much love and sunshine to you.

    1. Dearest Carmen, Commando Mini and Elvish Roller send their very best magic powers to our creaturely friends across the water, we hope they stay safe and warm and have enough shelter.....

      And of course we hope you stay safe and away from those stormy winds. Much love and mini snuffles and neighbrays xxx

  4. Oh Roller you are so fabulously fuzzy and funny and elfishly, mini horse handsome !!
    Nuzzles from Me ,
    ~ (sorry I was late mon ami, I was having my hoofies done)
    Your Honey Bee Mini Mare Extrordinare
    at WhimsyWillows Farm