Sunday, 29 December 2013

Fighting the Festive Spread

Now I don't mean to be rude FH but errrm well you look like you've eaten one too many chocolates over the festive period, I think you have put on a few festive pounds around the middle..... you know the bit that you are always saying wobbles on me, well now the wobble's on you!

Whilst you've had us minis on a strict fat fighters diet you seem to have neglected to take the same advice on board for yourself.  Typical human, what double standards!

We know Christmas is all about the food, and more food and friends and family but now it's nearly New Year and we need to think about getting you back in shape..... this may take a while.

So here I am ready for action, fancy a festive walk?

I heard you got new walking boots for Christmas from MH?  Yes, very nice, now let's go try them out up the lanes and on to the moor to look at the view and maybe have a wee munch on some grass (me not you!)

Up and off we go, I spy with my little eye some monster sheep in the distance. Can we please go do some herding FH, can we huh? Quicker come on, let's canter!  Honestly, keep up! What do you mean you can't go this fast? Ooops you are rather out of puff....

Just at this very moment a galloping horse came round the bend chased by a canine companion, oh and yes there was a human on board.  If only I was a little taller FH we could do that and then you wouldn't be out of puff.  The horse got a little fright when it saw us, anyone would think it's never seen a mini mule before..... come to think of it, it probably hasn't.  After the runaway horse calmed down we could go on our way.

A lovely look at the blue sky view with the sea in the distance, we've had great weather today although we've got more heavy rain and high winds coming tonight and in to next week so best make the most of it!

Alas I think it's time to take our tired feet home, don't want to overdo it too much, I can hear the others calling for us.... Dragon sounds like an asthmatic Darth Vader with her funny voice, best go save the neighbours from her rendition of 'Mini Come Back'!

Going back home is always so much easier, come on FH your extra pounds will help gravity to wobble you down the hill!  

Wait though! What's this I sniff?  A careless walker has dropped their apple core right in the middle of the lane!  How very wasteful!  Well have no fear clear up Mini is here!

Nom, nom, nom, mmmm don't mind this clearing up thing at all actually; all apple cores, banana skins and orange peel welcome!

Well that was a fun little jaunt on a sunny day.  Now then FH hope you've been thinking about your New Year's resolutions?  A few less chocolates maybe? Not to mention a few more Mini walks please ;-)

Hope you all had a fabulous festive time friends!  Sorry for our lack of blogging, the human was too busy stuffing her face and celebrating to bring up the required laptop!

No doubt we'll be seeing you all soon in the New Year - Neighbrays to you!


  1. I am glad that you had such a lovely walk and that you have got FH back into training. These humans need to be kept under control!
    It has been a lovely day in Cambridge too - I have no animal friends to take me for a walk so I did some gardening and watched the birds and squirrels.
    Cuddles from Judy in Cambridge

  2. What a beautiful walk, complete with treats on the paths! Shy took me on a walk to help my festive gain as well :)

  3. Awww ! Picking on your human? How fun! I love to walk and if I had a mini mule to walk with I think I'd be in heaven. Mini Mule would pack my camera gear and I wouldn't have to lug it around!
    Want to come to my place where the snow is deep enough to be up to your tummy?

    High winds and cold temps are here for us in the US Midwest.

  4. A few too many chocolates on this side of the pond as well. Those lovely green hills certainly are inviting to help clear out the excess. I will have to tell my crew to simply imagine green paths.

  5. My human has had more than just one too many judging by her fat pads. It's always the same though. Double standards when it comes to our weight issues.
    What a lovely walk, the weather looks lovely, the scenery is lovely. I'm just a wee bit jealous. I'm so fed up of not even getting out of my field.

  6. Oh, I LOVED this walk with Mini!!! Great pictures and I could almost smell the sea (or what I think it smells like as I have NEVER SEEN ONE!!!

  7. My dear Mini, you both had such a lovely stroll. The scenery is lovely as usual and the sunshine makes you all glittery. Love the long shadows!.

    Many kisses to you, sprinkled with eau de apple ♥