Friday, 13 December 2013

Roller's Philosophical Friday: Smiles

Gosh what a busy week of work I've had!

My job is a very difficult one.... oh ok maybe it's not..... it's a simple and easy one!  I am a dealer in a very valuable resource, its shares should be top of the stock exchange and more valuable than gold and oil.

Well that's what I think anyway!

For you see I trade in SMILES!!

What better commodity to be a trader in I ask myself?  You see my job seems to be pretty easy, in fact I'd go so far as to say that I appear to be truly gifted at this job!  All I seem to have to do is errm well be myself?!

I've found that by striking some classic Roller poses I can entertain and bring smiles to even the grumpiest of folks.  Ssshh don't tell anyone but I had a neigh-bourly visit over the gate the other day from one of the locals who could normally be described as a miserabilist.... well I pulled my greatest Roller moves and even she could not contain her joy at my handsomeness, even grumpy people need smiles sometimes ;-)

So here's some of the best poses I struck to make this grumpy person smile..... no wonder I succeeded ;-)

And finally for a Friday a little smiley quote:

Smile, it's free therapy!
Douglas Horton


  1. Good for you Roller, you manage to get a grumpy to be ungrumpy. I'm not surprised, you are the cutest. We have a neighbour who doesn't like dogs, but she now 'waves' to William....we couldn't believe it, lol.

  2. I thought the first picture was a dog to start with! So sweet.

  3. I smile every time I see your photos! Great start to my weekend, every weekend! Keep up the good work.

  4. Oh Roller of Pollar ~ we are all smiling here across the pond . If we made a bridge of all the smiles we get when we come here, we could surely take a long trot over it ~ all the way to your pasture !.
    Sending lots of smiles and love,
    your most devoted girl H.B. and the crew at Whimsy Willows !

  5. You certainly make me smile! Thank you!
    Lots of snuffles from Judy in Cambridge

  6. My sweet Roller, handsome fluffy you, always bringing a smile with your kindness and inspiration. Your poses are ponilicious!.

    Sending you mimos and a kiss on that velvety muzzle ♥

  7. I just love the photos. You are just sooooooooooo cute. A Roller calendar this is what we need.

  8. Roller is a sweetie... but please tell me you didn't just take those photos... it IS winter there, isn't it???? It is HERE, before the official date, in fact!