Sunday, 15 December 2013

Two Mule Years Of.....

I could hardly believe my superior ears when FH told me that I had been part of the Muleteer gang for a whole two years this weekend!  Wow time flies....  Two whole years of fun, frolics and teaching those humans a thing or two!  I can tell you when I arrived here two years ago I wondered what I'd gotten myself in to.  I had been living with big horses on a busy yard and had begun to teach my previous human some of my favourite things like work!  Alas the day came when I had to leave my baby home and strike out on my own as a mule about town.

Imagine my surprise when I ended up in an episode of Gulliver's Travels.... there was something weird going on in this household, the inhabitants were tiny, one looked a bit like me but in miniature and the other was like a teddy bear..... hmmm.  Not to say anything of the humans, they were completely unbothered by my mulish ways (errr hello, I am a rarity you know) and try as I might they were welcoming of my mule tricks, most odd.  Then there was the place; ramshackle, dinky stables, monstrous hills and wide open spaces, a crazy yard cat, some canine capers, train lines, rivers, farm animals, eccentric neigh-bours and interesting views - hmmm plenty for a mule to keep up to date with!  Gee it's a good job they got me as a guard mule with all this going on.

So what have I spent the last two years doing then?  Let me take you on a journey down memory lane, hope you enjoy it as much as I have!


Gotta get your priorities right!

Everything is edible....
.... if you're a mule!
I'll have that thank you!
Never miss snacking opportunities!

Giraffe or mule??


Gotta keep those minis fit!

Roller gets frisky!
Pesky Catanian keeps me on my hooves!

Pesky kitty!
Hide and seek anyone?
Splish splash, give the human a bath!

Steady on mini!
Two can play at that game....!


I'm happiest when working, wow what lovely places and times :-)  Always happy to take FH or Smiley Human where they want to go.... show me the way and I'll take you for a ride!

Moorland mule streams for a paddle.
Setting off for a ride with Smiley Human, I'm soft on her!
Ear radar... mmm tasty hedge ;-)
The next generation!
Dartmoor in Autumn... almost camouflage, in a minute I got hot and had a little roll..... oops forgot FH was on board
Herding sheep, who needs a dog?
Blue skies and views for miles on the moor.
My best mates.

Out with My Heroine and our humans


Learning New Things.

As well as the riding thing I've also learnt to log and do horse agility (this actually involves training humans to be agile - I'm already perfect!)

Always time for a snack
For goodness sake FH, this is not scary, why do you look so concerned? 
In my own sweet mule time thanks..... do those colours really go well with my coat?
Dainty hooves can fit anywhere you like
Hurry up humans, you lot take ages about life you know...

Showing Off!

Us mules are not stubborn.... we are winners!  Always happy to show off a little ;-)


What better way to pass some time?

My taste in men is.....
...... eclectic!
I reckon.....
.... this human's alright.  But ssshhh don't tell anyone.... I have a reputation as a Dragon to uphold ;-)
Kitty is pesky but I love her anyway, us girls gotta stick together.
This human is definitely alright, he brings bananas and carrots and calls me beautiful. 
And he's always good for snuggles.

All this can be terribly tiring though, so what's a girl to do but have a few yawns?

Boring, boring, boring.
And more boring, wanna see how empty my tummy is Granny?


With all those yawns, there's only one thing for it!

..... a little.....
......mule dream........

..... of me. 
Good night!


When the sleeping done there's always been time for a little exploring!

Being Happy

And finally, what better way to spend two whole mule years than being happy with my funny little muleteer gang?  This place may be small and ramshackle with some rather 'unique' inhabitants but there is a whole lot of fun and love!  If my training human reads this, there is just one thing left to say...... thanks for finding me the perfect home :-)

Happiness is.... some friends to spend your days with, a sprinkling of adventure and a lot of love.
The Three Muleteers and Catanian!
The Three Muleteers

Thanks for indulging me in my little walk down memory lane, hope you liked some of the pictures!


  1. Oh what wonderful memories those are. Happy, happy two years, as Mom says "time flies when you're having fun". So I imagine these two years just flew by

    1. They sure did! Hoping for lots more fun years .... Oh and plenty of carrots :)

  2. Happy two years in what seems to be a paradise for mules!! You sure have it made there, I loved all the photos! Here's to many more years that are just as great :)

    1. It's definitely the place to be for a long eared lady! Glad you liked the photos, I like to share my glamour with the world :)

  3. GH knows just how much love and fun you have brought to all our lives.Happy 2nd Anniversary, keep on having fun,and enjoying 'girl power'.xx

    1. Girl Power indeed GH! We ladies have to stick together and oh what fun we have. I shall carry on muling around with that daughter of yours, I promise to keep her safe like only a mule can xx

  4. Wonderful photos and blog, as always time travels so fast and it seems like yesterday. I will always count it a great privilege to of been a small part of the story. I am loving the mule prescription to a healthy life. "Happiness is.... some friends to spend your days with, a sprinkling of adventure and a lot of love." Love to all xxx

    1. Sending whinnybrays, thoughtful swishes and ear waves to you! Thank you for setting me off on the right course, what fun I am having, I think I have this family wrapped around my little hooves ;) The prescription sounds perfect hey? Reckon humans should heed too! Love to you and yours xxx

  5. hope you have many many more years like the last two, enjoy

    1. Hey Mags, always nice to hear from you :) here's looking forward to many more mulish antics full of fun and adventure, and the best bit is you're all invites along for the blog ride too xx

  6. One of your best posts ever... and Callie (Dragon) really has the cross on her back from her donkey mother, doesn't she? I never really noticed it and it is so pretty! She is a very fine mule, and they all look like such good stablemates!

    1. She sure is one fine mule with personality in abundance! A happier gang it would be hard to find (I hope!), we're so lucky to share our lives with them :)

  7. Happy gotcha day. xx you certainly fell on your hooves didn't you? I love your pics and applaud your ability to snack on the hoof. Hope you have many many more years such as these.

    1. Hey Girlfrend! What fun and I can only dream of my next big adventures (and Carroty treats!). I must've been good in a previous like as this lot aren't bad, except for they're mean with the carrots, can't have everything I suppose!

  8. It has been lovely getting to know you.
    Fantastic photos - thank you.
    Love from Judy in Cambridge x

  9. Dear Judy, my pleasure it has been entirely. This mule is never happier than when playing to an audience ;) sending you whinnybrays and ear waves xx

  10. My dearest and most hermosa Callie, this is so emotive. I love you being coquettish "..... do those colours really go well with my coat?" and so funny "I ended up in an episode of Gulliver's Travels....". You are a wonderful girl, wise and sweet, energetic and curious, loving and caring. You have a most beautiful Cruz del Sur gracing your lovely figure. Look at you in that picture grazing --Miss Firmament!. :-)

    Each picture is a gem, wonderful moments remembered!. Beautiful, beautiful celebration.

    I am honoured to have known you for long, mi reina, always learning, dreaming, sharing and smiling along the way. Always thrilled by your incredible beauty and those knowing, soft eyes.

    Happy anniversary darling Callie, you have a great and beloved family. To the super Muletta Exploradora, Trabajadora, Aventurera y Feliz --salud!. ♥♥♥

    Con amor,


    1. My Dearest Friend. I am honoured to have you visit and talk with me here, to have friends to share with is a true joy in life! To be surrounded by friends and beauty every day is all a
      Muletta can hope for :)

      Sending you fondest whinnybrays and soft gentle nuzzles. I'm so looking forward to sharing my next adventure with you my friend!

      Yours Callie xxx

  11. Many marvellous mule musings! Thank you

    1. Thanks Major, always happy to indulge a super hunk like you ;-)

  12. Oh Dragon! you certainly landed on your mule hooves when you went to live with FH and MH.....lOVE your posts and your photos :)

    1. I think I did pretty well with this home didn't I? The company is good, the workload fair, lots to get involved in and not a bad view.... I must demand more carrot treats though! Sending you happy Neighbrays for a nice week ahead :)

  13. Dragon and my mule Umber could be sisters, they are so similar in coloring and conformation! Umber is a little darker than Dragon and has longer opera gloves on her front legs, but wow! I don't know how to attach photos but if you wanted to see Dragon's twin in Washington State you can search youtube for "equinerevelation" to find my channel.

    Thanks for putting good info about mules out into the world!

    : )