Monday, 30 September 2013

A Neighbray Chorus!

Hooray!  The humans are back!  Phew, we are all relieved.... well ok mainly me!

It seemed like mules years that they were away, how could my FH leave me for soooo very long?  My aunties that came to look after me and the others were lovely and provided room service, ample food and loving words.  I am sorry to say I was a little stand offish.  I couldn't quite bring myself to let them scratch me or reassure me, what if they had kidnapped FH and taken her away?

But it was all ok, eventually we recognised the car arrive home with some tired humans on board.  To ensure they did not forget we were here waiting I serenaded my returning humans with my finest neighbrays, Dragon accompanied with some squawks and Catanian provided backing vocals with some miaows!  Roller, well Roller was quietly waiting in the background as would be expected.

I checked over the humans to see if they still smelt the same and they were definitely not impostors but I did decide they needed to smell more like a muleteer again so I enjoyed rubbing my head vigorously on FH's arm, hint, hint I need a scratch!

At last I could sleep easy knowing my morning neighbray chorus would be met with swift service from the food bar. To celebrate I had a lovely little snooze.

Next morning to celebrate.....

Roller showed off his ever increasing fluff! He is looking more like a polar bear every day.  Soon I shall start calling him Roller Polar.

Then I had my rug off for a little while to itch and scratch and roll around.  Surely the midges must be done biting soon?

Dragon had a little dirty protest at being left without work for a week and gave FH a very strong hint about what she thought to a saddle going on that muddy back.... hmmm, maybe not?

Then it was time for us Muleteers to forget the separation anxiety of the last week and get down to the serious stuff.... yep, eating :-)!

FH is looking forward to catching up on all our friends blogs - it may take her a while!  And finally, thank you to my Aunties who kept us in the lap of mule luxury while the humans were away, sorry for my bad manners, I will try harder next time!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

While The Human's Away......

 .... the Muleteers will play!

Can you believe it Muleteers?  The humans have left us to go away on holiday.... to add insult to injury they have even taken the canine members of the family with them! Well I never! Why can't we go too?

Ok so things aren't that bad, we have got some of our favourite humans coming in to provide room service (thank you!) and ensure our every need is satisfied as well as guard the house.

But really, leaving us at home, pah!

So while the humans are away we've decided to take matters in to our own hooves.... and paws....

Dragon has been getting rather hungry and bored, she would like to work some more but with no rider it's a little tricky.

So the girls put their heads together and came up with a solution.  Perhaps Catanian could ride her?  We all know she's a mini mule rider so maybe she can progress to being a maxi mule rider?!

The only problem is getting on board..... hmmmm..... no problems for these girls!  Dragon will have a little picnicking snack whilst standing in position for Catanian to leap down from the barn roof.  Yes the barn roof is very high and Catanian climbs up it by launching herself using the stable doors as steps.... getting down again is something you don't want to watch if you have a delicate constitution!

Unfortunately the plan didn't work but Dragon enjoyed the food and kitty enjoyed the challenge.

Roller has only just noticed that the humans have changed to new ones.... he is a little worried about staying fed so he has decided upon the 'all you can eat buffet' option - always gotta focus on the important things in life.  I hope his Aunties remember to keep the door closed as the stealth pony is excellent at sneaking in unnoticed, getting him out again once wedged in is well, a bit tricky!

And what about me?  I'm bereft!  I have been left home alone by FH, I shall be heartbroken until she returns and will accept only the briefest of scratches from my surrogate carers, they're very nice and keep me fed and clean but who will scratch my ears and let me sit in their lap?  I shall keep watching out for her return, when she does return I shall ignore her for a day or two to try and ensure she doesn't pull this trick again, and then I may just let her love me again ;-)

FH told me to apologise for any interruption in service, she scheduled this before leaving so won't have chance to answer your comments or check in on her favourite blogs - the joys of no internet or phone!

Friday, 20 September 2013

Tongue Twisting Tea

Greetings Muleteers, I'm afraid I had to confiscate the keyboard from Roller to tell you all about my new favourite thing!

As a traditional British Mule I do like to keep an eye on the mugs of tea that are brought outside by the humans.... I do like a little sniff and the occasional slurp.  Today I discovered my favourite ever!

I had a snuffle and found FH was drinking red tea.... hmmm peculiar, isn't this supposed to be brown?  Bring it here FH let me have a sniff....

Mmmmm I like the smell of this, there is blueberry and raspberry and it smells of honey - yum!

If I could only get my tongue in here I would be ok, don't know how you humans manage with those mug things?

So I tried to twist my tongue to see if I could get it to fit....

I needed to get FH to tip the mug but I got there eventually, oh my mule, how delicious is this tea!

Well that was the nicest hot drink, I will be ordering a lovely mug of this every morning.... along with my copy of The Mule Times, my soft slippers and breakfast in bed.... well a girl can dream can't she?

I was a little offended though when FH said that I was worse at backwashing in the mug than those pesky dogs.... we'll see about that!  Only one way to get neater FH - fetch me more tea!

In honour of it being Friday I leave you with one of my favourite quotes.... I know you've probably heard it from me before but it is kinda good?

A woman is like a tea bag - you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Visitors From Afar....

This weekend King Mini has been happily receiving guests in his kingdom!  As you all know, these days I like new humans coming to visit me, especially when they come ready with scratches, cuddles and kind words.  So imagine my delight when one of my distant fans came to visit!  FH and Donkey Dame (her blog is here: Donkey Dame Blog) have 'known' each other for a while and have happily exchanged donkey stories and news over the virtual grapevine.   They have never actually met though as Donkey Dame lives in Canada which apparently is mules miles and quite a swim away (I can't manage it with my petite legs although FH reckons I'd be quite buoyant?! Hmmm).  So when we heard that Donkey Dame and her significant other were visiting our fair (read windy and wet!) shores we pleaded with them to come visit.  

FH got first dibs and showed Donkey Dame around where she works... enough long ears to satisfy any donkey addict apparently, alas not many mules to see!  So in the interests of fairness we invited our guests to Muleteer HQ, hoping they could look past the mud and slight untidiness!

Us mules are good judges of character and we liked these visitors A LOT!  The others tried to push in on the meet and greet duty... Roller snuffled a bit before going back to eating and Dragon introduced herself to the men in the party.... not long though before I persuaded them this was my party and I was definitely The Host.

So I endeared myself with lots of rest on shoulder snuffles, some reversing for bottom scratching and a little nudging.  The Donkey Dame was entirely impressed by me I could tell.... do you think she would like a mini mule to add to her herd?  Come to think of it what would FH do without me?  Hmmm maybe I could go for short holidays if I concentrate and get a pilot's license?

I duly posed for photos with my most honoured guest and FH, I know that my visitors really travelled all this way just to see me and my mulificent ears... I do not believe what FH says about these folks being on holiday and having work plans.... whatever, I know the truth!  Who wouldn't travel half way around the world to pet King Mini?!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Roller's Phiosophical Friday: Memories

Memories are funny old things.  They can be good and bad all at once.  FH and I have been sharing memories of those that we are no longer lucky enough to have here present in our lives, we must make do with memories.  Those memories are what makes loss hard but manageable, such contradictions?

Every year about this time we spare thoughts for those we have lost and one very special person in particular.  That person will never leave our hearts for he will always be remembered. 
Everyone loses someone that is dear to them and we send you our thoughts too, we understand the pain of loss.  No words can heal of this we are sure but ask FH and she'll share with you the secret to heal a sad heart. 

Walk in to nature, look in to the sky, sit and reflect with a memory or two and let my Muleteers lend some healing care to you.  Roller sends his snuffles, a soft muzzle to blow dry your tears. 

Next will be The Mini who will place his furry head on your shoulder for a scratch before he lets a neighbray out and makes your smile come out!

Then there will be Dragon goofing at her best, watch her kick up those heels and gallop, that's what this girl does best, but then she'll stop and stare and give you 'the ears,' maybe a head rub and silence is more her style today. 

And finally there'll be kitty, that mighty Queen she is, full of purrs and head butts and ample heaps of love!

Hope your weekend is full of happy memories!
You will never be forgotten, not even for a day, for in my heart and mind, forever you will stay. 

Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Problem With Sticky Buds.... they STICK!

Oh dear there I was puppyteers having a lovely run around, you see I is nearly healed from my little accident with the other dog's teeth so I had been let loose.

Come on Cloth Dog let's go looking for bunnies......

But Cloth Dog seems to have decided not to go looking in this bush, I wonder why?  Hmmmm apparently it has something to do with the sticky buds?

Don't know what they is?  FH calls it Goosegrass or Cleavers, us pups just calls it Sticky....

So I ambled through at Super Pup speed, zooooom.... errm what's that?

Oh my goodness I is covered in sticky buds, they have attached themselves to every inch of my rough coat.  Oh no, they're even in my fabulous beardy! I looks rather silly doesn't I?  Stop laughing FH, it's not fair!  And as for taking pictures of poor me, well!

Do you think I could give the mules a run for their money with my ear posture?  I has been trying hard!

I gave FH my best poor puppy dog stare and she helped me by picking every single sticky bud out of my beard.  It took A LONG time.  I might give the sticky bud plant a miss next time, then again I might be going so fast I can't stop.... any excuse for a good brush of my beard ;-)

Laters puppyteers, have a nice week!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Roller's Philosophical Friday: Temptation

It happened again.... errm well actually it might have happened twice.  I had a little lapse in my dietary habits, I dived under the zappy fence (momentary pain for infinite gain!) and went for a little excursion to the green grass on the other side.

I just couldn't help myself, the grass really does taste good at this time of year and I know it won't last all the way through the winter so I'm stocking up my store cupboards just in case.  Us Shetland ponies need to ensure we have enough reserves in case of a hard winter.... ok so I know that FH will always make sure we're fed and I am rather lucky cos I have a snuggly stable to hide in but I need some excuses.

FH is threatening me with 'Grass Guzzlers Anonymous' she says I need to admit I have a problem before I can get help.... My name is Roller and I am a grassoholic.

I'm sure this won't be my first or last brush with the fence and temptation.  I keep trying to make FH see that it's not so bad.  I found her this quote.... do you think she'll like it?

Lead me not in to temptation; I can find the way myself!
Rita Mae Brown

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Dragons Love Fire

Oooo I do love a good fire!

As befits my Dragon name I am never far away when the bonfire needs lighting.

I was watching carefully as MH was dealing with some of the garden waste.  I squawked a lot but apparently none of this was good for me to eat....

MH looked like he was having a bit of a problem lighting the fire so I breathed a little bit of Dragon smoke out of my delicate muzzle..... here you go, I'm sure that'll get it going!

There we go! I said it would get it going, a puff of Dragon smoke is all you needed ;-)

Hey Mini do you like my fire?  I made it all by myself....  there's no need to look bored by my attempts at keeping you boys entertained, I thought a little bonfire and firework spectacular might be enough to stop you from eating!


At least Roller has the decency to look mildly interested in my fiery extravaganza.

Never mind I sure did entertain myself by looking at my own fire. Some might say I was a little mesmerised by the flames..... they were pretty :-)  

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Wonderful Weekend

What a wonderful weekend was had by all!  Let me tell you all about it.... have you got a minute or two to spend with us Muleteers?

Let me tell you about the fun I had!
There was lots of chilling out and doing things that we all like, all topped off by sunshine which isn't bad for the first day of September :-)  So here's a quick resume of our fun and frolics!

Work, Work and More Work

Dragon is soooo happy because she has been working (which in her mind = pleasure) a lot this week, four times in one week, good job Dragon has two riders in FH and Smiley Human!  Lovely potters around the lanes, FH was happy this Sunday morning even though she did get up very early.... apparently it's the best time of day to ride Dragon and appreciate the best view in the world.... something to do with those mulificent ears?

Probably.... the best view in the world!
Dragon's ears are starting to get rather fluffy, the sleek lady is turning in to a fluffy one... best not tell her that though... she will breathe fire else.

In true Dragon style she celebrated a job well done by munching the local tree branches!

Is that snack big enough Dragon?


When she got home we had a reunion over a snack.  How many ears can you fit in one shot?

Grocery Delivery!

Then we had a grocery delivery from our friendly farmer.  Roller was busy checking out the quality, honestly he wasn't trying to munch it or nothing....

Quality Control


Oops! Rumbled by the Dragon! Not sure there's room at the door for both of you!


The Cat Police

It's OK because the Cat Police are in town and have commandeered this straw bale for their own purposes!

Anyone that's brave enough to take on this Puss In Boots alike is welcome to try.... ;-) She may be small but I have trained her in ninja mule ways well!

Mini Racing

I heard all the commotion and came running, FH has set up this track grazing thingy so in honour of it being a track I have made it in to a Mini Racetrack!  I love it!  My cornering abilities are legendary, FH closes her eyes every time I do this.... I think it's cause she sooo excited?


It's a Dogs Life

On the other side of the fence the Cloth Dog was trying out his latest look of exasperation.... if he gets the look just right he gets food and / or attention... he is the master of this, I must learn and try harder if this is the result.  GH says that Murph is the master of 'begging with style' we'll see about that I think I could excel at this too!

Look in to my woeful eyes... all this could be solved by food or strokes!

The puppyteer is still a little broken (not that you'd know it) and has been busy stealing FH's clothes again.... I think he has secretly been jealous of my shield of steel rug and decided to get himself some clothes too?

The puppyteer is also very pleased with himself as he has a sparkly new 'big boy' collar.  Hmmm I'd like one of those..... FH is rather fond of bugs so Milo is sporting a bugtastic collar with a ladybug, dragonfly and bee, somehow it seems to suit him?  

After a busy day us Muleteers need to get our rest.  Some us like to snooze on the job (guess we'll let her off after four rides).

While others stay on guard duty.... albeit sitting down.

Hope you had a lovely weekend and here's wishing you a happy week ahead!