Monday, 30 December 2013

The Year In Review: 2013

Well what an action packed year 2013 has been... full of antics, fun and achievements!

Some of our fellow bloggers have been reviewing their year and have inspired us to do the same.  Hope you enjoy a quick resume of a year in the life of the Three Muleteers....


January brought its very own weather with snow to frolic around in, Dragon was most perplexed by the white stuff.

Roller as usual took it in his stride - he always possesses the right clothes for wintery weather.

Not all work was cancelled though and FH and Dragon managed some nice rides on Dartmoor at the bleakest time of year.


February saw the arrival of the New Kid on The Block - aka Milo. We can't believe that his puppy nose was ever that short and that he really looked that angelic?!  A firm favourite he has turned out to be although whoever knew a lurcher could be such a scavenger... might have something to do with him being brought up by a labrador!

Murph looks rather suspicious but took this pup right under his paw :-)

Roller found a new career as a Saddle Horse ably demonstrating why he is known as the bombproof pony in this gang.

Dragon perfected her water sports and learnt the delights of splashing in the river with pals, great way to give the humans a bath!


In March Roller lost his fluffy trousers much to everyone's dismay... he was just getting a little warm around the botty!

Milo grew a lot and decided that current sleeping arrangements were not to his liking, he could leave his Cloth Dog's side so the biggest bed ever arrived to allow harmonious co-sleeping, only problem was that no one told FH that she was not invited to share the bed too!

And finally at the end of March The Mini searched far and wide and discovered Spring!  It was lurking around the corner, he just needed to look for it!


April saw the real arrival of Spring with new challenges in the form of Horse Agility for all.

FH had a secret Mini Cam installed so that she could spy on us when we're sleeping.... she is very soft on us it seems!

And finally the girls got out for some lovely rides, FH reflected on what it is like to ride a good mule, anyone know of any?? Sorry just joking, best not let Dragon hear me!


May was a busy month for The Mini, he exercised FH a lot by taking her chasing superheros, he was sure he saw a tall Robin and rather squat, portly Batman but seems he was wrong?!

The Mini also experienced his very first bathtime, what may seem like a small, insignificant thing to most of us chilled equines was one big hoofstep for The Mini who is a natural born worrier and suspicious of most new things.  With patience, some lovely weather and no ties he was soon enjoying the delights of bathing that itchy skin of his :-)

And finally those folks at The Donkey Sanctuary finally proved conclusively what we've all known for ages..... mules really are extremely intelligent and beat other species hooves down in intelligence tests! Some might say we're smart asses ;-)


June brought with it exploring fun for the Mula Exploradora

Along with a new skill in the form of learning to log, this Dragon can turn her hoof to anything!

Catanian found her King in the form of a Mini Mule.... strange form of throne for Her Royal Kitty Highness but none the less she looks happy!

The Mini occasionally left the side of his Queen and went searching for Dartmoor Piskies, alas he is still searching....

Roller continued his prowess at agility and put his tiny hooves to good use to carry out some bottle recycling.


July saw the entrance of a strange phenomenon in the household, it seems that someone had taken it upon themselves to disembowel the puppy's bed?  No idea who that could be, he looks innocent to us?!

Roller had fun at the local show, looking very dashing if we do say so ourselves, we are still laughing that he was unsuccessful because he wasn't conditioned enough (read fat!), heyho a great day was had by all :-)

And finally we all enjoyed some sun on our backs complemented by our gleaming, sleek summer coats - ahhh seems like a long time ago now!


Biggest of all achievements in August was Dragon's first place in her first Horse Agility class!  A very proud mule with a very proud human!

Roller also had an important first in August too with his very first ride, he was most pleased to make the acquaintance of a human he could look at in the eye!  He is hoping for more rides in 2014 please ;-)

In other activities Milo managed to continue his making of mayhem by getting picked on by another dog, he was rather pleased with his wound dressing though, he liked raiding FH's T-Shirt stash!

And finally Catanian spent many happy hours sunning herself in the shade of the blooming paddock and chasing bees and butterflies - bliss!


September brought us muleteers some blogging visitors all the way from Canada, we were so excited!  The Mini tried to claim one as his own and implored his visitor to take him home for a visit with her girls.... she has four delightful girl donkeys, The Mini was in love with just the thought!

Dragon enjoyed living up to her namesake by breathing fire.

And Roller ensured Quality Control was upheld for the latest grocery delivery!


Dragon ensured that her mulish stature was fit for the winter weather to come by bulking up on rose bush, however she managed to eat all those thorns we shall never know!

There was a plethora of butt jokes....

And everyone had an eye on the weather but enjoyed the sun while it shone!


November brought the weather back with a vengeance but that didn't deter The Mini from being Personal Trainer to FH, he decided she needed the exercise!

Roller bathed in the glory of his very own pride post and was christened the Practically Perfect Pony! Yep, we all knew this already but FH had to state the obvious!

Dragon pondered her chances of living in the house if she continued to be housebroken?

And of course we remembered our long eared friends who lost their lives in war.


And finally the year ended as it began.... with the weather!  There were two wet and grumpy mules and one smug, waterproof shetland.

The sun shone for long enough to take silly Christmas pictures though.

The year ended with some festive walking of FH by The Mini, he is determined to get FH in to shape, he may even get himself in to shape just trying ;-)!

What a fun and exciting year we've had, lots of achievements - some big, some small but all to be proud of.  We've enjoyed sharing every moment here with you all and can't wait to see what's around the corner in 2014...... watch this space!  To all of our Muleteer pals thanks for your comments, reading and companionship in 2013, we sure hope to see you back here again in 2014.

And of course..... don't miss the Long Ears Awards of 2013 - coming to a blog near you very soon in 2014 :-)