Saturday, 25 October 2014

Back In The Saddle!

Finally!  It's over a year since FH placed her foot in my stirrup and climbed onboard.... that was until today.  I have been trying my best to encourage FH on board but she's been busy.... one thing us
mules are good at though is patience so I figured I could wait a little longer.  Me and Smiley Human have been going out and about together but it's always nice to have two riders, not that I'm greedy or anything ;-)

So this morning FH appeared with saddle in hand, I was a good muletta having all my straps done up (I'm extra good these days as FH sometimes has the Baby One attached to her so I have to be very careful).  And I waited, ears pricked and wondered where Smiley Human was...... and I waited..... but then FH said WE were going out together.

FH was a little twitchy, she was wondering if she'd forgotten how to ride in all that time? What if she had lost her balance (hehe...) We had a little walk first and then it was time, FH gingerly placed a foot in the stirrup (I stood VERY still like a good muletta) and hoisted on board and we were off :-)

FH is a kilo or two heavier than before (we'll soon get that off her) but all the gear fitted and she sat onboard like she'd never been away.  She sat quietly and chattered away to me, mostly about my mulificent ears, I could tell she was a little on edge but that was fine cos I am brave enough for both of us.  FH soon relaxed and we were off climbing steep tracks and looking at the lovely Autumn views. I could tell FH was beaming away behind me, I was very proud, we call it her 'riding face' :-)

We didn't go far but that's fine, there is plenty more time for longer rides.  A wonderful time was had by us both, it was pretty nice to have FH back in the saddle!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

First Ride!

Well Muleteer friends it's been a while but we just had to come back to report our excitement at our first ride by HF :-)

HF is rather pleased with our furry handsomeness and is never happier than when allowed to stroke and touch us all, apparently we are much more satisfying to stroke than those hairless humans ;-) We knew that we'd trained her well!  She does look really happy with herself doesn't she?

FH reckons that 19 weeks is old enough for a ride surely? OK so it was more of a sit but we reckon it still counts?

Roller was first to get in on the action... apparently he has been sanctioned as the first mount as he is 'bombproof'.... well he wouldn't notice anything anyway as his head is firmly attached to the grass in front of him!

I was not to be outdone though, whatever they say about me I know my job and it is to look after my herd and most especially my new rider - come on FH I told you when you were growing my new rider that she was MINE!

So come on HF hop on over, get off that ponio and discover the delights of looking through an amazing set of ears!

Yep there we go, don't I look just right with her on top!  Watch out FH if you grin anymore you'll split your face :-)

I'm off to plan some adventures for my new rider..... I have had a few folks say I look like a medieval jousting mule in my bug armour?  It befits my brave nature!

And finally apologies for our absence.... our human foal has been unwell (she is now getting better by the day) and we sadly lost MH's Mum recently so things have been a little difficult.  We are pleased to report that all inhabitants of Muleteer HQ - furry and non furry are well and enjoying life, we will update on all of their fun and frolics soon!

Ears Waves, Snuffles, Miaows, Woofs, Gurgles and of course Neigh-Brays to you all xxx

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Catching Up!

Wow it’s been busy here over the last few weeks…. 

Our Human Foal is now nearly 8 weeks old and it has passed in a blur.  We’re sorry for our absence and for not checking in on our friend’s blogs as often as we’d like to.  Our hooves and paws have been a little busy with caring for the HF, but we know you all understand J

Despite our blog absence life has continued in a new normality here at Muleteer HQ!  We’ve all been getting in to raising our new foal in our own special ways.

Dragon and The Mini are always on inspection duty, they absolutely love HF.  Dragon has totally found her maternal instinct!

Both of the long ears like to make sure the humans are doing a good job of looking after HF and making sure that their tack fits securely (their saddle / harness thing looks a little weird?), they are both most keen to know when they get to carry HF?

In the meantime Dragon has been having some lovely rides out with Smiley Human and hopes that FH might manage a little ride soon? She is also looking mighty fine in her beautiful summer coat - there is not much finer thing to behold than Dragon at this time of year!

The Mini has been fighting the battle against the bugs with his suit of armour, he is winning most days and staying itch free J

Roller is still trying to shed out his winter fluff and looks a little ‘preloved’ with his patchy coat.  Nevermind, he’s still the most handsome pony in the neigh-bourhood (not that we’re biased!).  He is, as always, very helpful and insists on assisting the girls with the poo picking, FH says he and HF are SOOO helpful….

Diesel is on fine huntress form and appears to have decimated the local baby bunny population despite them often being the same size as her…. Sad but at least she does eat them and dispatches them quickly!

The canine companions are going greyer by the day.  Milo is continuing to grow a magnificent woolly coat, it seems no one told him it is the summer?  Heyho he seems not to be bothered! 

Murph is going greyer with his added responsibility, he is now guardian of an extra family member and takes his pram guard duty extremely seriously.  It’s a good job his labrador shoulders are broad!

And the humans?  Well they are a little on the tired side but loving having their extra smiley member of the family!  MH has taken on much of the mucking out duties for which we are all very grateful (don’t tell FH but his bed making is superior to hers and he’s much more generous with the hay and cat treats but a little stingy with the grass).  

FH is spending much of her time feeding, washing, playing and on poo patrol.... and yes that's for all of us Muleteers not just HF.  The Mini is kindly supplying FH with dirty fly rugs galore to make sure she doesn't forget how to handwash clothes, FH finds herself regularly wondering how mothers used to cope with washing nappies by hand?!  The Mini thought she'd like a little insight... ;-)

And finally…. HF!  She is smiling, gurgling and entertaining us all.  Her very favourite thing is being outside in her baby carrier or pram, her best entertainment is nature’s mobile – also known as looking at the leaves blowing in the trees and the cotton candy clouds, guaranteed to take away any baby cries!

We’ve also noticed that she knows the special sounds of her dogs barking, mules neighbraying and Roller whinnying, these noises bother her not one bit but she is always alarmed by strange dogs barking or other odd noises, shouldn’t be any surprise though we’ve all been getting to know each other for many months now one way or another…. it seems like a lifetime ago that this picture was taken!

Hoping all of our friends are happy and healthy, we promise to be back again very soon J

Sunday, 15 June 2014

In Praise of the Daddy Ones!

It's a special day here at Muleteer HQ, it's Father's Day so we're making sure that MH (also known as The Daddy One these days...) has a nice day.  Yep lots of practical fun to be had.... like poo patrol, tidying bedrooms, soothing crying HF and walking with waggy tails - all to be topped off with a cool beer, sounds like a perfect day!

MH has kept us Muleteers all happy, healthy, clean and tidy whilst FH has been a little side lined by our new baby sister.  Thank goodness for MH, he really is the most wonderful muleteer these days, he can muck out a stable in a few minutes, pick out mini feet, fill hay nets and tell Dragon off for being grumpy when she's being a mardy mare (and she listens to him!!).  Yep we are lucky to have this Daddy One and we are happy to share him with HF, we have to report she already has him wrapped around her tiny little finger :-)

So on this Father's Day we say a thank you for the Daddy Ones, MH, Dads, Fathers, Poppas, Papas, Grandpas, Grandads and Uncles - those strong and loving men that keep us all on track and smiling, we know may of you are lucky to have had some wonderful men in your lives too :-)

And to our own special Daddy One, thank for all you do for us, we may reward you in the strangest ways sometimes but we sure do appreciate  and love you!

Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Dad.
Anne Geddes

We also remember those that are not here today but whose wisdom and love continues in their absence, they are always there if only in our hearts.

My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.
Jim Valvano

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Teaching Her All We Know...

The perfect way to spend a day...
Phew it's been a bit busy!

We've been busily teaching HF all we know about life here at Muleteer HQ.  HF is just the most brilliant pupil (we think she might be a secret mule, her ears are in disguise), she is learning quickly and we enjoy our daily lessons with her, we chat while FH does the clean up duty.

So we've been teaching HF about the essentials in life...


Oh yes this is the important one HF.  Food is to be enjoyed in abundance.  As we understand HF is neighbraying for more food on a regular basis and can't get enough, well she is a growing girl isn't she?  Hopefully not growing too much though as we want her to stay small enough to ride us minis for a while yet!


HF has adopted Roller's art of sleeping and is very good at this skill.  She sleeps and sleeps and sleeps some more, she's not fussy where she sleeps either, although limpet attached to a human seems to be a favourite, I wonder what the humans would think to having a limpet mini mule asleep on their chests??

Windy Pops!

Oops, this is something that The Mini has been discussing with HF, he is the King of windy pops and appears to have explained the skill well to HF.  People stand back in amazement at the decibels of disgrace issued by the cute little HF.... she's mini mule trained you know ;-)


Hmmm ok in a similar vain we've taught HF about the joys of liberally spreading poop everywhere.... Dragon has been trying to teach HF about being tidy, nah, us minis have persuaded her that liberal quantities and spreading are best!

Looking Cute

Oh yeah we muleteers have this one off perfectly and it seems our foal has mastered the art too, wait a go baby, this ensures excellent service from the big humans :-)

How could the humans resist us cuties?!


Well Dragon has been trying to extol the benefits of work to HF but it would seem that HF is not keen on doing 'mule work' and has decided that she will be the one hitching rides on the big humans for the moment…. we like the look of that carrier thing, do they make a mini mule sized one?  What do you mean I'm too heavy?!  The good thing is that FH can tend to our needs (hehe muck out) whilst carrying HF, teaching them young is good and ermmm well it's good exercise for FH!

Diesel has been trying her own version of the cling-on.... no one told her that clinging to FH's foot is not quite the same thing?!

And Finally…..

We Muleteers see our duty in life is to make people happy!  It would seem that HF has also adopted a similar motto, she is such a good HF we almost forget she is a human…. maybe it's because we taught her all we know? Yep we're taking full credit!

We can hear the summoning neighbray of HF, it is suspiciously like lunchtime... actually every hour is lunchtime in HF's world (girl off to our own heart!) so we better go tend to her.  FH! Come quick!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Never Too Early....

Hey there HF, have you come to learn some of the work that goes on here?  It's never too early to learn!

What's that?  You don't like the sound of work, it's too early to start?  Don't be silly HF, it's never too early to teach you how to muck out.....

No, no, no don't scream

There, there, oh yikes!  Screaming baby, what to do?!  Roller, come quick, I need your help....

Dumdedum.... errm, what is that?!

So this is what they've all been going on about?  Well it looks like a human in miniature, how nice!

Don't scream little human, it's nice here, and don't listen to that Dragon about work.... she's always talking about work.  Some of us like to take life a little easier....

You stick with me and adopt the Zen of Roller and you'll do just fine.  Leave the big humans and mules to the work, us minis are here to look good and take life at our own pace.... if in doubt have a little nap.  That's it!

I think I've got this babysitting thing sorted don't you?

Besides which those tools are way too big, if I were you HF I'd sneak a nap while FH does the work, she's used to it after all ;-)

A good nap was had by us sensible ones.... miraculously the stables were clean when we awoke!

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Everyone's At It!

So as if it's not enough the the humans are having foals it seems that some of our neighbourly Blue Tits are also busy with their foals right next to our bedrooms, no wonder there's been a lot of tweeting to disturb our sleep....

Always busy, busy, busy!

Flitting here and there, busy with caterpillars and worms they are a blur of blue and yellow, blink and you'll miss them.... especially if you blink as slowly as Roller.... but then why rush?!

We haven't met the new Blue Tit Foals yet - come on birdies, Human Foal came to say hi the day after she arrived, my tiny hooves are tapping!  In the meantime I really must talk to FH about doing some housework for these guys, their cobweb issues are appalling!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Sunny Happy Baby

Spring has definitely arrived at Muleteer HQ… it has taken the form of a certain little lady Human Foal.    This Sunny Happy Baby has brought the most delightful of weather to us all, we think we'll keep her ;-)

HF has been busy checking out her kingdom, we're pleased to see that she has ensured plenty of blossom on the apple tree so that us Muleteers will have a plentiful bounty of snacks in the Autumn….

She has brought Dragon blue skies for sunbathing in and showing off those mulificent ears against!  Dragon is VERY happy with her new charge and is insisting on greeting HF with happy mule chuckles whenever she appears… Dragon it may be a while until she's up to riding you!

And of course not to be left out the canine furries are enjoying their new charge too and guarding her well….. hmmm Milo is the guardian of the hand lick and nappy snuffle (ick!) 

Murph is wondering what next?!  He has just finished bringing up the puppy to some form of adulthood (yeah right….) and now his has a new charge to pull on his ears and guard, no one is getting past this saggy Cloth Dog.  Oh well the life of a labrador is hard but he has broad shoulders and life is good :-)

Our humans would like us to thank you all for your lovely comments and wishes, they are very happy to share their new addition with you all, sorry for not replying to everyone individually - normal service will resume in a little while!  In the meantime sending you all a wish for a slice of our happiness, we're off to sing some nursery rhymes..... we're pretty good at Old MacDonald's Farm in this house!

And as for Human Foal?  Well it's all a little tiring so she's off for a nap.....

Sweet Dreams xxxx